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Old 02-02-2012
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Default Street Hookers in London
I'm curious why there aren't any street hookers in London. Neither women or TS.
It can't be because it's too cold is it?
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Old 02-02-2012
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Default Re: Street Hookers in London
sorry, wrong section, but i can't cancel it no more
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Old 02-03-2012
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Default Re: Street Hookers in London
Probably due to the laws on curb-crawling.
I find it a big turn on to see a sexy street girl.
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Old 02-03-2012
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Default Re: Street Hookers in London
Very simple... If you are the streets, the police will hassle you. But if you work from a parlour / flat, you will largely be left alone.
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Old 02-03-2012
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Default Re: Street Hookers in London
Prostitution is not illegal in the UK, but soliciting is, and the Police do tend to police, unlike on the continent where it seems to be more relaxed.

When I had to go to London on a regular basis in the late 1980s I was put up in an Earl's Court hotel, and on a fairly regular basis from about 9 or 10pm to 1am there were a few discreet hookers, wandering up and down the block from Earl's Court underground to McDonalds -some were GG and a few were either transitioning or transitioned -I paid for a mature post-op who tried to pretend she was GG by explaining that in spite of her age (I think she was in her 40s) her breasts were perfect 'because I haven't had children' -a flop as sexual experiences go as she was too tight, something I have noticed with post-ops. On another occasion I was sufficiently desperate to accompany a working-class English blonde in a 'little black dress' back to her dump near Ted's Place, the condom split and it was the only time I believe I oiled my organ with the brown stuff. I doubt Earl's Court is the same these days, and that is a relief, the only reason to go there is that couple of Filipino buffet's on Hanway St should you ever need to impress your Pinay girlfriend; that so-called Australian fry-up is still there I believe, but its a new era. I think I once saw a drag queen patrolling the street outside the Coleherne but otherwise the streetwalkers of Blackstock Road were possibly the scariest in the country outside Southampton's Derby Road. Best got rid of, or go to the continent.

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Old 02-03-2012
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Default Re: Street Hookers in London
I was once importuned in Soho - in fact the very first day I started for an organisation based there.

The girl's line was "Would you like to sleep with me?" It was lunchtime. I was genuinely surprised and my spontaneous reply was "No. I'm not tired."
[B] "We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." T S Eliot
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Old 02-03-2012
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Default Re: Street Hookers in London
Originally Posted by Prospero View Post

The girl's line was "Would you like to sleep with me?" It was lunchtime. I was genuinely surprised and my spontaneous reply was "No. I'm not tired."
LoL! Hilarious!

How about sussex gardens area? I heard there was plenty of hookers there. Is that place been totally "policed"?
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Old 02-03-2012
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Default Re: Street Hookers in London
Central London has changed a lot over the years, the demand for accommodation and simple changes like people growing old and dying or moving away means Sussex Gardens is as empty as King's Cross and Earl's Court -there may be some casuals but as a regular thing it has gone, or gone elsewhere. I remember Soho in 1970 when it was sleazy and the place was rife with girls at night, but as Prospero can probably explain, in the 1980s the media industry grew at such a rapid pace that it took over a lot of run-down buildings in the area, and because a lot of the people in the industry were gay, the profile of the quarter changed with it. As far as I know the 'Models' in upstairs roooms are still there, but not as many as before, maybe also in Shepherd Market in Mayfair. The Italian deli's -I think at one time there must have been six- declined, and because the GLC under Ken Livingstone actually applied fire regulations to the peep shows and strip clubs also closed, but the market was declining anyway and the internet has trashed it almost completely. Soho these days is lively, buzzing, a place to eat, meet people and have a good time.

At one time, the centre of London's heroin traffic was on Gerrard St in Chinatown where supplies usually arrived around 5pm, it was that compact -again, the 1980s was the decade of change, seeing an explosion of drug abuse, propelled mostly by unemployment, the war in Afghanistan and cheap prices, which made heroin a universal problem in this country; and the money that re-developed Soho did the same in Chinatown, which is still very Chinese but better than it used to be.

On the continent, the open spaces like the Bois de Boulogne and the Luna Parks in Italy, or the areas around football stadia in Madrid and Barcelona are still heavy duty but that's because there is a network of Latina's from poorer countries like Ecuador and Costa Rica who continue to migrate in search of work, and as they don't speak much English they won't come here. As far as transexuals are concerned, we just never had the same scene as the continent, not for street walking transexuals anyway; and in Netherlands and Germany its institutionalised in windows and Love Houses.

Pigalle has changed like Soho -the social fabric is different from what it was, the demand for accommodation meant that the run-down blocks where girls used to work are now smart apartments, if you walk up the Rue Lepic, turn right onto the Rue des Abbesses, as far as the Rue des Martyrs, you find the full range of boulangeries, charcuteries, bucheries, chocolatiers, and so on: plus cheap Chinese fast-food joints, and cafes and restaurants which at night are full of 30-something professionals who can't afford to live higher up in Montmartre -the north side was TS, the south side was women -all gone bar about six girly bars; nothing stays the same, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse -but only if you could take advantage of those offerings.
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Old 02-15-2012
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Default Re: Street Hookers in London
thanks very interesting read
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Old 02-16-2012
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Default Re: Street Hookers in London
I use to work in Earls Court many years ago and there were a fair few streetwalkers, mostly not very nice though! The last time I had an encounter, was probably as recent as 2008. Wasnt planning on anything, just outside a pub having a ciggie. A girl kept making eye contact. Probably early 20's, looked like a druggie. Saw her bf/pimp watching...was a bit mindful but he went off.

We went off to a side street away from the traffic and down some random stairs into a communal waste area - classy! Quicky covered bj for 15, she was pretty good as well. She ran off quick time after, as did I.

Was never much of a fan of the street scene anyway, but always interested to hear whats happening now
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