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    Default TS Nicole- Manchester

    Has anyone seen TS Nicole (Not to be confused with Babie Nicole).

    She is in Manchester and has been for a few days but cant find any feedback or reviews on her. I think its going to be a toss up between her and TS Halle I have seen feedback for Halle and remember it being quite good on the whole, so leaning more favourably towards her.

    If anyone could shed some light Nicole, that would be great.

    Nice one!!!

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    Default Re: TS Nicole- Manchester

    Whats the report on Halle? She's coming to Birmingham and want to see her.

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    Default Re: TS Nicole- Manchester

    If you click on Search
    then Advanced Search
    select Escort Reviews in Search in Forum(s)
    enter Halle in the Keyword(s): text box
    click Search Now...

    there's a review in one of the resulting threads

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