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    Default 666: Abomination of Desolation

    Hello, greetings, and welcome to my twisted, dark, and insane little world. Here I have with you today a story of great wonder--a story that penetrates the very seems of our conscious/physical reality in and of itself. A story that is beyond comprehension when considering the fine balance between chemical and spirit.

    To preface, I must add that much of this information was imparted to me through illicit drug use. Yes, illicit drugs. A concoction of drugs to be exact.


    Many drugs are coursing through my veins as I write this little tale. For you see I have gained illumination through secret occult tradition. Oh yes indeed, the information I spread to the today is indeed secret. All of these drugs are psychedelics--drugs with psychic, spiritual, magical property.

    Moses ate magic mushrooms. MMM 666
    Mohammed ate magic mushrooms. MMM 666
    Magic mushrooms are the hidden manna of revelation. MMM 666
    Manna means magic. MMM 666
    The manna that Moses ate was like a truffle and is medicine for the eyes. MMM 666
    Quite a quote from the quran. QuQuQu 666

    I was baptized by magic and I saw the burning bush. BBB 666
    On a drug miprocin similar to magic mushrooms. MMM 666

    I am the supposed false prophet. I hate the beast. The beast seeks to force me to worship him. The beast is the Lion King of Disney--a God of Africa. The sphinx of the Pharaoh. The beast--also worshipped in India.

    The Harlot is a transsexual. Yes, I kid you not--a bonafied chick with a dick. A punk rock bitch with balls. I was a punk rock dude with boobs. I had liberty spikes--she had a Mohawk. We were so horny. We never got together--for I was insecure of my man-teets, and she was insecure of her grotesquely large penis.

    For you see, she used to be a punk rock chick with a dick. However, she has since left home, gone to college, and dropped some LSD as have I and has become a Hindu hippie. She finally got her SRS surgery (SRS is SRS business) and got herself a fancy new hippie boyfriend.

    She used to be a real bitch with balls. Now she's just a FAKE hippie pussy. What a cunt. I liked that dick. SRS... now that's serious business.

    In addition, the actress Kathy Lee Crosby witnessed my birth--a Hollywood transsexual brought along by Lucifer, chief music angel of heaven. She is "in the closet"--it's a "secret".

    And believe it or not, my Aunt Sandy is a tranny--who as a young boy played with Raggedy Anne and Andy.

    To TOP it all off, I also lived in Bangkok, Thailand of all places--home of the infamous Kathoey. I remember the ladyboys of Phuket as a young eleven year old boy--beautiful women in brightly colored tight-fitting dresses, prowling the streets looking for young tourists to devour. Ah yes indeed, my foray in to transexuality goes deep. My Aunt, my first love, and my birth witness are all in fact transsexuals.

    No lie, no lie, no lie at all. What I tell you is a true story. Every single detail. Now keep in mind, part of this story is to expose what the Beast and Gods of India plan to do to me, to hopefully prevent them from literally castrating me as a form of punishment. But also to explain how I became... the dude with boobs, who likes chicks with dicks.

    This is a true motherfucking story. No fucking lie.

    My name is Jason Innes. I am the abomination of desolation—the Anti-Christ.

    666 Rhymes by three. Instances of alliteration by three.
    The truth tends to rhyme every time. TTT 666 Rhymes by three.
    The rhyme chimes every time.

    The Anti-Christ is an anarchist. AAA 666
    Absolutely and absurdly abominable, and is also androgynous. AAA 666 AAA
    The Anti-Christ alliterates absolute truth. AAA 666

    Anti-Christ was born in Oklahoma, OK. A-OK to be gay. Rhymes by three 666.
    Anarchy-A is adult's only. AAA 666
    I thought that stuff was just A-OK.

    Jesus Christ was called a false prophet and he was crucified.
    Jason Innes is called a false prophet and he will be castrated.
    Anti-Christ is God in the flesh like Jesus—or, as Jason prefers, the “truth incarnate”.

    Penis severed. Sent to hell to be released never. Forever.
    666 I'm being fixed like a dog for liking chicks with dicks.

    Abomination of desolation is Jason.
    Jason the abomination had a revelation.
    Abomination of desolation deserves detoxification.
    This can cure my health conditions.
    Abomination of desolation does not deserve castration.
    Abomination of desolation is condemned for masturbation.
    Abomination of desolation has moral vindication.
    Regardless, abomination of desolation is headed to incineration.

    This is an instance of injustice against Jason Innes.
    Jason Innes is indeed inbred.
    Jason Innes is insecure and always inside.
    Jason Innes is infuriated.
    Jason Innes is likes intersexed individuals.
    Jason Innes's hunger is insatiable.
    Jason Innes is inexplicably intelligent.
    Jason Innes is an intellectual and follows intrigue.
    Jason Innes lived in international countries.
    Jason Innes lived in intentional communities.
    Jason Innes collected much information on the internet.
    Jason Innes is insipid and insolent against the Gods.
    Jasin Innes is righteously indignant. Indeed.
    Jason Innes insulted the Gods of India.
    Jason Innes is inherited his sins therefore he's innocent.
    Jason Innes' neck is ingrained with ink.
    Jason Innes may be incinerated for all of infinity.
    XXX Mark of the beast.

    666 They want to castrate me, humiliate me, and mutilate me. They want to sacrifice me in Jerusalum. Who is they? The Holy Father and the Hindus. Who? Yes, the Hindus--they worship the beast.

    Disney>Rugrats, Rocko's Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy (RRR 666)>Simpsons>Family Guy>South Park> (internet cartoons)>Hentai (Japanese cartoon pornography)

    G>PG>PG-13>R>XXX Transexual pornogarphy

    Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys>Limp Bizkit>Eminem>Dr. Dre>Cypress Hill>Slipknot>Punk Rock>Underground Hip Hop

    I am a punk rocker. Jesus is a hippie.

    The cartoon media seduced my sensibilities and opened me up to sexual imagery. SSS 666
    I am not guilty for I was exposed to graphic material on newgrounds which lead me to no-go websites.

    Anarchy A stands for Adult's Only. I thought that stuff was A-OK.


    The Swastika is a Hindu religious symbol.
    The Holy Father and the Gods of Hinduism elected Hitler. HHH 666
    The Holy Father and the Gods of Hinduism are responsible for the Holocaust. HHH 666
    Revelation revealed they are racist. RRR 666
    The “Aryan race” is actually the Indian race of Asia and not the European caucasians.

    The Hijra are castrated homosexuals of the Hindu religion.
    The Hijra homosexuals are forced to dress like women and are publically humiliated.
    The Gods of India, who worship the beast, want to castrate Jason Innes and then incinerate him in hell.
    Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesha, the beast.
    Jason Innes demands and insurrection against the Gods of India.
    The Beast wants to castrate me for liking transsexuals.

    The Holy Father (Zeus of Greece) crucified Christ on the cross for creating the christian cult. CCC 666 CCC
    He possessed Pontius Pilate. PPP 666
    The Holy Father supported Nero during the persecution of the Christians.
    The Holy Father was a Greek Pagan.
    The crucifixion of Christ lead to the first dark age after a war in the heavens broke out over his condemnation. CCC 666

    The Holy Father ruined Job's life on a bet with Satan.
    The Holy Father crucified Jesus.
    Now he seeks to sacrifice the Anti-Christ and go to paradise.
    Jason (me)
    JJJ 666

    Lucifer is the Holy Father's chief music angel.
    He arranged the possession of the Anti-Christ.
    Lucifer is the most evil.
    Lucifer molests and possesses people to test people. Rhymes by three 666.
    He tested my testes. Testament. Rhymes by three 666.
    The problem is the testers, not the testees. These are my testicles. Rhymes by three 666.
    I like my testicles. Do not remove.

    Pan (of Pan's Labyrinth) is the Holy Father's Heavy metal music angel of heaven. HHH 666
    Pan possesses people to commit acts of beastiality, sodomy, and whatever else. PPP 666
    They do this to “test” people.
    Children are born innocent. Why do they test?
    The Holy Father is Zeus. Lucifer is from Rome. Pan is from Greece. They are pagan “Gods”.

    As I have been told, Kathy Lee Crosby, a transgendered Hollywood actress witnessed my birth.
    I have been told she may be possessed to pretend she is not a transgendered person. 666 PPP
    In addition, my aunt Sandy is a tranny, who played with raggedy Anne and Andy. Rhymes by three 666
    She may be possessed to pretend she is not transgendered for the purpose of making my story not seem real as well. PPP 666
    My future first love was also a transexual, Kaycee Toller from texas. TTT 666
    She's the Harlot. The Harlot was born a boy. The Harlot is a hippie hindu. HHH 666
    I also had short relations with a transexual named Kasey Dugan as well.
    Kasey, Kaycee, and Kathy. Religious people are straight KKK against the gays and androgynous.
    I'm a dude with boobs. I like chicks with dicks. 666

    See: Revelation 12

    The Dragon, the holy father, and their angels were there to witness my birth. They came along with the transgendered Hollywood actress.

    This is where the story begins:

    Scripture is my script—the script to my movie. The bible is my book—my book of life. This is my story.

    Anti-Christ was born in Oklahoma, OK. A-OK to be gay.
    Kathy Lee Crosby witnessed my birth--the transsexual Hollywood actress.
    Shhh, it's a secret.

    When I was one, I moved to Perth, Australia.
    Perth was the first place I went to on my journey across planet earth. PPP Rhymes by three 666
    Perth was the most pristine and clean place I've ever been. PPP Rhymes by three 666
    The most environmentally friendly city I've been to among many. Rhymes by three 666
    Eventually, I would move to many of the most polluted places on the planet. MMM PPP 666

    My first friend, Lauren Llewellyn the closeted lesbian and I played in the closet out of her toychest.
    LLL 666
    We would play husband and wife. We would play house. HHH 666
    She used to leave pebble sized pieces of poop in the toilet. PPP 666
    She had gross toenails.
    To this day, I'm certain we gross each other out (of the closet).
    This set my sights away from women and towards men/transexuals for the rest of my life.

    As a toddler, by grandfather treated me like a dog by playing tug of war with me. TTT 666
    He would scream in my face until I would cry.
    He was possessed by my great-grandfather who picked on me because I didn't pray. PPP 666
    Since birth, we're treated like house pets.
    We're fed breakfast cereal in the morning like a dog is fed dog food.
    We get let out in the backyard to run in circles aimlessly.
    We get taken to parks like dog parks.
    I've even seen parents with their children on leashes.
    Why would one treat a human being like a dog?
    Probably because there are many bad parents and we all inherit their sins.
    Now they seek to “fix” me like a dog.

    When I was four, I moved to Grand Junction, CO.
    To the cold suburbs of Colorado close to where the columbine kids grew up. CCC 666
    Cousin Josh was jealous of Jason (I) and picked on him harshley. JJJ 666
    My neighbor Ricky picked on me and played tricks on me. Rhymes by three 666
    I was always treated badly as a child by other children. Picked on, harassed, humiliated, outcasted.

    Ricky and I left the neighborhood street for twenty minutes one day to go to a friend's house.
    My mother was distraught when I returned and my father spanked me for the first time.
    Parents tend to punish their kids before they do any wrong on purpose. PPP 666
    The cycle of abuse begins with parental misdeeds, not with childhood misbehavior, is the motto. MMM 666

    When I was 666, I sucked a 555 year old's dick as he did mine. “Feed the baby” was the name of the game. I am told I was possessed by “angels”--they say pray or be gay. Rhymes by three 666.

    This is where the story gets interesting:

    777 I moved to Shekou/Shenzehn.
    Hong Kong/Shekou/Shenehn/Guangdong, China.
    I was made in China.
    100 million people. I went to one of the international schools at SIS in Shekou. One hundred students.
    It was the most polluted place on the planet. PPP 666
    They pumped pollution in to the pearl river. PPP 666
    The pollution was so bad, one hundred miles of the coast one could still smell pollution.
    During a 40 minute FAIRY ride across the STRAIGHT to Hong Kong, one could smell the stench of sewage the whole way. SSS 666
    In the first two weeks in China, the air pollution caused a rash on my neck akin to chicken pox or pimples. PPP Rhymes by three 666
    My mom bought the milk. MMM 666
    My parents bought the poison milk despite public health warning. PPP 666
    My parents bought this poison milk instead of powdered milk. PPP 666
    The rest of the community of Jingshan, China drank UHT milk. Powdered imported milk.
    However, for the purpose of flavor, my parents bought the poison milk. PPP 666
    I was one of if not the only one to drink this poisonous milk in our community.
    When I was 888 the excess estrogen in the milk caused excema. EEE 666
    Dry leathery skin on my left hand.
    In addition, an addictive food additive called MSG caused many problems. Rhymes by three 666
    This is my message (MSG) to the world.
    Symptoms of estrogen include:
    Gynecomastia (male breasts)
    Hidradenitis Suppurativa (boils on the thighs, buttocks, etc).
    Patchy body hair
    Stretch marks
    Female fat composition

    At ten years old, I moved to Bangkok, Thailand.
    Bang=sex, cock=penis.
    There are more prostitutes per capita than any other place. PPP 666
    Pedophiles purchase child prostitutes. PPP 666
    Others travel to the tropics to have sex with Transexuals. TrTrTr 666
    Thailand is a sex tourist destination.
    Phuket/Pattaya/Patpong—three red light districts and tourist destinations. PPP 666
    Phuket=fuck it.
    Phuket is the plastic surgery and prostitution central of Thailand. PPP 666
    More people get SRS surgeries in Thailand than any other place per capita.
    Sexual reassigment surgery is SRS business.
    Ladyboy/Kathoey are transexuals—beautiful boys who become women. BBB 666

    My friend Eric showed me my first pornography, pretty women in a playboy magazine. PPP 666
    The women didn't seem to attract me too much as compared to other future sexual experiences.
    My friend Ryuji showed me vile videos with nasty, oozing gaping vaginas. VVV 666
    This further cemented my mentality, permanently directing me towards the same gender. Rhymes by three 666.

    Nikki Narula was my neighbor. NNN 666
    In front of me Nikki Narula got nude. NNN 666
    One day, Nikki Narula bared his naked behind and boy was I turned on. NNN 666
    We experimented IN THE CLOSET.

    My family moved to Midland, TX.
    The most conservative Christian part of the country. CCC 666.
    The hometown of Laura Bush.
    I was a foreign man in a foreign land and most people didn't understand. Rhymes by three 666.
    My mother was possessed by protestant spirits until the point of mental insanity. PPP 666
    Angie Innes (my mother) behaved in an insane and inconsistent manner. InInIn 666
    Eventually, I met Kaycee Toller the texan transexual. TTT 666
    The Harlot.
    She was just a punk rock chick with a dick.
    I was just a punk rock dude with boobs.
    She had a mohawk and I had liberty spikes. We were horny.
    However, I thought she was a lesbian at first and she talked about strange sexual topics so I was nervous to make an approach.
    Eventually, I wound up with Kiki instead of Kaycee.
    The conservatives are straight KKK against the gays.

    666 years the abomination of desolation was in social isolation. Rhymes by three 666.
    Depressed, in despair, and desolate. DDD 666.
    I experienced the world's most intense existential crisis to have ever existed. ExExEx 666.
    Nietzsche, the man running from nihilism, the forerunner of existentialism, wrote the following:
    The Anti-Christ (relating to who I am)
    Beyond Good and Evil (relating to the nature of God—which is neither good nor evil)
    The Gay Science (relating to estrogen and hormonal balance during pubescent development)
    Thus Spoke Zarathustra (the Iranian prophet known as Zoroaster in English)

    For 666 years I have been attempting to cure the chemical disorders I accumulated overseas and in processed foods.
    Through a hypoallergenic diet I cured Hidradenitis Suppurativa, a disease of boils on the thighs, buttocks, armpits, etc which is an indication of over-all bad health and toxicity. HHH 666

    For 666 years I've been trying to remove my man-titties.
    Now they want me to keep my man titties and remove my penis.
    Castration for the abomination of desolation. 666

    I have been watching transexual pornography on the internet since 14 years old every day.
    I have been possessed to engage in homosexual activity since 666.
    I have been exposed to pollution making me abominable.
    Abomination of desolation is a mutation.
    Possession pollution and pornography made me a homosexual.
    A dude with boobs who likes chicks with dicks.
    The Holy Father, the Hindu Gods, and the heavens seek to castrate me. HHH 666
    They are sacrificing me.
    My original screen name on the internet is GreatGoatGod. TripleG. GGG 666
    I am the sacrificial GOAT. Greatest of all time.

    I am not a pedophile.
    I am not a rapist.
    I do not victimize.
    I am not a bad person.
    They portray me as a pedophile pervert. PPP 666

    I am desolate. I am desperate. I am depressed.
    I am sexually confused. I am sexually abused. I was born to lose.
    I am better off never born.
    I am not evil. I do not deserve my fate.
    I just masturbate alone in dark rooms.
    They seek to castrate.

    I followed the virtues of science: scientific experimentation, sexual experimentation, and drug experimentation. Experimentation leads to experience and makes one an expert.

    Jason Innes isn't innocent.
    He had his innocence stolen from him via molestation.
    Abomination of desolation was a victim of child molestation. Rhymes by three 666.
    Abomination of desolation still faces castration. Rhymes by three 666.
    Abomination of desolation condemned for masturbation. Rhymes by three 666.


    Abomination of Desolation is a mutation. Pollution.
    Abomination of desolation engaged in masturbation. Pornography.
    Pan possessed him in to being a pervert. PPP 666

    Anarchy A. A-ok to be gay.
    Anarchy A: porn is adult's only, not bad.



    Burn religion. Kill our traditions. The end times for the Christians.






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    Default Re: 666: Abomination of Desolation

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    Default Re: 666: Abomination of Desolation

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    Default Re: 666: Abomination of Desolation

    Either I'm really stupid or this guy is a complete idiot.

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    Default Re: 666: Abomination of Desolation

    I should make mention that ALL CONTACT WITH THE HOLY FATHER AND THE GODS OF INDIA was under the influence of powerful hallucinogens.

    Jason Innes met the Gods of India while under the influence.

    So, uhh... to be on the safe side, I decided to tell everyone what the Holy Father and the Hindus were planning to do to me whilst I was tripping on potent psychedelic chemicals. However, in the process of all of this, I had an amazing revelation. An amazing revelation indeed.

    The story without the pagan Gods will be added soon enough. However, during my trip here, I have currently been under attack by Hades, Death, The Beast, and the Gods of India. Indeed. Intriguing. 666 Rhymes by three.

    So, like, I tripped some acid and I met Hades, Death, The Beast, and the Gods of India who were trying to literally rip my testicles off. NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL TRIPPING BALLS.

    The story without all of the trippy stuff involving the the Gods of India will be added later.

    There is a story about Jason Innes that doesn't involve the Gods of India. Rhymes by three. 666.

    I guess that's why they call it "Revelation". The truth of my life is revealed while under threat of castration. Tripping balls... tripping balls.

    Tripping tripping tripping balls. That's the meaning of tripping balls. Ain't that something. Tripping... balls.

    I'm a dude with boobs. I like chicks with dicks. Six six six.

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    Default Re: 666: Abomination of Desolation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michelle Firestone View Post
    Gay or straight, if you obsess over a big, hard cock pulsating in your ass, shooting big globs of cum balls deep inside you, and that's all you want, then you're a little cocksucking bitch.

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    Default Re: 666: Abomination of Desolation

    Quote Originally Posted by 6reat6oat6od View Post
    I should make mention that ALL CONTACT WITH THE HOLY FATHER AND THE GODS OF INDIA was under the influence of powerful hallucinogens.

    Jason Innes met the Gods of India while under the influence.

    I'm a dude with boobs. I like chicks with dicks. Six six six.

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    Default Re: 666: Abomination of Desolation

    Quote Originally Posted by 6reat6oat6od View Post
    This is where the story gets interesting:

    Guess again.

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    Default Re: 666: Abomination of Desolation

    Quote Originally Posted by 6reat6oat6od View Post
    I'm a dude with boobs. I like chicks with dicks. Six six six.
    I'm thinking of a new hit single here. Maybe you should contact Eminem:

    Fucked out of your mind ft. Eminem

    Yo yo yo I'm a dude with boobs, I like chicks with dicks, you ain't nothing on that shit... man, six six six!

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    Default Re: 666: Abomination of Desolation

    Life is essentially one long Benny Hill skit punctuated by the occasional Anne Frank moment.

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