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    has anyone seen her? review much appreciated

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    I went to see Lorena a couple of weeks ago.

    She's in West Kensington in a basement flat that is clean and well kept. As the url indicates she has a madam (Kelly) but she seemed like a nice person.

    I thought my time with Lorena was very good. She looks like her pictures though a tiny bit heavier. Her attitude was really friendly and she seemed to get into the the session. She didn't seem like a clock watcher and had a good attitude towards me which helped put me at ease. She topped and fucked me for a while. which I really enjoyed. She may be passive as well but you'd have to ask her yourself I wasn't there for that service. Her cock is the only let down (but not by much) it was about 6.5 inches though advertises as more.

    Generally it was a good experience and I'd go back if I had the chance.

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