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    Default Review - Rebecca Fox

    Ok, as some time has now passed ...thought I'd share my experience with this girl.

    Had a list of girls that particular day and for my sins Rebecca was the only one who answered on my first off I went.

    Flat in Holland park is clean enough, but when she answered the door...almost bailed! She does advertise as a TV fair enough, but quite manly and dodgy wig. Airbrush guy was a genius.

    She is very pleasant to me though and seems like a nice person, on we go into the bedroom which is nicely set out and softly lit.

    Little small talk and I take a quick shower and we commence the biznez!

    I lie down next to her and take her weapon out of the black G-string she's wearing. Impressive! I know that my thumb to index finger is a little over six inches, so after an enjoyable and good sucking she swells to a very respectable 6.5 in the girth dept...a bit of a monster, but manageable Just how I like 'em.

    Length is a bit more difficult to estimate because she has that weird curve thing going on. She advertises as 10 and of course she's not, but is a decent 8.5 - 9 ish with as I say really good girth (Although I do prefer the girth near the top rather than the bottom like her)

    Jolly nice oral session, bit of throat fucking and it's then time to attempt the beast. She was reasonably gentle as I requested and we eventually managed to accomodate the pole - actually to my surprise it was quite easy due to the volume of lube I suspected that the lube had some sort of anaesthetic in it (Lol) as there was no pain at all and my ass was quite numb .

    Building up speed in missionary and doggie was do-able though more difficult but the curve made missionary more enjoyable as it really did explore those hard to reach places!!!. Then, the disappointment started.

    I can easily go an hour or more, so when I ask for an hour...well...that's what I want. Unfortunately I started to feel as if I was being rushed, repeated requests for a rest, trying to get me to cum 25 mins into the session do not cut it in my book. On top of that although she was admitedly apologetic - she could not come which is a real downer for me.

    Long and short of it, I was done and out in 40mins...not good.

    On the whole she is a nice person, does have a large member and does stay hard through the session. Personally I won't be repeating, but if you catch her on a good day you may have a great time.

    Now...back to the list. If only I could find a regular

    hope you guys find this useful.

    Just in case this is my wish list for a regular:
    Good looking...look like a girl..please!
    Mixed race...not a deal breaker though.
    Excellent kisser...mmmmm
    great body.
    8.5 to 9 long
    6+ thick (thicker under the head and thinner at the base would be great
    Be nice..nuff said.
    Have some skill. ( I mean COME ON...sticking your cock in me and thrashing back and forth is not technique..vary the speed...length of stroke..rythm..direction..position..)
    Be able to come...a lot!
    An hour is the same as my hour....not some albert Einstien relative hour!

    I live in hope hahahahahaha

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    Default Re: Review - Rebecca Fox

    I wouldnt even do her for free. I like the person and not bits. oaky so you like thick ones good. Why do you need to catch her on the good day? is it the same rate?

    i jsut want to find a girl who lies on the phone and invites me in now! espically when i have lost 2 of my businesses and the bitch of a partner almost died. idiot. cant swim and jumps into a pool.

    david x

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    Default Re: Review - Rebecca Fox

    got to hate CLOCK WATCHERS

    Last edited by Kunzy; 01-30-2011 at 12:57 AM.

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    Default Re: Review - Rebecca Fox

    Reality is that all girls have good days and not so good. Depends on their hormones and how many punters they've had I suppose.

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    Default Re: Review - Rebecca Fox

    Quote Originally Posted by nothinglessthan9 View Post
    Reality is that all girls have good days and not so good. Depends on their hormones and how many punters they've had I suppose.
    still doesn't give them the friggin right to treat their customers like shit.

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    Default Re: Review - Rebecca Fox

    I was planning a return visit soon to see Rebecca in the hope that the short time i got last visit was only a one-off.

    Its looking more likely that it wasn't though which is a shame as apart from that it was an enjoyable experience...

    Has anyone else visited Rebecca lately and got the full time or not?

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    Default Re: Review - Rebecca Fox

    I had a foursome with her and a friend and a friend of mine. They were at my house for a good hour and a half having been paid for an hour and we had a great time. That said it was a pretty charged session.

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