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    Unhappy Tough descision. Pensacola, FL?????

    well guys im thinking about moving to Pensacola, FL from San Antonio but im not sure...
    The reason being is that i have a pretty good job offer doing the same job i was doing here here exept pays better. My job here put me on break tho bc part of the work i do you have to be DoDD 8570 compliant within 6 months which i wasnt. With the job offer in pensacola, that would give me another 6 months to be 8570 compliant.....
    at the same time there would be lots of probs. I have a great team of Dr.'s here in San antonio , since my stepdad was in the Army I get free health care. They have taken up the cost of my hormones and therapy. Also I am enrolled in school here it would be a major hassel to move there...
    but ive been craving change.. and dont like the previous work enviorment.. i kinda broke the rule "dont shit where you eat" by bringing a guy i was dating there.. didnt work out.. ive been kinda thinking of pensacola as a last resort.. meanwhile im looking for a new job here but nothing is catching my interest....
    if you guys have any input or feedback let me know.

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    Pensacola, made famous for me by young Ellie Arroway (Jena Malone) in Contact.

    And just so you know, Florida is considered a low-wage state. You should take that into consideration. Best of luck.

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    The only thing I know about the panhandle of florida is that it's very very red, and conservative compared to say...Miami and the south east of Florida. Even compared to Texas. That's all I know.

    Looking at a map pensacola is small compared to San Antonio about 50,000 people. It has been my experience that such places having transspecific health care is a crapshoot. If you move there you may end up having to drive to Mobile Alabama, 100 miles away, to see a professional that has dealt with transwomen before.

    OTOH for enough money you can make that drive to Mobile Alabama in a nice new car. Or in a little place like that buy more of a house than you could where you are now.

    I would at least go to Pensacola and get a feel for the place then decide if I wanted to stay. Perhaps you should do that...just see if you like the place at all.

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    I currently live in Pensacola. I, however, don't have a feel for transgender tolerance, as I just moved here. There is a Navy Hospital here so, you may have similar luck to that you have in S.A., having military benefits. Should you need to go to Mobile, it's about 50 miles, vice the 100 Brenda referred to. As Brenda suggested, I would visit the area before I made a firm decision, if you have the time. P'Cola has the best beaches in the country but, it is red around here. The panhandle is called "LA", which stands for "Lower Alabama". Best of luck on your decision. I would love to see you here! If you would like me to send you local area info, I would be happy to do so. We can xfr contact info by PM.

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