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    I saw Ruby at her easy to find upscale incall hotel in Providence, RI. Very easy to make the appointment, usual two-call system. She is everything her website and reviews say about her. Beautiful, sexy, friendly, sweet and passionate.

    Loved her DFK upon entering the room, with hugs and roaming hands. She asked for donation to be placed on counter, but did not count it - classy (I hope no one rips her off). She was so open, friendly and talkative, but not overly chatty and seemed genuine. I was a bit nervous because of my age and weight (both too high!), but it was a non-issue for her. She got on bed and removed her clothes, and I did the same. More kissing and caressing on the bed, and I told her I was mostly a sub, which I knew from her website and ads she would appreciate. She sexily offered her sweet and beautiful cock to me, and I gave her the best bbbj I could, occasionally gagging on her size and vigorous thrusts. She was hand most of the time, and did get quite large. She is uncut, clean and about 7 - 8. Ruby likes to be aggressive, which was fine with me. More kissing, then she topped me (covered) in three or four different positions, and it was fabulous. While she fucked me she let me play with her long pretty hair, stroked me, kissed and basically just was the best GFE I have ever had with a provider, or most real girlfriends, for that matter. Lots of sexy and dirty talk too.

    I told her I wanted to have her cum on me, and she came close several times while fucking me. Eventually she came with me on my back, her straddling over me, alternately stroking herself and me sucking her cock; all over my chest, neck, face and in my mouth. Large and yummy load. We took a break, and then more kissing and touching in bed. She gave me a great bbbj, using her hands, talking dirty. I asked her to indulge me in my favorite way to cum and she did everything I asked - doing a verbal fantasy scenario with me while jerking me off, kissing and I had an incredible orgasm this way.

    We cleaned up and talked about this and that. At no time did I feel rushed, and she ignored her phone most of the session but did answer it towards the end, which was a little distracting. I felt I had been given a first rate, near perfect visit so I tipped her an extra $40. A final kiss and out the door.

    Ruby is the real deal. Do not miss the chance to see her. She will top or bottom, and really pays attention to what you want and need, very flexible and adapting to her clients. Can't say enough good things about her, and I will repeat when she gets back to Mass, RI. Conn area.

    Her website: http://www.RubyTS.Escortwww.Com

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    Nice review and glad to see you had a great time. She's always seemed pretty cool in her posts here.

    My timing sucked this month and I seemed to be landing in every town she was visiting one day after she had left.

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