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    Default transexuals and hiv

    in this months uk fhm there was a supplement about porn stars. there was an interview with a male porn star or a producer i cant remember which and he was saying the latest public craze is transexuals.
    but many porn stars refuse to work with them because the majority of them are hiv+

    is this true?????

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    Wow. That's just ignorant, I'm surprised they printed that but it is FHM

    I wonder where some of these porn stars get their information from. There was one popular female porn star a few years back who said she wouldn't work with non-whites for the same reason.

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    The shade is.....alot of the girls do have HIV and here go these CLIENTS...swallowing their cum..having raw sex!!!

    The girls know which girls have HIV...but the client's don't.

    Always practice safe sex!!! No matter how thirsty you are!

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    condoms aren't always 100% safe either! They get what they're paying for! That's why they're tricks!

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    The problem is that anal sex is so much riskier than vaginal and oral sex, especially for the receiver. It's all very scary. A lot of girls will claim they're clean but even if they did produce a valid certificate (which they don't) , the certificate is only 100% certain on the day the samples are taken.

    That's why so far I've been afraid of being topped, even though I really want to try it. My ideal would be to meet a lovely tgirl that I could have a long term relationship with (along with O and A either way).

    In any case I would never have sex with an escort (GG or TG) without the use of condoms. It kind of makes you think: why would she want to go bareback- is she not afraid of catching something- and if not, is that because she has already caught it?

    As for the majority of tg porn stars being HIV+, I think its a load of bollocks. They are no more at risk than gay and female pornstars who receive anal sex. If anything, the porn industry (all genres and types) has been pretty disease free since the 80's with pornstars tested regularly and usually only performing with condoms (especially in US porn). However, I would imagine porn actors and actresses who escort (male, female and TG) are more likely to catch AIDS, and perhaps- just perhaps- it is true that a high percentage of t-girl stars work as escorts (higher, as a percentage than that of GG or male performer). That said, the instances of transexual porn performers catching or dying of HIV have been thankfully very low in recent years.

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    Default agree totally

    I read the same thing in FHM this month. I couldn't understand that either, I've seen more straight porn not using a condom than i have TG porn. Also, I can imagine the lifestyles of TG and GG pornstars being almost exactly the same, in fact TG's are more likely to be health conscious than GG stars. If there is any resaon why he wouldn't go with the TG stars its because he hasnt got the bottle.

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    This conversation always comes up on every discussion bord that I read...Me and Vicki just had a huge argument with some idiot that said its just a matter of time before we test positive due to the fact we do BB scenes...I was shocked and outraged that someone with very little knowledge would be even speaking at all.....But we understood his concern. Indeed it is a horrible disease and I am scared everyday that is why I protect myself with condoms, true they are not 100% safe and that is why I go to AIM health care in LA every 2 weeks for a fresh test, I have more respect for human life to be puting someone at risk if I did test positive one of these days....It is a very little chance for me because I do practice safe sex, but less of a chance for someone who has very little sex, the way for us to stop HIV from spreading is been proven through abstenence ( I can't spell for shit ) and the use of a condom, also to cut down on risky behavior. Altho Oral sex has also been proven to be very low risk due to the fact ( I heard 2 things ) either cum is not digestable or it is consumed rapidly by the stomach acids wich puts you at low risk, but a higher risk if you have cuts in your mouth...think of this...has anyone's gums ever bleed after brushing or flossing? I am sure alot of you do that
    So....THANK THE LORD...and good safe sex practice I have escaped infection for so many years...If someone with a righ risk can...I am sure you all can as well....Just remember...If we all are safe and avaid infection eventually the life cycle will take care of this horrible disease, you don't just owe it to yourself but you owe it to all of us to make sure you are safe. I too know someone who is a workinggirl and who has HIV...she tells me stories of guys asking her to cum in their mouth and she does...NOw...This girl is no longer my me this is worst then pointing a loaded gun to someone's head and pulling the trigger, but some of these girls are out of resorces to make a they will do anything for a few extra bucks. Make your choices in life as you would in any aspect in your life - choose wisely....Some of you have families, wives, children, you owe it to them as well.... I am glad to be going to school and to be following on the footsteps of girls such as Vicki, Joanna, and Gia Darling...these are the girls that us "smarter" girls aspire to be like... There is a light and we all should see it, don't let a 3 minute orgasm change a lifetime....RAP YOUR FUCKING COCK AND YOUR PARTNERS!!!

    Your friend Danielle

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    Folks this is all based on assumption. Life is based on assumption. Medicine is based on assumption.

    Someone should write FHM and ask this magazine where this gentleman got his research from-or has he persoanlly gathered current HIV test from ALLL transsexuals to make this statement which has no basis and is an irresponsible remark.

    Like it or NOT, HIV AIDS is and will always remain a political and disease used to discriminate, insult, and scare people.

    The sad fact is that most people get their source of HIV information from the news and do VERY little research to educate themselves on actual facts, current studies, and statistic.

    Everyone is so terrified of AIDS yet everyone keeps on having sex.
    Everyone is so terrified of AIDS yet very few people do little research on ACTUAL studies, fact findings, and on opposing views of doctors and scientist who DO NOT believe that HIV causes AIDS.

    It's time that we stopped making some simplisctic assumptions, protect ourselves with knowledge, and realize that no medicine is ABSOLUTE.

    For 20 years doctos prescribed estrogen to women to prevent breast cancer then it was realized that estrogens highly increase the risks of breast cancer. I state this because scine makes mistakes- science is based on theories and hypothesis- trial and error. NO MEDICINE IS ABSOLUTE.

    In my business I have met many highly respected researchers and doctors who have given me their different opinions on HIV, which proves to me that there are really no definate answers.

    WE are all at risk for STDS so use condoms!!!!!

    And by the way here are some websites that open some questions up for HIV

    one is Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry- Dr. Peter Duesberg who was the first man to islolate the cancer gene

    He DOESNT believe HIV causes AIDS

    also check out
    for the same theories

    and of course

    for a more conventional view of the hypothesis

    So read up and YOU make your own decsions. Your Body, your life.

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    i would b careful to consider duesberg a reliable source regarding aids/hiv.

    second: every sexually active person can catch the bug if there is blood, semen, vaginal fluids involved. anal sex is risky for BOTH participants, not only ejaculating into the rectum - anal sex usually damages skin of the penis also. oral sex is much less risky than both vaginal and especially anal sex, but not completely out of question. all i can say is: use a condom AND water based lubricants. in fact its clever if u use a caondom ALWAYS when havin anal sex. the rectal area is one of the places of the human body where there is the highest concentration of germs and bacteria no mater if you use an enema and think your ass is clean. you neednt be infected with hiv, but chances are u get other infections from the bacteria/germs that are already there.

    especially in the gay community barebacking seems to get out of hand. its incredibly stupid. even if you are already infected and just have sex with other infected people you can worsen the situation in catching different versions of the virus, more difficult to treat. on the one hand gay people want gay marriage and other show their irresponsability in having promiscuous bareback sex. i dnt understand that - putting a condom on your dick seems to much of work but before that you have to undress etc. -reminds me of people carrying coke cans to a park, drink it and throw away the can on the spot altho its empty and only one tenth of the original weight.

    improved treatment methods for aids execerbate the problem. people can live with the virus and dont have to die no more in many cases - but treatment is expensive and there is serious side effects.

    best thing is and always will be: play it safe.

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