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    Default Re: Possible War with Russia over Syria

    Quote Originally Posted by broncofan View Post
    I oppose the strikes for a number of reasons. I was wondering though whether we can separate positive from normative judgements and discuss what we think happened in Syria and whether Assad has used chemical weapons on civilians once again?
    Is there anyone on this forum who believes that maybe it was the British intelligence services who did it, or that maybe chemical weapons weren't used at all but it is a western lie? What about Tony Blair? Did he do it? It used to be that one could count on these views to be extremely rare, but I've seen a lot of support for these conspiracy theories from unfortunate places. How common is the woman above's view? I wish I could say I thought it was rare.
    There was a time when evidence was presented to back up a claim, but these days the internet and biased tv reporting can tell lies for political purposes undermining the quality of journalism to the extent that it runs the risk of removing truth from reporting to the extent that people stop believing what they read and hear, and may decide not to bother voting which is what the elites who benefit most from the State prefer.

    Thus, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are currently claiming Robert Mueller was directly involved in the false imprisonment of four men in Boston to protect notorious crime lord Whitey Bulger even though there is no evidence for it, not least because the case involved a different man. The truth doesn't matter, smearing and undermining the reputation of Robert Mueller is all that matters, because even if they later apologize (unlikely) they will have done their work. This is how Rupert Murdoch has helped his political friends, through unprincipled lying that sells papers, that keeps Fox News going. You focus on the end game -smear Mueller, protect the President- then everything is allowed.

    Is it just a coincidence that the chemical attack in Damascus took place a week after the so-called 'President' of the USA said he wanted to withdraw US troops from Syria? Think of it as a typical Russian manoeuvre, to test the American's resolve. But note too the threat to Russia that came tweeting from the White House 'Get ready, Russia', but followed up by an aerial bombardment that was as far away from Russian targets as it could be. Another coincidence?

    Why should Vladimir Putin, or either Bashar or Maher al-Asad care if Syrians are attacked with chemicals weapons, or killed or injured, or left homeless, or forced out of the country to live as refugees anywhere from Jordan to Berlin? You can go back to the siege of Hama in 1982 to document the response of people opposed to the brutal rule of the Ba'ath Party (that's the party created by Arab Christians like Michel Aflaq using the Nazi Party as its model for its 'Arab Socialism', national style), and if that isn't enough, read up on the daily round-up of Syrians opposed to the Ba'ath Party since 1970, not just the wholesale slaughter that has been taking place since 2011, and then ask how any sane person could say what that woman says in the YouTube clip. But she has no intellect, no knowledge of the actual history of Syria, but a cause to fight for that is fed by loyalists of the Syrian government she is friends with, just as you can find people who will tell you without blushing that life in Syria, Iraq and Libya was stable and prosperous before 'the west' intervened to create the chaos you see today by overthrowing (or attempting to overthrow) the government.

    The internet is not a curse or a blessing, it is just a vehicle that can be used and abused, like a car, a screwdriver or a pen. We can only do what we can to speak truth to power, to bear witness to crime and inhumanity, and hope that in the long term the truth will be seen for what it is. Otherwise, what is the point of all this?

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    Default Re: Possible War with Russia over Syria

    Why is there a war in Syria? Somebody enlighten me.

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    Default Re: Possible War with Russia over Syria

    Quote Originally Posted by DaphneCruz View Post
    Why is there a war in Syria? Somebody enlighten me.
    Like most things in the Middle East it's complicated, but you could start here. The short answer is that it started as a civil war between a brutal dictator's regime and various groups who opposed it for differing reasons, and various outsiders have since got involved for their own reasons.

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