The Insatiable Erica Lewinskeet

December 7, 2023

Most trans girl enjoy bottoming, they love the sensations of getting fuck, the feeling of being penetrated, the feel of a cock thrusting in and out of their holes, the friction building up and sending waves around their bodies. Then there are girls like Erica who don’t just enjoy getting fucked, they love and crave getting fucked – and when they do, they’re going to demand more from their man, and they’re going to be giving as much back. Country Boi’s thick cock is more than up to the job and after Erica has given him one of her award winning blow-jobs, and he’s tongued that dark, sweet, smooth hole with Erica moaning and squirming, then she sits on his stiff penis, her perfect cheeks stretch open and she takes him fully inside, riding him and getting deeper with each lift. She needs more and switches to cowgirl, feeling her asshole stretched almost to its maximum… but not quite, not until Country Boi flips her onto her back and pushes his cock in deeper as she pushes back to get maximum fucking pleasure.



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