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Old 07-19-2012
young ts admirer young ts admirer is offline
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Default First ever shemale in Amsterdam
I'm 18 and I've been attracted to transsexuals as well as girls for a long time, so when I went to Amsterdam with my friends I was constantly thinking of how to create an opportunity for myself to slip away, visit a prostitute and lose my virginity.
I got my chance on the very first night, but I blew it. There are a couple of streets where shemales can usually be found, but the first time I went down one, the only girl who I was certain had a cock (sometimes it's hard to tell) was not feminine enough for my liking, so I kept walking. Down a nearby street, a girl in a window beckoned to me. I didn't think she was trans but she was so attractive I didn't care and I went in.
I was correct, she wasn't the shemale I was looking for, and what with me being an extremely inexperienced and nervous 18 year old, I came whilst she gave me head and never even saw her pussy. It was a waste of 50 euros and put me off badly.
But the next day I was checking out some girls with my friends (we were all curious about the prostitutes but none of us could have openly visited one, which is why I did it in secret) and we passed a window with a blue light, which means shemale. An extremely glamorous asian on a stool opened her legs to show a perfectly formed penis under her skirt. I was instantly aroused and knew I couldn't miss this chance to fuck a shemale. I promised myself I would come back before the end of the holiday.
I spent as little money as possible over the next few days and eventually I got another opportunity. I snuck away in the night and went back to the street with the blue lights. A cute little asian tapped on her window and I went up to her. I asked what I got for 50 euros and she said told me she would suck me off and I could fuck her in the arse. I asked if I could suck her dick as well and she said I could.
I followed her up into a bedroom where I undressed as she talked to me. When I told her I was 18 she got extremely excited. She spanked my bare arse and seemed genuinely aroused, unlike the female prostitute who was distant and cold. With all the excitement, my recollection of the details is slightly hazy but I remember most of it.
She was wearing extremely sexy black stockings and a little frilly bra, which turned me on instantly. She started to suck my cock, but I asked if we could start with me sucking her, as I was still wary of cumming early.
Her penis was fully functional but very small, but at this point there was nothing I could do about that. I had never sucked a cock before but I threw myself into it, and it was amazing. I still remember the feeling of her pubes on my top lip as I pleasured her whole cock with my tongue.
There was a mirror next to the bed, so I could watch myself as I fucked her arse. I felt magnificent, riding her from behind, going as deep as I could into her tight hole, rubbing her smooth back and arse cheeks. I was more turned on than I have ever been but I kept going.
While she was sucking my cock, I asked her if she wanted to fuck me. She was clearly having almost as good a time as me, and I could tell she wanted to. I told her I had no more money and I couldn't pay her extra, but she didn't mind and fucked me anyway. It was unbelievable, the whole thing was like a dream. We went through a whole range of positions, my favourite being 69 - sucking a cock and having mine sucked, absolute heaven.
When I could tell we were both going to cum soon, I asked her to do it on my face. She took off her condom and stood over me as I lay on the bed. Her hot juice went all over me, some of it in my mouth. It tasted delicious and I was ready to return the favour. I asked if I could cum on her face, but she didn't want to spoil her makeup so I knelt above her and released my huge load on her stomach, then collapsed on the bed with her, cum covering my face and her belly.
I'm planning my next trip already...
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Old 07-19-2012
rodinuk rodinuk is offline
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Default Re: First ever shemale in Amsterdam
Good report! in Amsterdam you cum and go!!

Bloedstraat & adjoining streets are the blue-light district.

Plenty of good info in the forum and reviews, maps too at
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Old 10-01-2012
slutolive slutolive is offline
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Default Re: First ever shemale in Amsterdam
Bloedstraat- thank you, I was trying to remember the name! Had a wonderful experience there- will write about it when not about to start work
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Old 10-01-2012
Dima73 Dima73 is offline
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Default Re: First ever shemale in Amsterdam
Wonderful! Congratulations on your early start. It took me years to learn what you already know about the charm of T girls.
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Old 10-11-2012
tbabe tbabe is offline
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Default Re: First ever shemale in Amsterdam
nice trip admirer, i'm jealous
hot tranny girls in free pictures and videos
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Old 12-07-2012
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Default Re: First ever shemale in Amsterdam
Cute little Asians can usually be found in the Barndesteeg, which is the next street Bloedstraat (and Gordijnsteeg -around the corner) are mostly South American and some European girls.
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Old 12-10-2012
Louis_K Louis_K is offline
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Default Re: First ever shemale in Amsterdam
Nice. Sounds like a good 1st time.

Need more Asian TS in the U.S. especially in Atlanta

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Old 10-11-2013
ikamsterdam ikamsterdam is offline
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Default Re: First ever shemale in Amsterdam
I don't know but visiting Red Light Districts would be the last place i would visit! my friend get sick there for life.. dirty street... on the corners wetting pimps for money and that I don't gone support. I learn in years the best services i get if i visit at home. in the Windows Girls don't take shower they jump from one to other. What i also experience , mostly ts in the windows they have nice body to look at but the face in light and body when i tough?? bla ugly very ugly skin hard silicone all over the body face on light? no thanks. voice and behaviors just like a feminine gay, I am not a homosexual and so what Ia m looking for is somebody who do have dick but look very close to women, voice, talk behave, just all that package.. If i wane guy I take guy, but not I am looking for girly girl to fuck in the ass and get good suck from her, maybe play with her dick.

I date many of them and to be honest South Americans > are so fake and ugly all body full of silicone and voice bla horror ... They in the windows just to make money for that window and for drugs.. they have no life and they don' care if with or without and seriously healthy guy should never go without with girls like that, well if you wane get sick do it!

I Know maybe two girls in Amsterdam that im vising now regular and I am very happy, OK i pay for an hour but I have everything i need, time relax and i fell safe.. they clean, and also i date mostly girls that are not desperate, girl a that actually have life.. Girls that actually look and behave just like girls that what turns me on, chick with a dick not mean somebody in women clause, it mean girl with dick so for me girl have to look like girl lol With my favorite girl, with them i can be safe for sure, I don't have to be worried that somebody gone steal my money or that i gone get broken condom with little hole on my Dick. Or that somebody gone bather in house... Like it or hate it that's what is.
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Old 10-12-2013
Lovesex1 Lovesex1 is offline
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Default Re: First ever shemale in Amsterdam
There are not many t-girls in Holland worthwhile. The twinsisters Melissa and Emily in the RLD (Amanda,Paloma and Paula are way overrated) and Minorka.
Then there is Vera and her friend Bea but that is it. Chriistina got some good reviews but expensive.

If you look on kinky you will see ad's of beautiful (mostly Brazilians) but lot's of these pics are photoshopped, you will see a big dick on these pics but in real it is not even half that size. Lot's of them promise a lot but don't deliver.
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