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Old 10-26-2011
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Default My first time sex story
To start things off this story is 100% true. My love for shemales began like a lot of people by watching porn. At the time I considered myself straight but by stumbling upon this "new" porn I found myself aroused. My obsession grew as I continued to watch this type of porn instead of the usual straight stuff. This obsession manifested until I knew that I had to try this lol. do you go about doing this? I had no fucking I tried the internet. Understand that I live in north dakota and tgirls are far and in between. I hit up date site after date site until I ended up arranging an actual meeting. The girl that I had been talking to lived 200 miles away. This was going to be an adventure of sorts I guess? At the time I have had plenty of sex with normal girls but what happens if I drive all that way and don't like it? This was going to be a gamble.
The whole drive there I was a complete nervous wreck. My heart was irrate, my brain going through a hundred different scenarios, but somehow I managed to arrive at her apartment complex. As I walked up the stairs to her apartment my heart was in my throat and I was sooo fucking nervous I was shaking...WTF?
I knocked on her door and there was an immediate answer. She opened the door and she looked exactly how she did in the picture she sent me. Well that was a relief anyway. She was pretty, 5'9 black hair medium sized breasts. She wore a sexy green an white dress exposing her clevage. As she told me to come in I'm guessing that she could tell I was nervous as she handed me a beer as soon as I sat down. We sat on her couch chatting and watching television while enjoying a few beers.
Somewhere after 30min of my arrival she got up to use the bathroom. I sat there and pondered upon how to initiate a first move. She returned to the living room with a smile on her face which made me even more nervous. She sat right next to me and I thought "ok, here is my chance". So as I tried to pull myself into making a move my heart pounded faster and faster. I couldn't do it. As I sat there thinking I've driven all this way to pussy out she grabbed me and shoved my face into hers. Well that was comes the fun part.
After kissing a couple of times she was all business, she sat up and immediately dropped her dress. I sat there in amazement staring at her perfect body, shapely breasts, but instead of a pussy there was of course a penis. This made me a little nervous as of course I wanted this but the stigma that this was gay kept running through my mind. She then asked if we were still going to do this and I replied yes in a muffled toned. She then said good cause this dick isn't going to suck itself. I have never sucked a cock up until that point but upon hearing this I was all game.
I was in amazement at how much her cock grew. Her cock went from around 3inches to a very thick 8inches. I sucked on her shaft for about 20 mins and without saying a word she walked away grabbed a bottle of lube and stripped me naked. She had me bend over her couch as she applied lube to her cock. As she entered me the pain was excruciating but after awhile it grew into intense pleasure. She fucked me in different positions until she came on my chest. I previously came while she jerked me off while fucking. We then crashed and passed out. I left in the morning but I ended up hittin her up a couple of more times before she moved away. But I'm now hooked and a fan of TS!!
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Old 10-26-2011
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Default Re: My first time sex story
Very nice,glad that u enjoy .more guys like u i hope with nice storys.
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Old 10-26-2011
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Default Re: My first time sex story
Cool story, Dude. In a way it makes me jealous of you, as I wish I'd become aware of T-girls back when I was still young and single. You're a good writer and I hope you'll share more of your adventures with us.
I want to make you gasp and sigh!

Live to Love, Love to Live
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Old 10-31-2011
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Default Re: My first time sex story
I first found T-gurls back in the 7th grade...found a Hustler with a small picture of one. I knew then I wanted to find one. Have spent the rest of my life hoping, looking and have even had a couple of encounters. But, now I find out my wife likes them as much as I do. Looks like I will definitely have a dream come true.
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Old 12-18-2011
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Default Re: My first time sex story
it was a great experience...looking for more lol..any takers? haha
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Old 05-09-2012
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Default Re: My first time sex story
Very nice... I havent followed through yet... I feel what you were saying about NERVES.... I hope when I do find the right girl it will as good a time as yours
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