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Old 01-05-2006
Priceless_PrincessNYC Priceless_PrincessNYC is offline
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Default Do "STRAIGHT" Guys Get Fucked?
Do straight men get Fucked?
I definitely have a unambiguous opinion....
I am a Passable Pre-op... Most of the men I have dated consider Themselves to be ” straight” men that happen to be attracted to TG women. (Society may say something different…. But Let’s save that debate for another topic).
Although ... if you’re a guy that wants 2 be fucked… I don’t think you should continue to refer to yourself as “straight” !
A lot of men ( STRAIGHT TG ADMIRES) know their place… and would never dream of being penetrated by TS or otherwise!
but I am so sick and tired of some guys trying to a date TG women, simply to throw his “ Hairy-Ass” up to be Penetrated by a TG beauty! If your going to do something as emasculating as bending over and being infiltrated…. Why not just go to a Regular Gay Man that likes to top? WHATS NEXT… YOU WANNA WEAR MY LITTLE PINK LACEY THONGS???
There is always an exception to the rule… The occasional l T-girl that is a TOP…
But why in the world would a man want 2 feel Titties on his back?.
I am a woman of color… well endowed.. and although it is a prerequisite that my man Sucks & Licks before he Sticks…
Most girls did not go through all of the trouble of Perfecting a passable Feminine Persona. To become this masculine being when we are intimate.
Treat me like a lady at all times and Don’t even bother calling yourself “STRAIGHT”” UNLESS YOU ARE ALL MAN in and out the Bedroom!
Love and Light
Priceless Princess
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Old 01-05-2006
NickTheQuick NickTheQuick is offline
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Not again...

What size thongs do you wear btw?
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Old 01-05-2006
deebo deebo is offline
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i dont wanna get fucked but i would like to fucck
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Old 01-05-2006
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SexxxyJade SexxxyJade is offline
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I have always labled all men ( TS admirers) as bi-sexual. No matter what they like to do, top, bttm or both. Tho im really not into labels, thats my theory. Bi sexual.. likeing the best of both worlds.

Miss SexxxyJade

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Old 01-05-2006
LG LG is offline
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It's a tired subject, Princess, but I will give you my thoughts nonetheless:

I enjoy being on both sides of the action, but I have to disagree with you here. If a man who is willing to lick a tgirls cock and then fuck her can be considered straight (and I will accept, for the sake of argument as much as anything, that he can) then why shouldn't a man who likes to be penetrated?

If this man did not consider himself straight then he would, as you say go to a "regular gay man". But tgirl admirers, whether they like to be tops, bottoms or versatile, are rarely into men. If we were, then life would probably be much easier for us, actually.

True, I understand that you might not want to top your man. And I think any man who is with you should respect that. But if he is willing to have sex with a person who has a cock, what difference does it make if he wants to be on top or bottom? Is a gay male top any straighter than a passive gay man?

Then you say that tgirls who enjoy topping are an exception to the rule, which I find ridiulous. In any case, who made this rule? There are no rules! We are no longer talking about male and female so why should we bother with labels like gay and straight?

You also don't understand why a man woul want to feel "titties on his back". The answer is, for the same reason that he would like to feel titties on his front. Tits excite men. We like to look at them, touch them, fuck them and suck them.

In any case, there are many positions that actually involve a tgirl and a man facing each other. Who says the tgirl has to be behind the man?

Furthermore, the real reason that men enjoy anal sex is unrelated to homosexuality. True, gay men get turned on by men. But physiologically anal sex is exciting becuase the prostate gets stimulated. This is why gay men, transexuals and many admirers enjoy anal sex, as do straight men who buy their women strapons. The lack of the prostate is also the reason why most women don't get too excited by anal sex. Many men can come from anal sex- most women cannot.

I think's it's ridiculous that transgendered women, who have been trying to fight labels all their lives turn around and blurt out things like this, using the same labels that they have been trying to fight.

Anyway, this subject is old and tiresome. If your're not happy with your man for various reasons, and from a previous post I take it that you're not, then I'm sorry. If he pretends to be faithful and to only want to be on top and then goes around, as you suggested, finding tgirls to penetrate him, he's a shit. But he's a shit not because of his sexual preferences, but because he's a liar.

And that is infinitely worse than being gay, straight, bi, into S&M, M&Ms, cheese and biscuits, snap, crackle and pop or whatever.

Kill the labels, Princess. They do us all more harm than good.
Navin R. Johnson: You mean I'm going to stay this color??
Mother: I'd love you if you were the color of a baboon's ass.
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Old 01-05-2006
EdelweissFan EdelweissFan is offline
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Princess, you should read carefully what LG says:

Originally Posted by LG
Furthermore, the real reason that men enjoy anal sex is unrelated to homosexuality. True, gay men get turned on by men. But physiologically anal sex is exciting becuase the prostate gets stimulated. This is why gay men, transexuals and many admirers enjoy anal sex, as do straight men who buy their women strapons. The lack of the prostate is also the reason why most women don't get too excited by anal sex. Many men can come from anal sex- most women cannot.
You are confusing a sexual act (anal sex) with a sexual orientation (gay or bi). People of all kinds decide as individuals they like anal sex because it feels good to them.

I know several Brazilian GGs and they tell me that it is extremely common for Brazilian GGs while having sex with their men to reach around and insert a finger in their man to stimulate his prostrate. Does that make their men gay? You might also read, a femdom site where straight sub men and dominant GG women interact. Half of the posts are about women using strapons.

For someone who has presumably had to break a lot of mainstream stereotypes to become what you are, you seem remarkably narrow minded and uninformed about sex.
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Old 01-05-2006
Mugai_hentaisha Mugai_hentaisha is offline
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yep definitely

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Old 01-05-2006
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hwbs hwbs is offline
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that shit got nuthing to do with nuthing....ive been with plenty off gg that are way more freaky then that...what does that make them ......u can go on with that thinking if that makes u feel any better....i know plenty of girls that supposodly have str8 boyfriends that end up bending over for other girls i know...i give this topic 4 with a twist of
u will be fucking fat bitches in no time
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Old 01-05-2006
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Thats a typical gurlie gurl Tgirl assessment. She has some merits and good point to dont blame her. Most tgirls transitioned to be fem and passable to start. Not knowing what awaits them. Surprise surprise! Men have evolved too. LOL.

In as much as men love to be top and be all dominant..they also like to experience it from our side of the spectrum. Besides doing it once inawhile makes it all the more non boring at the least. Also have it alot more intimate as well. Ive been into relationships where non of my ex bf's ever touched me down below..tho after awhile I got tired and bored of it..So Hello! LOL.

But to each his own. Sexuality is as diverse as each snowflakes. Relationship has always been a give and take. Roleplays take the monotony out of things. So enjoy!


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Old 01-05-2006
DamionXXX DamionXXX is offline
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Я Люблю Вас Ulyana, я Люблю только Вас ... теперь и для остальной части моей жизни.
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