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Old 12-16-2008
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Default My first Tranny encounter..............Without even knowing

Long story short...........I was in Miami helping my uncle with the moving back here in Virginia( MY FIRST TIME IN MIAMI EVER).........So I was in his house, at night checking out, browsing through the female section....I'm scrolling through the entire list, when I see this stunning beauty which I just had to meet...
Morning comes, first thing I did when I woke up was call her up.She sounded super fucking sexy on the phone, This is how the conversation kinda went:
Me:Hello, can I speak to Rachel?
Rachel:This is she, Whos this??
Me:My name is Jason, and I found your ad on the internet. Are you available this afternoon???
Rachel:Im free all day, when are you Thinking about coming over??????
Me:Lets say around 2PM, how does that sound??
Rachel:That's perfect, I go to the gym at 12:30 to 13:30, Ill be done with my shower and you can massage me when you come....You like to give massages Jason????
Me:Rachel, today is your lucky day, I am the person who invented the MASSAGE.
Rachel:Really??I'll be in for a treat then
Me:Oh yes you will.So check this, I'll be coming from North Miami, where are you located exactly????
Rachel:Im in South Beach:Just call me when you're close, then I'll give you the address.
Me:Sounds good

I hung up the phone
( no mention of sex whatsoever during the entire conversation)

I got up,took a shower, got dressed and nicely groomed (I sprayed on me Versace Black Jeans on my neck, then sprayed some Versace Blue Jeans in my hand and patted my face lightly with it).

I borrowed my uncle's car, a Lincoln, which I never knew was a V8 till I started driving it for the first time......I was enjoying the drive when all the sudden I saw an Adult Video Store on my left. I had to go check it out, since it was like 12:30PM, and I still had about 1h15min to burn.

So I go inside the store, I head directly to the tranny section, which back then was an area that I didnt frequent very often, but found the actresses starring in them very appealin for a reason I just couldnt explain. I just couldnt control my hunger for tranny porn on a daily basis.
I had to have my daily dose of tranny Videos.
So I pick a movie, then go ask the cashier to play it for me in a small cubicle, the size of a closet, where you go in and watch it( first time I ever did that, I am from Virginia, and we dont have these types of things damn it, but thank goodness for the internet). I watch the entire movie , without even jerking off once, had to be presentable and good hygiene is a must for me....

The time is now 1:45PM.

I leave the store then call Rachel, she doesnt pick up, I call again, it goes straight to voicemail ( I fucking hate it when that happens).
I was dying to see this gorgeous beeing.....2 minutes later, my phone rings......It's Rachel, she calls me and says that she is waiting for me.She gives me the address and Im almost there.

Now Im in the lobby calling her, she picks up and buzzes me in.

I go up the stairs to the second floor. I knock on her door. She opens the door and there she is, flesh and bone, Rachel the Goddess. She was the most beautiful beeing I had ever laid eyes on. Gorgeous smile, perfect face, beauiful hair, and her voice was like an angel's.

She let me in, I sat on a couch and then she joined me.
We talked about Miami, the nightlife, how I enjoyed House and Trance Music ( I like other music genres too, but I love House and Trance)....Turned out that, totally unknown to me, that the one of the best DJs in the world was spinnin that night at Crobar.......

We then go back to her room, where she removed her bath robe(she had just taken a shower) then laid on her stomach and was begging me to massage her. She handed me the bottle of body lotion, then I went ahead and started to massage her neck nicely and gently, paying attention to every little muscle. I then slowly started rubbing her lower back, and worked my way down to her buttock. I was aiming for her pussy, but then she said that her periods were just ending, and if I could refrain from touching her down there........I was pissed at first but then I was like hold up, I still havent paid her anything, I wonder how much she is gonna charge me now since I cant have sex with her and most escorts dont do anal unless you pay extra..........

All the sudden, while I was massaging her legs, she asked if I wanted to fuck her....I asked if she wanted to fuck even though her periods just ended

Rachel:"we can do anal if you want, Im cool with out"

I was in heaven since I havent had anal sex for a long time........I was in for a treat....

She insisted that I dont remove her panties, but I could rub her pussy through them.......I didnt mind at all, Since I didnt want to get any blood on my hand by accidents, you never know.........

After a while ( about 30~35 minutes), I finally came. I asked her if she smoked, she said yes. We lit up our cigarettes then went back to the living room, both naked and horny....we sat there for about 5 minutes then she asked if I could take a shower with her...........


So we head to the shower, where she cleans me off and then she says that I smell really nice ( VERSACE, YOU ARE THE KING OF FASHION AND COLOGNE, MAY HE REST IN PEACE)........

After we're done with the shower, we head back to her room where I started to get dressed. We started talking again, and she said if I wanted her to be my guide for the night in South Beach Miami.........What do you think I said???

As I was reaching out for my wallet to pay her, she said to keep my money , and that I could pay for tonight's dinner ( I would've paid for the dinner regardless, so the session was Technically free)

So I head back to North Miami where I go straight for my laptop.......
I start to checking this tranny forum with a bunch of shemale clips and stuff like that..........And guess whos on it????????????

Yes, Rachel, there she is with a cock between her legs. I was just in shock , I knew that one day I was gonna have sex with a tranny but I never expected it to be with a Post-OP Tranny......She looked even better with a cock between her legs........

The question now is this:
Really easy answer here Fellow HungAngels Fans...........HELL YEAH, She was really hot, great personality and great attitude( Those are the main things I like in Trannies ),and also they're party animals who love to have fun..........

So I pick her up around 7PM.

She looked fantastic in a red dress, with black heels and black stockings.

Like the French People Say:
"Rien ne vit Rien ne bouge
Quand apparaît la femme en rouge"
( Literally mean :Nothing lives Nothing moves
When the woman appears in red")

So there we are in South Beach, walking down the beach walk, her next to me, and me still trying to grasp the idea that I just fucked a tranny a few hours ago. But I didnt feel any guilt whatsoever, I felt relieved and so happy that it had finally happened...............In one sentence: I was set free.

Its now midnight and we just finished eating dinner at a local restaurant where the food is A Grade. Now was time to go to a club.......I asked her if there were any good Trance/Techno/House clubs in the area, she mentioned Space and Crobar, those two were the best....... She recommended Crobar because she knew all the bouncers in there, as well as the Resident DJ.........

So we're at the Club entrance, where we literally wait less than 1 minute to get in ( I guess being with a hot girl comes with its perks)....

Inside the club we go to the VIP Area , not too far from the DJ Booth.
She orders a bottle of champagne and tells me that its on the house, since the owner is a good friend of hers.

DJ Sasha came out and Set the Club on Fire that night with his set.
She said if I wanted to say hi to Sasha, since I was a huge Fan. He signed an autograph and was really cool.

After we left the club around 3PM, she asked me if I wanted to spend the night over.....I had to check with my uncle to see how early he might need the car, I called him and he was still awake watching tv and drinking beer. He said I could keep the car till 12 PM the next day.

So we're in her appartment, drunk and horny.....
We go to her room, where she had a closet full of toys, one of them being a strap on......She asked me if she could try it on me, I played the game along, pretending that I didnt want, she insisted and said that I would love it. That if a woman can enjoy Anal Sex so can a man.....

So there she is fucking me with a 12 inch long dildo.......And guess what, it goes all the way in, it just disappears inside. I had never felt what I felt for her at that moment.....I was in love with a Tranny, without her genital cock, but she was still fucking me with a Strap on dildo...........I was in HEAVEN...............
So she fucks me for a long time, while shes jerking me off at the same time and Im enjoying EVERY SINGLE SECOND to the fullest..............

She then stops and wanted me to fuck her, this time in her pussy, but before that she had to ask me a question...........

Rachel:have u ever been with a man, or fantasized about beeing with a man????
Me:nah, not a man lover
Me Thinking: "But I am a tranny lover, and you're a tranny so I love you no matter what you say"

She said that she likes me and that she wanted to be honest with me........."I was born a man, but I had a sex change and now I'm a woman"........Me (Acting dumb and shocked):"What?????? what do u mean??????????"
Rachel:"Please dont hate me or hit me, I really like you and I had a lot of fun with you "
Me:OK, I like you too....but you just fucked me with a strap on, and you were born a man and got a sex change.
Me(Jokingly):"You know what, I think I really liked getting fucked by a man only when he is in the form of a woman"

She starts laughing then we start kissing and making out.....

I woke up in the morning, and she fixed me a mean breakfast.'
Showered with her, got dressed and exchanged phone numbers and email address....

To this day, we're still great friends and we chat online all the time..........

She was my first TGirl, and I will never forget her............Rachel , I will forever love you
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Old 12-16-2008
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Great story , no pics of Rachel ?
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Old 12-16-2008
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Great story IŽll recommend everyone, although I didnŽt read it. Yes. Btw, are you guys the same person?
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Old 12-16-2008
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She was on a tranny site I cant remember
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Old 12-16-2008
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Thanks for the story. It could be a little shorter. Not everything was important to the main story. But I do appreciate you posting it.
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Old 06-23-2010
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great piece of fiction.
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Old 06-23-2010
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"That's what i thought you said."
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Old 06-23-2010
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Great story - and why describe it as fiction. sounds totally plausible to me.
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Old 06-23-2010
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wow great story thanks for posting
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Old 06-23-2010
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I'm gonna have to call BS here unless there's a link to the eros ad and pics pre-op pics. Sorry, I'm somewhat of a skeptic....
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