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Old 04-28-2008
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Default The Landscape Of TS Escort Fees & Your Thoughts On It.
Recently, there has been some talk on here about providers raising there prices to levels which are usally charged by elite GG escorts. Understandably, there has been some back lash, as well as those who understand that a free market, means just that. You are free to charge what you please for your service.

I can totally understand this backlash towards a higher fee- as men who frequent ts escorts are simply NOT USED to paying that kind of money.

I should know very well. I've worked at all spectrums of the escorting business from working to an agency, to different price points, to at several times demanding the most expensive fee on Eros by a TS.

I once met an elderly gentleman years ago who hired me to visit him. Back then I believe the fee was $500 for the house visit. As we got to talking he pulled out a stack of Polaroid next to his bed. The Polaroid consisted of some of the most well known GG porn stars and escorts at the time.This was a gentleman who probably saw three-five escorts a week and had the means to do it. As part of their session he would ask the lady to pose for a Polaroid for him. In the stack was a Polaroid of XXX Star Houston- whom he told me he had paid $2,000 an hour for, with a two hour minimum. At that point I felt slightly cheated. Here I was @ 500 and she was getting 4k from the same guy. Of course I was no Houston and could not command that- she was at one point one of the most famous XXX actresses in the mainstream. But it did certainly made me think of why GG prices are for the most part higher than TS prices.

I think this has to do mainly with immigration and the girls themselves setting the standards of their worth. In recent years there has been an influx of many TS on the net from other countries. Because these ladies obviously lived in different cultures and had different needs in their country, the money they can make, even though below the average of GG standards is still a hell of a lot more than they would ever make in their countries. With this they can probably lead comfortable lives in the US and of course help their families back home. The value of $100 I think is different from someone who came from a developing country than to a middle class American. I am sure if I was here fresh from Cuba, given the conditions people live in Cuba, I would be more than thrilled to be making $100 an hour.

This same point has been spoken to me about the influx of South American TS now in France, Spain, and Italy- who will for the most part charge much less and do much more than their native counter parts.

The other factor is Craigslist. Which in my opinion is ruining the online escorting business. It's street prostitution brought online. The Internet was a place where the higher priced call girls where and the more upscale clients. Craigslist to me is sad. I see girls with rates of $50, $60, $80 which is just unbelievable to me. I recall when I first came to NYC the going rate was $150 for EVERYONE. Unless of course on the street. And the sad part is that GG usually still charge more than TS on Craigs! I just can't believe how much prices have dropped on Craigs- and the only assumption I can make is that street girls have moved indoors are on Craigslist now.

Is it because we do not know our self worth or because we are afraid to raise out rates in fear that the phone will stop riging? It really should be the other way around. Transsexual providers should be worth more money as we are much less common than GGs population wise. We are indeed a specialty The business alone of a sex worker can be a very dangerous one. You put yourself at great risks in many aspects. And I think the business of being a TS sex worker is even more dangerous and high risk. Yet most girls still charge less money than GGs.

Partly the customers know this- customers who will spend a lot more with a GG will simply, for the most part, spend a lot less on a transsexual. Because they know what the 'going' rates are and can simply call the next girl.

From a personal view point- as my fees when I do tour are clearly much higher and the highest in the city at that time. I do certainly alienate a lot of potential visitors. But as I grew wiser- I really appreciate quantity over quality in any thing I do in my life. I'd rather own one great high end hand bag I can wear for six months than buy 40 cheap ones I can wear every day. I'd rather deal with a few nice guys then have to grind out 10 guys a day like a chop chop factory. But that is just my view point.

The beauty of capitalism is that you can really charge whatever you think your service is worth. Wether or not you may get someone to pay for it is a different story all together- but still you can charge whatever you wish.

I don't think that all ts escorts are going to run out and raise their prices. And I do think he more high profile girls can and some will succeed, BUT, I have seen many raise their rates to a very high price point then bring it back down to their old normal rate.

There are two types of girls who can charge a lot more. The porn star who is well known, famous in her genre, therefore her fans will pay to meet her at her price- and the well known escort, whose claim to fame, is just that- being an escort. I frankly laugh at GG and TS escort ads that say 'European model' or 'fashion model', or 'former Elite model'- truth be told any successful, working model is NOT running an escort ad anywhere. I'll take that back the day I see Kate Moss on Eros.

If anyone is successful and creating their own hype and marketing it- more power to them. Sometimes that hype is totally baseless though and will quickly fade. Longevity and success in any business is impetuous.One day your are hot the next day you are not (I know how cheesy that sounds but it is VERY true). Will you be a one hit wonder or be a star in your own right for a long time? I anyone needs to know what makes a success in an image based business all they have to do is take a look at Madonna, reinvention is the key.

With that being said. people should not be upset because anyone wishes to charge 5k an hour or 2K- that is there choice, as well as it is your choice not to pay it. In any market there are goods and price points for everyone.

Just as there is a demand and need for a $100 TS escort, they is also a demand for the $1000 escort.

But do remember the biggest re tailor is the world is Walmart and not Gucci.


So I ask you, hypothetically, what do you think about all of this.
Would you be a customer looking for the best bargain, or are you willing to pay
a higher amount for the girl you want to meet?

YES and I know some of you claim they would never pay for an escort- that's fine. But lets leave this as hypothetical question.
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Old 04-28-2008
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i was thinking about this earlier, because of the rising costs of everything else,
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Old 04-28-2008
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Originally Posted by Youngmc
i was thinking about this earlier, because of the rising costs of everything else,

Everything does get more expensive. I paid for my first nose surgery about $3,000 something dollars 10 years ago and now nose jobs run from 6k and up-that's almost double.
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Old 04-28-2008
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I am willing to pay a higher price, to a point. However, although I work in IT and make a decent living, I cannot justify paying even $300/hour, let alone $500 or $1000 or whatever. That's cool, I don't need to scratch that itch very often. And I totally believe that any escort should charge what she thinks her services are worth. Unfortunately, I won't be one of her clients.
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Old 04-28-2008
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Oh and I forgot to add to the list of questions-

Have you, would you, or are you willing to pay a higher price gor a GG escort than a TS escort- or is it all the same to you?

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Old 04-28-2008
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I have a personal threshold for what I'll pay for the company of a lady. It has nothing with affordability, simply my sense of how important I value the pursuit of my own pleasure.
Here's a food analogy: I can afford to eat in any restaurant I want to, but why should I pay $350 for wine and dinner when so many places are just as good for $250? Same food, same service. As a matter of fact, my favorite restaurants are some very moderately- priced pubs

I do find it baffling that people seem so upset about some escorts charging what they consider very high fees. If a girl can get it, who's business is it besides herself and her client?

and to answer your question Allanah
I think a tgirl escort should command a higher fee than gg 'cause the performance can't be faked
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Old 04-28-2008
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i think a lot of the time with gg ur dealing with agencies which raises the final price..
u will be fucking fat bitches in no time
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Old 04-28-2008
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Originally Posted by Ecstatic
Unfortunately, I won't be one of her clients.
Same here.
I've seen adds where a girl wants 500 (About a 1000 $) for a night. I'm thinking, "Bugger that, airfare to Bangkok's looking attractive!"

Have you, would you, or are you willing to pay a higher price for a GG escort than a TS escort
Never hired a GG, so i guess that's a "no" by default.
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Old 04-28-2008
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Honestly... IMHO... I would pay more for a TS provider than a GG provider....

Actually, why pay for a GG? there are good looking girls everywhere, so unless is like a star or something... yet to meet a TS girl, paying might be the only way.... (Not everywhere is NY where you have those parties you can go to and meet the people.)

About paying more... I guess I would pay more if I had to... yet I would do it less frequently than by paying less simple math.

Of course the price varies with the market (and the market varies with location, country, quantity of girls, etc etc)... sounds frivolous, because we are talking about people here... but is true... and IMHO you should pay according to the market standards plus minus some deviation... but I would do the exception if its well worth.
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Old 04-28-2008
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I think you need to differentiate between escorts you're likely to see just once and those you might see on a regular basis.
I live in London and, occasionally, we get high profile porn stars (like Allanah or Wendy Williams or whatever) coming over to visit. In those circumstances I probably would part with a lot because there would be the thrill of being with an escort whose face you've seen hundreds (if not thousands) of times.
That said, when we get other visiting escorts, no matter how beautiful, I usually shy away. The reason is that I can't help but feel that they're here to make a quick buck and that customer satisfaction is not exactly a priority.
But back to Allanah's origiinal point. When I see a high price I tend to think the girl is probably a rip-off. Why? And, when I see an unusually low price (and, bear in mind London is EXPENSIVE, so what's low here may not be low elsewhere) I tend to think it's a rip-off too (though, occasionally, I might be horny and think "what the hell" -- sometimes it turns out great, sometimes it's a waste of my time).
For my part, I tend to go for girls in the mid-range (which, in London is 150 to 200 an hour). For that kind of money I expect a girl who is clean, friendly and tries to engage with me on some kind of level during our session (it doesn't necessarily have to be a GFE, but she should at least make an effort: being hot isn't enough for me). And, unless we really don't click at all, I would expect her to think in terms of "repeat business".
As I learned from watching an episode of "The Office", it costs ten times as much to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one.
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