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Old 09-23-2007
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Default Kelly Michaels Does Dallas - Current Pics & Update
One of my favorite shemale models from the early nineties was a sassy, cute kid named Kelly Michaels. First saw her in the "Trisexual Encounters" VHS series with her "Madonna" look, later on with very short hair. Last saw her in the original "Transsexual Prostitutes". I've read on this board that she was living/escorting in San Franciso, advertising on Craiglist.

Today, I read on another Board that Kelly has moved from SF to Dallas, and is again advertising on Craiglist ("CALIFORNIA BLONDE BLUE EYED HOTTIE ")

Link to her latest ad (with pics):

A poster from this board had a session with Kelly on 9/20/07, and posted a favorable review. He took two pictures of Kelly Michaels using his cell phone camera.
They are attached below.

It's been almost a decade since I've had a real good look at Kelly. From these latest pics, she's aging very well. Good to see her again!
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Old 09-23-2007
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Fukkin imagefrog...[hotlinking ok, my arse!]...Lyin bastards!
Attached Images:
What can we do to resolve this situation?
Shut it, you cunt, I want a helicopter, two packs of burn and some chocolate digestives...Please!
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Old 09-23-2007
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I love Kelly Michaels. ALWAYS have. She was the gurl that i was really into which got me into the tranny world (for want of a better term). Maybe a trip to dallas is in order..LOL

hope everyone is well

Once you've had a Shemale.. You'll never want a Female
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Old 09-23-2007
bigslim bigslim is offline
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Here she is back in the day. Man, I loved her. Glad she is doing ok.
Attached Images:
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Old 09-23-2007
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Originally Posted by bigslim
Here she is back in the day. Man, I loved her. Glad she is doing ok.
Thanx for the HiQ pix!
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Old 09-23-2007
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Default Great Pics!
Bigslim, thanks so much for these superb large size pics of Kelly. I've done many a google image search for KM pics, never found any this good (or big).
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Old 09-23-2007
Ant-Man Ant-Man is offline
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Ran into Kelly at Divas a couple months ago. She looked smokin' hot! Much more slender than the camera-phone pics. Of course, a sudden weight gain is always preferable to a sudden loss in my book. One of my frustrations is not shooting with her - we've been talking about it for a couple years at least. I wish her well. Hope she returns to the Bay Area soon!
ant-man marching to serve the great queen..
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Old 09-23-2007
tsluva tsluva is offline
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yeh, i also saw the dallas-craiglist ad of TS porn star Kelly Michaels
being in Dallas.
i wondered if it is really her or another craiglist fake.
( and we've read the suggestions and comments on how craiglist
if it really is Kelly Michaels, then she may eventually post ads on
ANE mag and Eros once she gets more settled in Big D.

Interesting. i've heard Dallas was becoming more convient
and appealing to tgirls and there's been a plenty coming lately.
Even before Transexual Prostitutes , Michaels was well known
as one of the original Kim Christy girls.
And with a slender bode, big cock and the Madonna-look which
was really the big fad back then, Kelly was one of the
more popular TS stars during that era.
i have never seen any reviews on her as an escort.

has anyone been with her ?

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Old 09-24-2007
FM451 FM451 is offline
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Default Here's A Review of Kelly Michaels

Regarding your post, the person who took the recent camera phone pics of Kelly also wrote a brief but positive review of his time with KM. The site where I got this review (and pics) is called "SheMale Review". The comments on Kelly:

"I just returned from a 2 hour session with Kelly. It is really her and she looks great! Much better than those awful pics on CL. I had such a great time with her. One of the best TS sessions that I have ever had.
She even let me take some pics of her after the session. I will try to download one or two and share with you guys.
No time to post a review. I have got to finish some work then pack and get ready to head to NYC very early tomorrow morning. I leave with a smile on my face and great memories!"

I checked, and there are no formal reviews of KM on that site.
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Old 09-24-2007
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I don't know anything about Kelly Michaels, but this thread title reminds me of the first porn video I ever watched. "Debbie Does Dallas 2".

I Watched it at a friends house with two good friends of mine. We laughed and pretended we'd seen all this before. All I was actually thinking was "How fast can I jack off in the bathroom so the other guys don't know what I'm doing?" In hindsight, they were probably thinking the same thing, I'm sure.

For the record, I jacked off in under a minute. I don't think those guys suspected a thing.

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