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    Default Ts alekssandra 2016 review

    So after a recent relationship breakup,I needed to sow my wild oats again and part of that is getting my brains fucked out by a dominant ts,so I go to the queen,Aleks!

    I've seen her several times over the years so I know what I'm getting,but I booked and enroute I whatsapp her saying I want it rough. Her reply- "you'll get what you're given whore"

    Arrive,and after a quick kiss and catch up I go and shower. I return to the bedroom to get pushed into my knees and Aleks hard cock,which she'd obviously been wanking while I was showering,was thrust all the way down my throat. I gagged,she withdrew,slapped me,told me to shut up,and continued to face fuck me for several minutes,slapping me every time I gagged or tried to get her to go easy.

    Almost seamlessly she spun me around and bent me over,arse up,condom on and covered my hole in lube and entered me..this was on the floor next to the bed,as in her words "bed is too good for dirty whores they get fucked on the floor".

    She pounded me mercilessly,slapping my ass and pulling my hair,it was heaven. I had a brief respite as she walked me by my cock into..the dungeon.

    I was pushed into that wooden horse contraption and she entered me again,there's something about this device that gets her worked up as she ruined me,my cries of pain and pleasure no use as it was purely about servicing her. She talked filth about keeping me there and getting a parade of her gay and ts friends in to bareback me and fill me with cum(all fantasy,she is always safe) .

    I was then helped into her sex sling,my first time in it. And with arms and legs tied,suspended in the air arse hanging out,you can't help but feel vulnerable. And she fucked my brains out in this sling,and Aleks played with my rock hard cock and I came so hard I thought I'd pass out!jets of it rushed past my head the hardest I'd cum in a long time,she reckoned some had hit the ceiling lol.

    My pounding continued for a long time,felt like I'd been there hours,then Aleks came to the side of my head,made me suck her before I heard her breathing change and she shot a massive load into my mouth then made me swallow.

    Nice clean up and chat afterwards,and a shower..she is so nice,she can be cruel and kind in equal measure.

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    Default Re: Ts alekssandra 2016 review

    You have been well and truly FUCKED! Great review...

    I'm a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm, I'm a runaway son of the nuclear A-bomb.
    I am a world's forgotten boy, the one who searches and destroys!
    Search and Destroy written by Iggy Pop

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    Default Re: Ts alekssandra 2016 review

    "you'll get what you're given whore" Damn! She's been on my mind for a while. This seals it

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    Default Re: Ts alekssandra 2016 review

    Wheres her link?

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    Default Re: Ts alekssandra 2016 review

    So I just went to see Alekssandra. Still sore as I make my way home. She greeted me, I showered and then it got nasty.

    Forced me to suck her cock for a while til my throat hurt. Then she put in an anal hook which was attached to my collar. Then I was led into the dungeon where she fucked me for a while then put the hook in again and forced her cock in at the same time.

    Time for the bed. Here she spoke to me softly. Moved on to hitting me with her whips etc whilst my balls were tied up. Serious pain but she was having so much fun I let her continue. Then she worked on my nipped, first with the clamps then biting them for a good five minutes. God by now I could stop shaking. Begged her to let me cum (we had agreed she would not let me), but to do so she said ten slaps to the face would be the penalty.

    She covered my eyes and whacked me across the face 10 times. Well, it was my fault! After I was allowed to jerk off but only as she again fucked my.

    She looked into my soul whilst we sessioned. When it got too much she laughter at me and went more. This was by the way what I asked for as she tailers each session to suit the client.

    Showered up and had a little chat. She sent me to places I had never been before, great fun. She said I was a bad influence. I can see this 'relationship' continuing for a while. No rushing, I was there 90minutes and she did not look at her phone during the session, some TS so this and it's really annoying.

    Hour later, nipples ache, ass is sore and my hole is quite used.

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