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Thread: Summer Olympics

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    Quote Originally Posted by fred41 View Post
    I wonder (not how many people rub one out to the olympics.
    Not quite what you mean, but this Japanese pole vaulter was thought to have "rubbed out" of the competition due to his penis.

    Great story, but sadly now denied by the man himself.

    Back (sort of) on topic, Jessica Ennis does it for me every time...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by sukumvit boy View Post
    Excellent thought provoking piece on National Public Radio today about 'Intersex Athletes' with focus upon South African female runner Caster Semenya . Prior medical tests have determined her ambiguous gender with high testosterone levels which give her an unfair advantage over other women athletes.
    The Indian runner Dutee Chand has been identified as the second of three 'hyperandrogenous' athletes at the Games along with Caster Semanya, whose gold medal run in the 800 metres last night was as predictable as it was farcical. Whatever, at a time when athletes are being banned for using chemicals to enhance their performance, it seems extraordinary and also hypocritical that the International Association of Athletics Federations would recommend surgery or chemical treatment to reduce...testosterone levels, or stop competing.

    And at a time when genital mutilation in women is being rightly criminalized across the world, to suggest removing the clitoris is surely unacceptable at every level?
    It is also not clear if the IAAF makes a distinction between naturally generated high levels of testosterone in a female athlete and one who is intersexed, as the cause of the advantage in women's events.

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    Yes , for all the reasons mentioned above the IAAF clearly has it's work cut out in addressing these issues equitably. I don't think they can meet the 2017 deadline if they claim to address these issues in a comprehensive manner , and I think that focusing on testosterone levels alone is wrong headed.
    This is a wonderful opportunity to publicly reassess the genetic , medical and ethical issues at the heart of LGBT agendas. With the weight of the Olympics behind them these decisions are likely to have far reaching implications.

    Castor Semanya poignant post Olympic statement :

    Here are a few interesting articles on sex chromosome mutations and their manifestations.

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