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    Default My fun night in San Jose

    Well I have a sexy TS friend that I use to meet often, but we lost contact after I got into a relationship. She was a very dominate girl. She was hispanic with the sexiest ass, nice perfect tits, and a cock that I would beg for. She wasn't huge, but who am I to judge I could barely handle her.

    There was one time I went up there for a fitness expo and it was during gay pride so she was out at that, while I was at my expo. She text me around mid night to leave the hotel door open, be completely naked and that I could not look back when she walked in. If I did then she would leave. So I did not want her to catch me off gaurd so I layed in the bed naked for an hour on my stomach waiting for her to walk in.

    After an hour went by I hear the door open and I hoped it was her, not some random person walking in. I hear that person walking in and then she slid up my back side, wearing a skirt I can fill her cock press between my cheeks and her nice tits against my back, she whispers, are you ready my good little bottom boy. I replied with a mown, while moving my ass around her rising cock. She pulled my ass in the air at this moment and buried her face into my ass. She loved eating my ass, said that it tasted so good and I did a good job keeping it clean for her. Now she is also strictly a top as well. She ate my ass for 20 mins spreading it open, to slid in her tongue. I kind of wanted to see if I could fuck her tonight also, I knew she wouldnt go for it, so After she ate me out doggy style we 69'd.

    I would suck her nice hard cock while she ate my ass, she would suck my cock some times but loved my ass to much to keep her lips off of it. As she drove her cock into my mouth, I would try not to gag, I began to tease her ass. It was really tight, she said nothing has ever been in there before when I first meet her. I teased it and got it wet with my saliva, sliding in the tip of my finger, she got pissed and said your my bottom boy, I don't bottom. So I said I am sorry and got down on my knees and sucked her cock sooo good i put every effort into it, so she wouldnt be mad.

    After this I sat her down and let her cock slid into my ass from reverse cowboy. I am really tight so it was a long process sliding it in, but once she felt it go all the way in, she started to thurst hard. Making my wish I was on my stomach so I can bite the pillow. It hurt a little bit but felt soooo good. She then fliped my over on my stomach and started to fuck my from the back. Grabbing my ass, telling me to tell her to fuck me harder. Calling my her bottom boy over and over. This went on for another 15 mins, until she said she was ready to cum.

    As soon as she was ready to cum she pulled out to cum on my ass, but I dropped to my knees and took her in my mouth. I have never swallowed at this point ever. I can feel her cock pulsing over and over in my mouth ready to explode. Right when shes about to cum I feel her hands grab my head and she thrusts her cock deep in my mouth. She didnt cum as much as I thought she would, but it tasted so good, that I wish she would have.

    Her cock was still hard but she couldnt take much more. So i slid on top of her and teased her cock with the edge of my ass. She got mad because it tickled so much, that she thrusted in my ass again and instantly started to cum again.

    She laid there lifeless while I was still hard, I asked how would you like me to cum, and she replied how ever you like. So I slid my cock deep in her mouth and started to face fuck her, because lets be honest shes a top and doesnt suck the best dick. I knew that she had also never tasted cum before too. I found this odd since shes been open about her before she was a teenager, but I guess shes just 100% top. Right when I was about to cum I went to pull out to cum on her tits like before she pulled me back in her mouth and I cam. I did not think she realized that I cum ALLOT. I felt bad because it sent her running to the rest room because her mouth began to over flow. She walked back in the room and smiled and told me shes going to get me back next time.

    Unfortunitly that was the last time...

    Hope you like my story, I apologize for the horrible grammar and spelling. Its not my strongest.

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    Default Re: My fun night in San Jose

    Lovely cum! Mmmm

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    Default Re: My fun night in San Jose

    What's her name. Do you have any pics

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    Default Re: My fun night in San Jose

    Great story!

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