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    Default Re: Adult Theater Encounter

    Anyone else with recommendations?

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    Default Re: Adult Theater Encounter

    Is there anyplace in Seattle where they have TS dancers ?

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    Years ago at a TS party in NYC I ended up getting fucked in front of a crowd. It was pretty hot. I insisted on a condom and when I came back she was getting blown by some dude. She grabbed me, put the rubber on, threw me on the couch and skewered me for about 15 minutes while others watched.

    Party is long gone, I think it was called Utopia, you had to call a hotline. But it's gone now.

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    Since Deja Vu on Industrial in Vegas did the remodel the last few times I have been there a few TS/CD's have been there, sucked a real pretty Latin or Indian girl with a very fat cock in the arcade as a bunch of guys watched, one even got a hand job from her as I was sucking her, thought he was going to cum in my face. A older blond CD with a giant 9" cock came in my mouth twice as guys sat watching. then last time I was there a real pretty passable Mexican TS or GG was there but only played with one guy in a booth. I have seen a chubby Mexian GG there letting guys play with her tits as she jerks them off by herself.
    The remodel was what that place needed. Now 2 screens in the gay/TS theater has TS porn on and the other theater has 3 straight movies playing. In between 10-11 pm it is only $6 to get in and no need to feed the arcade as every booth is running. 2 with Glory Holes but there is so much action in open booths there is no need.
    When in Vegas it stays in Vegas you have to go.

    "I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy." --Steve Martin

    Pattaya Thailand

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