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    Default TS LIVIA JOLIE review


    Few other profiles around but after reading my review i would say avoid.

    Spoke to her on the phone for an outcall asked for kissing, if she was passive and what time she could arrive.

    She avoided kissing on the lips...perhaps i should have been more specific rookie mistake but I'm afraid she really wasn't into passive and wanted to be active which isn't my thing. Arrived a about 45 mins later than i expected but i was relaxed in my hotel room so not too big a deal.

    Price for outcall even though it was to a hotel right in the middle of Edinburgh was 250. She is one of the few based in Edinburgh so not much choice and i assumed it would be a great experience especially as she looks great in the photos.

    Here again a little warning her gorgeous long dark hair was no more instead she had an very short bob with tight plats in her hair. It was quite a surprise as her hair colour is/was caramel and not black as i like.

    Positives were certainly when she stripped off...amazing body - great soft boobs and great size cock for those wanting to smile

    Service was very artificial and she was there and made herself cum within 10 mins. Put me off completely as it was obvious she was just wanting to "hit and run" so i quickly finished myself and then showered.

    I hate to post bad reviews and avoid doing so but have to be truthful and for 250 for 15 mins it was one of the worst experience meeting escorts and verified the need for me to check reviews in future not just go on the testosterone rush

    Anyway happy hunting guys and hope this saves you a bad experience

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    Default Re: TS LIVIA JOLIE review

    Ouch, 250 for 15mins.

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