This is from the Eroticreview. NOT written by me.

This is the same guy who wrote the review of TS Katherine i just posted. He paid 150

Dominix is a young, sexy pre-op transsexual. She offers versatile services and domination. Partook of versatile services. Very enjoyable, laid-back and sensual time. Her apartment North of Bond Street is well appointed in a good block of flats, rooms well finished, gorgeous bathroom. Would love to live in a flat like this but the price must just be astronomical. Dominix has a very sweet Thai ladyboy vibe and was surprisingly gentle. She fussed over me and was very welcoming. Started with mutual oral - she took a while to get hard but finally stood proud at about 6 inches. I almost came too quickly, started pacing myself. She noshed my prick furiously and within 5 minutes I spent my seed in her pretty mouth. She spat and cleaned up. Watched her masturbate for 20 minutes, she looking at straight porn on her iPad by my request. Offered to fuck me or get fucked but I declined. She finished on her stomach.

Beautiful no-rush hour with a gorgeous ladyboy.