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    Default Sandy (Croydon)

    Sandy advertises on Birchplace and is one of three TS escorts working in Croydon. I found the address easily (it's on the main Brighton Road).

    As soon as I walked into the apartment I started to have doubts. The door was opened by Victoria (also on Birchplace) and I was asked to wait in the hall until another punter left. I was shown into a large bedroom in which another girl (a real Thai girl) was tidying up. There were still several stains on the sheet which she left. I went to the bathroom and in the corridor bumped into another TS escort (Malisa).

    I heard voices from another room and realised there were at least two further people in the apartment. I poked my head around the door and saw Sandy talking to another Thai girl. Sandy is clearly the same girl as in the photographs but she now looks heavier and more masculine.

    I don't know the law on prostitution but I was fairly certain I was inside what could legally be called a brothel so I very quickly left.

    No money changed hands but be warned!

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    deffo sounds like a knocking shop setup,, best avoided .. especially in sutton/croydon area as the police are quite shit hot on shutting down brothels

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    It sounds like New Siam Massage, if you check the old thread and the site you'll probably recognise some of the players.

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