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    I've hear that. Yeah, I like Sturridge, and I think he will probably go to PSG. But he's no replacement for Ibrahimovic. Too often injured. Even still, PSG will win Ligue Un with him. Will be nice to see him get a league Championship medal, because he won't get one with us. I was hoping Ibrahimovic would come to Liverpool. But he won't, for the exact same reasons he will never go to Manchester. Manchester is no Paris. He likes his nightlife. Arsenal might have a shot. But I don't see City or Man U(re).

    Personally, I think Ibrahimovic is going to be a bust in the Prem. That French league, as much as I enjoy watching it, is some really weak competition. And a lot more physical. He's getting old, and while good, probably has about 3 more good seasons in him if he stays healthy. But when you watch him on his national team, he doesn't shine as brightly as he does at PSG. Martial is selfish with the ball, and so is Ibrahimovic. That's a match made in hell, and with the rest of that team starting to age, and lose quality, I think he is not going to make a difference there. But that's just me. Of course, he still looks great at PSG.

    Jus wookin puh nub.

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    The silly season with regard to transfer rumours is slowly buiding momentum so it's getting more difficult to separate fact from bullshit. However, plenty of reason to believe that Man Utd are preparing for a clearout including cutting their losses on both Depay and Martial, who's been linked with a move back to France. If (and it's still a big if) Mourinho joins Man Utd, then that might tip the balance on where Ibrahimovic decides to end his career.

    Not sure I agree with you about his international career, 62 goals in 111 caps is a pretty good record. He's also stood up and been counted in some big games. Sweden may have been beaten by Portugal (4 -2 on aggregate) in the World Cup play offs, but Ibrahimovic's double in the second leg at least gave Portugal a fright. He also bagged 3 of Sweden's 4 goals in their 4-3 aggregate win over Denmark in the Euro's play off.

    As a Scotsman, of course his finest achievement is scoring all 4 of Sweden's goals against England, including this now legendary strike. Shame it was only a friendly...

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