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    Default Transgendered Hangout Spots D.C./Nova/MD

    Just wondering where everyone goes to unwind, hangout or party in D.C., Maryland or Northern Virginia?

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    Default Re: Transgendered Hangout Spots D.C./Nova/MD

    MD,DC and VA suck. You might get lucky at a gay club but anywhere in,around or near Dupont Circle will be friendly to your lifestyle

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    Default Re: Transgendered Hangout Spots D.C./Nova/MD

    There used to be a time, before they built the new ball park, that you could go to Ziegfelds on a Friday or Saturday night and meet a lovely TS or TV. It was a good spot. Then the club went on hiatus for nearly three years and opened a half mile away. It has never been the same. While the new location is much larger and upscale it has turned into a totally gay club rather than the gay/tranny/tranny lover club it used to be. For some reason the girls don't like it as much and simply don't come out.

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