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    Default Find Transsexuals on Facebook

    Any advice, tips? myspace is getting old

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    Default Re: Find Transsexuals on Facebook

    Start out by looking for the big name stars, most of them have profiles or fan pages to promote themselves, and many of them are linked to lesser known girls like myself. I have a link to my own tiny little fan page below if you want to check it out.

    As for how to be more then just a number on a list and actually interact? Well don't start out by greeting a girl with how hot she is and telling her what you want to do to her. We've all heard that shit a million times and it get's OLD quick. Men that actually make it on to my private profile do so because they interact with me in a normal way. They talk to me about current events, or one of my hobbies, or sports or something. In other words they treat me like a human being instead of a sex object. If you want to treat me like a sex object then join me on cams where I act like a sex object for a living not on my facebook profile where I hang with friends and keep up with news that interests me.


    Gender is defined between your ears, not between your legs!

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    Default Re: Find Transsexuals on Facebook

    Quote Originally Posted by TsVanessa69 View Post
    please don't message her and say you are straight BUT....
    thats the lamest line a man can use
    Haha! You forgot 'willing to experiment'

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    Default Re: Find Transsexuals on Facebook

    search for the clubs that have facebook pages and then check the photos for tags of the girls

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    Default Re: Find Transsexuals on Facebook

    Go to it lists girls official twitters/facebook/myspace to let you know if it's the real them or not.

    There are quite a few fake profiles of certain girls on there. I got mine all deleted accept some crazy one from Italy.

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