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    Here’s a question for you. I dress myself and love other T-girls and would love nothing more than getting it on with one and any good looking trannys.

    As a male I could go and have sex with a T-girl and do all the wonderful things. I adore sucking those clits and will for ages.

    But I have no interest in guys only T-girls. I have never had any interest in men. Why I am I so turned on my t-girls and trannys so much yet have no sexual turn on for men. In one way they are the same from a biological sense I know they both have cocks. Just a thought what do you think.

    Rebecca xxxxx

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    Lots of threads about that on this board Rebecca. You could start with
    but there are others.

    Like most threads around here you'd have to dig about a bit for the posts trying to make sense of it all in between the usual circular "you're gay" and "no I'm not" posts.

    Good luck.

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