Joyce, Angela and Francis

Part III

“Her balls, those beautiful, ripe balls and her pussy: her rich deep hungry ass pussy.”

The image kept flashing in Bloom’s mind. He thought he might be in love with this woman, this t-girl romantic ideal in her fine luxury and coy abandon. A young girl with young woman finery: the way she dressed, the way she walked into and out of a room blessed with the privilege of her company: her wants and needs now were his only concern.

And the day after the evening she called inviting him over for a “discussion” he could think of nothing else but her balls. Those smooth hairless almonds of sweet milk and even sweeter spurting hysteria, lounging lazily beneath their womanly staff: her truth, her passionate root he so longed to have lodged deep in his throat, spitting its seed deep into the hollows of his soul. Bloom could think of nothing else. No Hegel, Nietzsche, Foucault or Derrida: no graduate class theory mattered. Today he would be a lousy Graduate Assistant Instructor. To Bloom, any question of subject and object was irrelevant. Today there was only “Joyce.” She was all that mattered: the single most important thing in the world.

Joyce spent the day preparing herself for the coming evening. “Forget the Aut Bar, she thought.
“I want him where I can control things.”

She put a DVD of “The Wings of the Dove” in her VCR and busied herself around her house in eager anticipation of the coming evening. She wanted Bloom; perhaps more than even she would or could admit. But she wanted him on his knees: receptive to her and her needs and desires. She wanted commitment from Bloom and in her plan; she thought as she readied her pussy and other assorted charms, after tonight, she would know for sure what Bloom was all about. She would finally know if she was indeed scared of losing Francis Bloom.

Her clock struck the hour of 3:00 PM; she looked up from her preparations.
“In a few hours I’ll know for sure,” Joyce said aloud to herself as she put the finishing touches of nail polish on her spread toes.

Angela sat in her apartment as Rose incense burned softly. Her ass impaled on a 12-inch dildo, she stroked her equally well-endowed cock and dreamt of the coming evening’s ceremonies of love and lust. “How funny,” she thought to herself, “How three Graduate Students in the same department could wind up fucking each other the way we’re going to do.” She spit a little on her massive dick and chuckled, softly massaging her impressive hairless balls and fingering the stretched ring of her full asshole.

Francis Boom arrived at the apartment of Joyce McGivens at 7:30. A cold Michigan breeze whispered up through a tree lined street scattering fallen leaves like autumn ballerinas rehearsing the Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy. Bloom pressed the buzzer of a Brownstone, Tiffany windowed building with narrow balconies. Out of the corner of his eye, Bloom noticed a building plaque: 819 East Kingsley.

“This must be the place,” he said to himself.
“Come on up,” the intercom speaker crackled.
Bloom entered but hesitated a moment. “Her voice sounded different,” he thought.

This building was warm, Bloom thought. The steam heat of the registers made a low hissing sound as he knocked on the door to Joyce’s apartment. His eyes widened as the door opened.
“Angela?! What are you---is this apartment 222?” Bloom stammered.
A tall long legged brown-haired woman with wide mischievous brown eyes and an athletic shapely vulpine figure smiled back. “Hi, Francis, are you surprised?” she asked while taking his hand. “Come in; let me take your coat.” Her black spiked heels clicked as she glided across the hardwood floor.
The soft form fitting blue jersey strapless tube dress made her ass look as if her cheeks danced and bubbled with each step.

Angela Poisanara was Bloom’s Graduate Instructor two years ago. She was the closest thing to a mentor he had before getting his assistantship. And now, here she was, taking his coat in the apartment of the woman he had come to make up with.

Bloom finally managed to speak. “Where---where’s Joyce?”

“She called. She’s running a little late. She’s bringing pizza,” Angela explained putting Bloom’s things away and getting comfortable on Joyce’s sofa. “Come,” she patted a spot next to her and kicked off her shoes “Sit. Joyce wanted me to keep you entertained until she gets home.”

Bloom gingerly sat, not quite knowing what to expect. “Uhmm, hi,” he said.
“Hi back at you,” Angela teased while crossing her long lean legs and curling her blood red painted toes.
“Are you guys friends?” Bloom asked.
“More than that Fran, honey,” she purred. “We’re lovers, have been for years.”
“Lovers?” Bloom sounded shocked. “You mean you like T-girls?”
“Francis, I am a T-girl, or whatever,” Angela said. “Don’t tell me you never knew.”
Bloom was beginning to relax. He kicked off his shoes. “Actually,” he said. “In all the time you were helping me in school, I thought you were just a hot GSI who only got turned on by Professors.”

“I’m going to have to take matters in hand,” Angela thought silently to herself as Bloom prattled on about Nietzsche and Foucault. Angela kept it to herself, but she was getting a little annoyed with Francis. “He may be Bi or whatever,” she said to herself, “but he tends to gawk a little too much. He’s lucky he’s so damned cute.”

Bloom was oblivious. He kept talking. At first he didn’t see Angela’s hand as she hiked up her dress and slipped her long fingers inside her blue lace cotton thong. He stopped in the middle of a point he was making. “Angela? What are you---?”
She wasn’t about to let Bloom keep talking. “My dick itches,” she pouted. Although soft, Angela Poisanara’s cock was full and round. She pushed the crotch of her thong aside. “I just have to do this. I hope you don’t mind?” she giggled.
“Uhhh,” Bloom began. “What about Joyce...?”
She reached for Bloom’s face and caressed him. “Don’t worry baby,” she assured him pulling his shocked and dimpled half smile towards her stiffening penis. “Come give Ma some sugar,” she glowed. “Suck my dick.”

And just like that, Bloom swallowed her dick, its growing head becoming an apple in the back of his throat. Like a hungry child greedily sucking at his mother’s breast, Bloom’s tongue and spit bathed Angela’s now almost fully erect hard on. His head moved up and down on her shaft as he inhaled the musky scent of her sex and then came up kissing the head, tonguing the pisshole before diving back down until he had once again reached the base of Angela’s increasingly impressive pussy on a stick.

“You like that dick baby?” she taunted, pulling out of his mouth briefly, playfully beating his face with her hardness before letting him devour her all over again. “I’m going to fuck you Francis, you’re going to come riding my big dick deep in your ass,” she panted.

Bloom had lost all thought of Joyce. As he hurriedly got out of his Levis and Polo Sweater, his mind fixed on the sheer size of Angela’s now massive cock. He had never seen a dick so big, even in his wildest dreams. Meanwhile, Angela licked her full lips and with a wicked smile, fished around for one of the five condoms she had put on a nearby coffee table. “Where did those come from?” he wondered as he removed the rest of clothes. “It’s so big,” he said standing before her trembling.

Angela took hold of his hand and pulled Bloom’s mouth back onto her waiting, throbbing staff. “Yes baby, it’s big, but it’s what you want, ain’t it, you slut?”

Bloom had never been called a slut before; he liked the sound of it though. He loved the feeling that soon his asshole was going to become the pussy he had always wanted it to be. His head bobbed up and down on Angela’s dick and as he did so, his own hands wandered to Angela’s full womanly hips: his mouth and tongue slobbering spit from the head of her cock to her winking and luscious asshole and then back again to once again dance along the shaft of Angela’s sweet tumescent member.

“Yeah, you’re a slut and you’re going to get fucked just like the bitch that you are,” she sneered. “Get up and turn around slut,” she finally sang out again fishing around for the lube she had placed on the coffee table along with the condoms. Then, sheathed in a Sheik Sheepskin condom, Angela lubed up her generous T-girl dick. “What a beautiful ass you have darling,” Angela purred, rising up enough to kiss Bloom’s cheeks while slipping first one then two then three of her long and slender fingers into the cleavage of his wanton butt.

A flood of images populated Francis Bloom’s mind. He could see his mother, in her apron, alone in her kitchen baking chocolate chip cookies waving to him as if he were on a ship and she, having remained ashore, saw him, growing fainter as a telescoping frame grows smaller the further away the image gets.

Angela slapped Bloom’s ass hard. “Earth to Francis,” she drawled. “Sit back here boy, sit on this dick.” She said, “You’re gonna love it.” She parted the cheeks of his ass spreading the
widening hole of his butt, slowly, persistently pushing the bulbous head of her root into the hollows of his waiting manpussy. He closed his eyes tight and imagined waving goodbye to his Mom as his ass opened up wider, more and more of Angela’s meat sliding deeper. “It’s big baby,” Angela cooed. “Joyce said you like your ass fucked.” Deeper and deeper she went until finally Bloom sat, fully impaled on Angela’s dick.

He opened his eyes, the vision of his Mother in her kitchen now replaced with his reflection in the living room mirror, sitting on top of the biggest cock of one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen: “Ohhh, Joyce…,” Bloom sighed slowly rocking back and forth.

Angela’s feigned mocking disapproval caught Bloom off guard. “Ahhh, I’m hurt,” she teased grabbing Bloom’s hips. But inside she now knew how Bloom felt: how much he loved the woman she herself had once loved. That was long ago, Angela told herself. Tonight was more for fun and old time sake. Angela kept telling herself this, but deep inside she couldn’t wait for Joyce to come home so she could feel the body of the woman she had once loved, close to hers one more time.

“I know, I know,” Angela soothed, firmly taking hold of Bloom’s muscular hips. “I miss her too. But until Joyce comes home, you’re gonna give me the ride of your life,” she said. And as if kneading bread, Angela moved Bloom’s hips all around the length of her big cock: stretching Bloom’s asshole, loosening it, churning around in the depths of his sex while gently urging him up then down the spongy hard delicious invader over and over until clear juices began to slowly trickle from the puffy ring of his welcoming ass.

“Ride it baby, ride it,” Angela groaned as Bloom danced up and down along the girth of her
She-dick, the slapping sounds of his ass against her lap kept rhythm with the growing urgency of flesh against flesh, sex into sex, his own bouncing cock flopping back and forth: a counterpoint of two lovers moving together into ecstasy.

Neither Angela nor Francis heard the
door to Joyce’s apartment open. And neither
one heard as Joyce entered, removed her
coat and boots and casually walked over
to the writhing sex happening on her
plush sofa.

“Don’t you love the way she fucks ass?”
Joyce oozed as she leaned in and kissed
Francis’s open mouth.

“Joyce!” Francis thought, sudden shock and
surprise flashing through his mind. “We were just—“

“Shhh, honey, it’s alright,” Joyce caressed his face. “I asked Angela over just for you.”
“You did?” Francis asked rising off Angela’s cock, his butt popped as a stream of white mucous dripped from his gaping asshole.

Angela groaned slightly as Bloom went to Joyce and held her body close to his. “I almost came,” she panted. “Joyce, honey, your man’s got such a sweet fuckable butthole.” The two women winked a smiling silent thank you to each other.

“C’mon,” Joyce said taking both her friends by the hand. “Let’s go to bed.”

Together the three went: Angela and Francis undressing
Joyce while Joyce deeply kissed one then the other, feeling the contours of their naked bodies brushing against her own. Angela’s hard nipples, Bloom’s stiffening cock, the one she had dreamt of fucking her so many times: everything was coming together like the wax of a gently melting candle.

“I love you Joyce,” Bloom whispered onto Joyce’s eager tongue as it searched for his own.
“I love you Francis,” Joyce licked in return as the two embraced while his and her cock pressed against one another in their now mutual nudity.

Meanwhile, Angela who had brought her favorite dildo, pushed it deep into her own ass and laid back on Joyce’s sumptuous bed. “Come here you two,” she breathed stroking her quickly re stiffening dick. “Let me love the both of you. Francis why don’t you park that pretty ass of yours back on this ‘rod’”

Bloom and Joyce shared a knowing look as he climbed on top of Angela’s she-staff. “My ass is still so loose,” he sighed as Angela’s shaft slid deep into his thankful hole and his own cock swelled and bobbed in response like a porpoise skipping across the waves of an ocean.

Joyce licked her lips and joined the two, stuffing her mouth with Bloom’s bouncing, throbbing dick. “Tonight you’re going to fuck me my love,” she whispered to herself. “I am going to feel you deep inside the womb of my ass and never let you go.”

Angela’s ass, stuffed with the width of the toy grinding deep inside her, caused her own dick to throb even more: itself stretching Bloom’s deepening bowels with each pulsing beat of her blood engorged member. “Get it sweetie,” Angela moaned, “He’s ready for you. Ride him baby girl, ride him.”

Joyce needed no further encouragement. She had dreamed of Bloom filling her almost from the moment they first met at the Nectarine Ballroom in what seemed like ages ago. She let his pulsing cock slip from her mouth, turned and parted the cheeks of her ass and in one breath, slid onto his raging penis. “He’s fatter than Angela,” she thought, “Not as big, but definitely, oh so sweetly, meatier: fuller.” She grunted as her asshole blossomed, accepting Bloom deep into her T-Girl sex. She knew he had been with no one else since their break-up and Angela was more than someone they both could trust. So riding Bloom’s cock bareback made sense and made her own hard cock all the harder.

Joyce’s asshole felt everything at this point. She felt the cock buried deep in Angela’s ass as it pushed her dick further and harder into Bloom’s now gaping butt. She felt Bloom’s twitching cock throbbing and pushing its way further into her own loosening backpussy. And she felt the hardness of her own hard cock, throbbing in her hands as she stroked the head and shaft and cupped her tightening balls.

And just like that, all three began to move as one. Angela bucked her womanly hips into Bloom whose ass opened up even further, the muscles of his ass walls squeezing he dick as she drove up into him again and again. Bloom’s own thick cock in response, pushed deep into the hollows of Joyce’s now gaping asshole.

“My god,” Joyce screamed, throwing her arms back against the wall. “Fuck me, fuck me hard,” she cried. Bloom’s hands wrapped around her gyrating hips and discovered her penis, flopping about. He grabbed her dick and began to pump in earnest as Angela’s cock, spurred on by the dildo spearing her now destroyed asshole, continued to fill and stretch his own.

Up and down they went, each one impaled and in turn impaling the other. The song of their combined lust bounced off the walls of the bedroom. The gasps, cries, and panting ecstasy rose in a crescendo as their sweat and sex dripped upon the sheets, staining the cotton smoothness with wanton abandon.

“I’m cumming,” Joyce managed between her screams.
“Me too,” Bloom panted and moaned.
“I want to cum all over you both,” Angela gasped. “I want to you both to drink my cum...”

Joyce was the first. Her cum came as a geyser spurting up and into the semi darkened sex-filled air of her bedroom. Bloom’s hands that jacked her off, were now coated with her sweet white seed. This sent Bloom off as he pumped his orgasm deep into the hollows of Joyce’s ass.

“I can feel your come. God, it’s so hot in my ass,” Joyce grunted as Bloom pumped and pumped his cum into her.

“Alright you two,” Angela groaned as she rose up from the cock in her ass. “On your knees,” she breathed jacking her own dick. “Get in front of me.” And from Angela’s generous dick came a stream of thick milky syrupy semen that Joyce and Francis gobbled greedily as they kissed and nibbled at each other: sucking face and all things sweet and good.