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    the key to all fucking

    is to make sure

    YOU enjoy it

    take care of that

    and sometimes

    that does the trick

    guys that worry about being "good lovers"

    or "sexual technique"

    are nowhere

    you just take it

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    This post sort of makes me think about all those monographs that you'd find on the web in the early days. I suspect trans women are fundamentally no different then GG's in this respect. If you want to effectively make love to them, just open your wallet and the rest will follow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyWalkerBlackLabel
    Quote Originally Posted by dafame
    I can explain it because there really is a science to it. Most guys just think it's going in an out but their wrong. After being in a live in relationship with a girl for a year I've learned quite well I think. I'd like to hear what the girls have to say about this.

    First off 75% of it is mental. You should learn through dating the girl how she likes to be treated and what makes her feel like a woman (without having to ask if you know anything about women). Some girls want to be dominated; others want to be made love to (catch my drift). Whatever makes her feel like a woman you have to play on that and enhance it during sex and this will make for the best sexual experience for her. If she's the type that wants to be dominated then dominate and fuck the shit out of her. If she wants to be pampered then caress her, kiss her all over, and tell her how beautiful she is as you make love to her.

    This is something that is especially unique to transsexuals because their perceived image of themselves is a constant in their mind (especially during sex) and this is why it is a no-no with many girls to even acknowledge the pp.

    Beyond that, as mentioned previously, there's a science to it. I should be charging you guys for this information. First of all understand that a transsexuals pussy (pre-op), although it feels very much the same as a gg's pussy (and in my opinion better), it's a very different animal. When you enter a female understand that you need to give her a little bit of dick at a time. No girl wants to be just rammed in immediately because it takes time for t-pussy to adjust to a dick which is an issue that is not as big a deal with gg's.

    Now I'm going to give you the gold. Understand the location of the prostate. It is locate just above the penis. Now you should be rubbing up against it by just going in and out, but what I've learned (from more than just my ex) is that what girls really want it for you to tap the prostate.

    Here's how it's done: If you're hitting a girl from the back the best way to "tap the prostate" is by taking an elevated posture where you're coming DOWN into the pussy.

    If the girl is on her back then the stroke is reversed meaning you need to go up. What you should do if you have a girl on her back is place a pillow under her ass. This will elevate her and make it easier to pull off this maneuver and it makes it alot more comfortable for your girl.

    By the way, what you did with this post Johnny Walker was one of the most childish things I've seen out of a grown man in a long time.
    you answering this post is one of the dumbest things I've seen in a long time...............

    you really think your corny ass techniques are the key to satisfying any & every transsexual woman out there?!? are you fucking kidding me?!?

    get the fuck outta here

    next victim

    oooo that was harsh, looks like you wasted your time explaining everything. there are no techniques, t-girls are mysterious women, just go with the flow, see what they enjoy the most.

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