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    Default Re: who likes Femboys ?


    Quote Originally Posted by sexyshana
    what difference does it make if she is a club kid or not, she looks good and in the end we were all boys at one time no? she looks great, enjoy it!
    buy her tits if you would rather she had some.

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    Default Re: who likes Femboys ?

    What is a femboy?

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    Default Re: who likes Femboys ?

    I want a lover, a femboy!
    my email:
    I living in Roma - Italia

    Hallo world

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    Default Re: who likes Femboys ?

    That's one of the hottest guys I've ever seen. (post #106)

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    Default Re: who likes Femboys ?

    Definitely, I like a lot. And I found it a very little time.
    I have absolutely no attraction to men.
    In really. I regard gay body, so repulsive and disgusting. And never had the curiosity of seeing a dick in a male body.

    Well thought female transsexuals were my limit of desire.

    But recently I have been feeling very curiousity, for these delicious: femboys.

    Disguised, so fragile and delicate ways.
    These transex or CDs in the beginning of transformation, has captivated me enough attention.

    Small tits, female hair, delicate bodies. And until some kinds of Emo, has attracted me.

    Although it is recent. It's taken me seriously.
    even being a secret like that do not matter to become public. If I see in a party, a so sexy person , I do not think twice. No I will feel no doubt, and I will proceed horny.

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    Default Re: who likes Femboys ?

    I love femboys, where can I find femboy porn?

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    Default Re: who likes Femboys ?

    Oh I do. I.DO!


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    Default Re: who likes Femboys ?

    I guess since my long time partner is basically (and happily) a femboi, I guess that makes me a femboy lover?

    I don't need anger management. I just need some people to manage their stupidity.

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