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    Default Why do some tgirls who are obviously way too masculine......

    even attempt to transition? i think the only way a tranny can look good is if they have a small frame to begin with. i see these broad man-shouldered trannys who think they're gonna look good and pass as women when i can do nothing but smh. it's like they think because some small framed petite tranny can pass they can too. they're just deluding themselves. i wont name any names, but they just ain't passable and never will because they got a man's bone structure. Anybody else agree/ disagree?

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    You are who you are! women come in all sizes so why can't
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    all these women are over 6.2 I guess they look like men?

    Trijntje Kever from The Hague at 8'4.4"
    De-Fen Yao from China from China at 7' 8 1/2"
    Sandy Allen from Shelbyville IN (USA) at 7' 4.25"
    Maria Feliciana Santos (Brazil) at 7' 4 1/2"
    Malgorzata Dydek, (Poland) at 7' 2"
    Esther Fosuaah, Brong-Ahafo (Ghana) at 7' 1/2
    Kimberly Diamond, Texas (USA) at 7'
    Lyuba Shilo, Chernihiv (Ukraine) at 7'
    Gwen Bachman, Englewood CO (USA) 6' 11"
    Linda Bruno, Detroit MI (USA) 6' 11"
    Gitika Srivastava, (USA - originally from India) 6' 11"
    Ellen Bayer, Dallas TX (USA) 6' 10" Zainab Bibi (Pakistan) 6' 10"
    Zainab Bibi (Pakistan) 6' 10"
    Elena Kravchenko (Russia) 6' 10"
    Jaana Kotova, West Virginia (USA, originally from Estonia) 6' 10"
    Silvia Mesa, Florida International University FL (USA, originally from Spain) 6' 10"
    Alana Renaud, Western Georgia University (USA)
    6' 10"
    Darina Yegerova, Novosibirsk (Russia) 6' 9 1/2"
    Marina Burmistrova, (Russia) 6' 9"
    Antje Dethloff, Kiel (Germany) 6' 9"
    Nelly Fonova (Russia) 6' 9"
    Ekaterina Gamova 6' 9"
    Suzi Gyarfash, University of California CA (USA, originally from Israel) 6' 9"
    Lindsay Hayward, Sacramento CA (USA) 6' 9"
    Alena Krauchanka aka Elena Kravchenko (Belarus) 6' 9"
    Kathleen McIntyre, Arizona (USA) 6' 9"
    Connie Waikle, Los Angeles CA (USA) 6' 9"
    Ugyur Yushaguli (People's Republic of China) 6' 9"
    Sarah Foley, London (England) 6' 8 1/2"
    Katarina Gärtner, Osnabrueck / Berlin (Germany) 6' 8 1/2"
    Sylvia Klemmt (Germany) 6' 8 1/2"
    Martine Lefebvre (France) 6' 8 1/2"
    Kylee Ballensky, Eastern Michigan University (USA) 6' 8"
    Rita Miniva Besa, Tallahassee FL (USA, originally from Zambia) 6' 8"
    Vasso Beskaki (Greece) 6' 8"
    Razija Brcaninovic, (USA, originally from Bosnia) 6' 8"
    Kristina Cesnaviciute, FL (USA, originally from Kaunas, Lithuania) 6' 8"
    Ricki Covette (USA) 6' 8"
    Alyssa DeHaan, Grandville MI (USA) 6' 8"
    Kelly Ditto, Fremont CA (USA) 6' 8"
    Ronda Falkena, Ellicottville NY (USA) 6' 8"
    Katie Feenstra, Grand Rapids MI (USA) 6' 8"
    Olga Firsova, New York NY (USA) 6' 8"
    Heidi Gillingham, TX (USA)
    6' 8"
    Barbara Hartman Lynn, IN (USA) 6' 8"
    Anke Hillebrand, Duesseldorf (Germany) 6' 8"
    Caroline Huttula, Hudiksvall (Sweden) 6' 8"
    Julia Kiseleva (Uzbekistan) 6' 8"
    Dominique Luijckx (The Netherlands) 6' 8"
    Charlotte Lusschen, CA (USA) 6' 8"
    Joyce Maddox, OH (USA) 6' 8"
    Elena Matveeva (Ukraine) 6' 8"
    Christa Morriss (USA) 6' 8"
    Agnes Nemeth (Spain, originally from Hungary) 6' 8"
    Belinda N., London (England) 6' 8"
    Katie Payton, Greenville SC (USA) 6' 8"
    Lindsey Prewitt, Lafayette LA (USA) 6' 8"
    Sarah Roberts (England) 6' 8"
    Rose-Marie Scheffler (France) 6' 8"
    Rhonda Smith, Long Beach State University (USA) 6' 8"
    Maria Stepanova (Russia) 6' 8"
    Anne Donovan (USA) 6' 8"
    Amanda Stringer, White Bluff TN (USA) 6' 8"
    Lindsay Taylor, Santa Barbara CA (USA) 6' 8"
    Krikit Ward, Utah (USA) 6' 8"
    Haixia Zheng (China) 6' 8"
    Tracey Braithwaite, Canberra (Australia) 6' 7 1/2"
    Katja Bavendam, Bremen (Germany) 6' 7 1/2"
    Eun-Ju Ha (Japan, originally from South Korea) 6' 7 1/2"
    Oulia Merkoulova, Zarechie (Russia) 6' 7 1/2"
    Olga Potashova (Russia) 6' 7 1/2"
    Svetlana Rodionova (Spain, originally from the Ukraine) 6' 7 1/2"
    Pascale van Roy (Belgium) 6' 7 1/2"
    Mary Augenblick, NJ (USA) 6' 7"
    Erica Anderson, North Easton Mass. (USA) 6' 7"
    Kim Bell, Minnesota (USA) 6' 7"
    Chandra Benton CA (USA) 6' 7"
    Rita Besa, Florida (USA, originally from Zambia) 6' 7"
    Barbara Bootz, New Jersey (USA) 6' 7"
    Delores Bootz, New Jersey (USA) 6' 7"
    Yulia (surname withheld) (Russia) 6' 7"
    Sara Broome, Shallowater TX (USA) 6' 7"
    Elke Bruns (Germany) 6' 7"
    Jessica Bruyere, Cape Elizabeth ME (USA) 6' 7"
    Lara Chaney, University of Idaho (USA) 6' 7"
    Yngrid de Brito (Portugal, originally from Brazil) 6' 7"
    Margaret de Ciman, KS (USA, originally from Canada) 6' 7"

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    Rupaul was 6'7 tall looks good to me
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    Well... I guess that some girls transition anyway... because they really feel like they need to..... and honestly... who are we to judge on their decisions?.... maybe some girl can throw in some feedback on the topic?

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    Why do some tgirls who are obviously way too masculine......,you mean like this girl?
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    FireFox for your Safety

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    Part of what encouraged me to go farther was being the right size and proportions. It was critical to look "real". The idea of being clocked everywhere I go would have made every outing a fiasco. And I won't have that. I'm too full of myself.

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    Lordy thats because it's more than just about looks.

    We have to focus on the whole.

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    Some transgendered people will tell you that this is not a choice, that this is what they are and are compelled to transition.

    BULLSHIT! We are all adults and responsible for our actions. If yr 6' 6" and built like a man with big hands and feet, you are going into a gun fight with a knife. You cannot blame it on destiny or the "woman within".

    We make choices and must be accountable.

    your friendly neighborhood fascist TS,
    melissa Hitler

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    Default as a transexual

    Being transgendered is that our mentality and emotional state is that of a woman. Our inside. It kills me how people talk about the "right" height" or right body frame, or right shoe size. I remember a short Mexican tgirl who I thought was my friend telling me, only do "drag" at night, and never get breasts, because I was too big to pass as a girl. Now I am 6ft tall, and as another "girl" right here on HA pointed out, I wear a size 11 shoe. Thus making me really tall for a latina woman, with big hands and big feet. Did that stop me?? NO! I love my height, and I do hate my shoe size, yet I still managed to amass a shoe collection of beautiful shoes. Wo are you to tell someone that they are wrong for making the outside match whats inside?? My decision to transition to the point I am today was for ME and how I wanted to look and dress. SHAME on you for being so IGNORANT!! That goes for both males and other transexuals who think because they are a certain height or weight or bone structure to pick and choose who should and who should not transition. I see these alleged shorter girls get spooked just as fast, or faster than I do. I'm happy with the decisions I made in my life because I made them for ME!! And not bad huh????
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