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    I'm going to be visiting Tel Aviv for the first time this coming summer. I used the search function and noticed there are pictures of some beautiful transsexuals from Israel, but I did not see too much information about the best clubs to go to.

    I was hoping someone with some insight into the scene there could let me know where the clubs are that transsexuals frequent. Any other tourist info would be much appreciated as well. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Clubs in Tel-Aviv


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    here you go. this should help

    In general Tel Aviv is a gay friendly city where everybody minds his business
    and gays or lesbians can feel as free as they like. There are many places
    oriented to the gay&lesbian community. There is even a gay beach and a gay
    park - Park Haatzmaut. See pictures from Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade 2007.
    Gay community website

    Cafe Barzilai New Address
    13 Harechev Street
    Tel 052-3763935 03-6878090
    PAG - Frosty Edition Thursday at midnight

    Carpe Diem 17 Montefiori Street
    Launge Bar mixed crowd on weekends Tuesday is Women Only night.

    Dix 6 Dizengoff Square Tel: 03-5252633
    Gay Bar

    Evita 31 Yavne Street Tel: 03-5669559
    Lounge Bar at night & cafe during day hours (men)

    Dungeon 14 Kedumim Square in Old Jaffa Tel: 03-5180642
    Small club with mixed crowd in Old Jaffa S&M evenings.

    Freezone 13 Yedidia Frenkel 13 Tel: 03-6811873
    Gay Pick up Bar New and sophisticatedly designed.

    Lima Lima
    The Notorious G.A.Y.
    Party line on Mondays starts at 10 PM Black Music and Soul Rap and Pop.

    Meshugaat (means crazy in feminine form)
    12 Eben Gvirol Street Tel: 03:6094066
    Lesbian friendly cafe with nice homely food

    Minerva 98 Allenby Street Tel: 03-5603801
    Lesbian Cafe Bar Welcoming all gendres, even straights

    Move Tel Aviv Port
    Gays' Dance Bar on Tuesdays Amir Gov's Cruise line

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