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    Default DVD's UK

    Large collection of TS DVD's to swap.

    Can also sell if anyones interested.

    Contact me for list.

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    Still have loads to swap/sell.

    Contact me for list/more details.

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    hi id be interested in buying some dvds,can you send me the list? my email is

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    Collection ever growing. Anyone interested ito swap or buy from me?

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    Just got a load more in. Anyone interested in swapping/buying?

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    I would NOT recommend buying anything from this person.He lies about which dvds he has to get people interested in making a purchase and then just sends you anything he feels like offloading,ignoring any future attempts at contact.Steer clear.

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    Still waiting on a reply from shedseven4eva after several requests to return discs I'd lent him in good faith.

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    I wouldn't hold your breath.The guy is obviously a pathetic little coward,the sort who gives online trade forums like this a bad name.I bought seven dvds from him and when they eventually turned up about 4 weeks later (having been promised next day delivery) only one of them was what i had asked for.His bizarre and very contrived excuse was that he had forgotten that he had already sold the others but decided to send me some 'replacements' instead (all of which were dreadful),apparently without even thinking to ask me about it in advance.His response to my polite request for a refund or exchange was a simple 'sorry,no refunds',as if it was a high street department store with a strict store policy that he was running.He then ignored all my future emails,and i'm guessing is going to ignore these comments on this thread.So once again to anyone else reading,DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PERSON.

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    Default Re: DVD's UK

    I want a list please.

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    Default Re: DVD's UK

    Quote Originally Posted by JuliaNandez View Post
    I want a list please.
    You are having a laugh??

    The OP was offering these in the year 2007/8 and hasn't been active on here since May 14 2008

    Even then why would you want to trade with an apparently dodgy character?

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