So I rarely work in the weekends this weekend I decided to go in as I had a ton of work to do. I own a small auto repair business. I get finished and decide to hop on an app just to see what could happen.

So after a few minutes of scrolling I see a known porn girl. I figured what the hell so I send a message out. To my surprise she responded. Saying she’s driving through horny as fuck and wants to be drained. She tells me she is a top. I have only bottomed one time before. I offer to suck her off to completion. She says “ head is cool but I want some ass”. Being a fan of this chick for a while I say sure. I’m nervous for multiple reasons. What if this isn’t her, I am inviting god knows who to my place of business, and mostly I have only bottomed once!!

So I give her my location and directions as my shops hard to find. I leave the gate closed and tell her it is that way and to text me when outside. She arrives my heart is pounding I’m really nervous now. I go out see it is who she said she was. I go from nerves to hard as fuck.

She gets out of the car is about 5-10 smells delicious. We go in the shop. Instantly we start kissing I feel her cock getting hard I have seen it on film now she’s here in real life. I start grabbing her ass so soft and firm at the same time. I get her cock out get on my knees and go to work. 7-8 inches of un cut porn star cock and I’m going to town.

She guides me up tells me to turn around I feel the pressure in my ass I’m rock hard we have a little trouble at first as I’m basically a virgin. She finally gets in me right to my prostrate my god I was in a state of pleasure I never have been. We move over she bends me over the hood of a customers car now I’m loosing up tell her to fuck me harder she obliged. I can feel her getting harder and harder inside of me. Finally she says I’m cumming baby I’m cumming. I push back into her and take her load. She looks at me “now your turn baby”

She proceeds to start jerking me off as I’m playing with her great tits. I beg to fuck her she declines “that is only for my husband” we agree to me fucking her cheeks but no prenetration. That ass was the finest I have ever seen in real life. Didn’t take long I going to cum she turns around strokes me and I cum all over her cock and the shop floor. We make out a little more she splits.

This was a real encounter. Almost a complete fantasy fulfilled. The only thing that would make it. Complete is if she just showed up looking for work and we start fucking. Maybe one day I’ll get that lucky