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    Default Re: The Biden Presidency

    "The paradox of Biden’s poll numbers among Democrats is that there is no complaint about how he runs the government.The further paradox is that there is no movement to supplant Biden. There is no faction of the party that seeks to remove him. There is no group within the Congress that seeks to topple him. There is no credible person running against him or contemplating a campaign against him. There is no king across the sea. There is no Bonnie Prince Charlie ready to invade. There are no pretenders to the throne. There is none of that. The poll numbers as a party matter are hollow."
    Democrats need to realize that there is no alternative to Biden – and buck up (

    A fair article, with one significant flaw- if he drops dead of a heart attack on Thanksgiving weekend, what happens next?

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    Default Re: The Biden Presidency

    It's bizarre. Everyone complains that he's too old and they don't want to see him run again, but no one is stepping up. He's actually achieved some impressive things (infrastructure bill, CHIPS Act, and silly named "Inflation Reduction Act"), but doesn't even get credit from his own party.

    Swing voters won't vote for an Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. No one from the more moderate part of the party seems interested. California governor Gavin Newsom is Biden's biggest cheerleader, but doesn't admit to contemplating a run before 2028.

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    Default Re: The Biden Presidency

    The 'no alternative' argument is a bit circular because if Biden was put out of action by a health issue alternatives would emerge. I think the main reason they haven't is that nobody wants to risk being seen as the person who split the party and helped Trump to win again.

    Every time a sitting President has faced a serious challenge in recent decades their party has lost the subsequent election. To be fair, however, they only faced a serious challenge because they were already in political difficulties so we can't be sure of the counterfactual.

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