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Thread: Literotica

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    WhiskeyIsGood is my favourite writer

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    I love Literotica. Been reading it for like 8 years.

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    I'm on there too. I haven't written anything yet.

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    I love Literotica! It is a great place to find some interesting stories and if you have one in your head you can write it down and post it. Some of my favorite authors are Whiskeyisgood, sugarandsalt, skywriter62 and phonixcinders. Whoever you read, take a moment to send them some positive feed back or constructive criticism. It's good for an author to hear from their readers and since they don't get paid that pat on the back really means a lot.

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    Literotica is awesome. So much good smut to read. I especially enjoy reading about gangbangs.

    Male gangbangs:

    TG/CD Gangbangs:

    Some other choice writers/threads include:

    Mindy: :

    Cockslut Kelly:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yepyepp View Post
    Any readers here? I been an addict since landing in Spain; there's loads of TS specific writers like 'xtinasmith2017' and 'Sugarandsalt', but more than that there's writers and short stories for like every fetish conceivable :O

    Am I brand new? Did you guys know? Anyways, if this thread lifts imma post some links! ^_^
    I love that site, some of my favorite stories are from:

    I really have to do something about this blank signature....

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