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    Default First experience with a top

    My first time with a top was a very attractive TS i found in backpage. She was a few years older than me but her pictures looked good and she seemed to be what i was looking for so i called and made an appointment with her at her home. When i arrived she looked better than the pictures. She was in light purple lingerie with a matching robe that was untied and i could see the outline of her bulge. She knew i was staring but she played it cool and made me feel comfortable. She asked if had done this before and i told her no so she told me she would start easy.
    She led me to her room and told me to undress. Im about 5'8 and 145, she was 5'10 and 170ish with thick hips, DDs and a big butt to match. She kept telling how cute i was and she loved to be with smaller guys. I got on the bed with her and she took her robe off, then reached in her panties and pulled her semi-hard cock that was already 7 inches. The look in my eyes must have given me away, she knew how bad i wanted it. She eased my head down slowly and i started to suck that beautiful womans cock. She was in control and she told me how she wanted it. I loved that feeling but it kept getting bigger until i could barely handle it. She was 9" rock hard and thick. Then she laid me on my back and started loosing me with her fingers for 4 or 5 minutes.
    She told me to just relax and breath, and then looked me in my eyes and tild me that she was going to turn me out. She put her condom on then lubed it and me once more before pushing the head against my virgin hole. It took her a few to get herself inside me and fir the pain to subside but then it felt incredible. She started to fuck me a little harder and a little deeper until she was pounding me balls deep and had me begging for more.
    Then something i didnt even know was possible happened, she gave me an anal orgasm, never even touching my cock. That was the most incredible feeling. She said i knew you were gonna love this, i knew i could turn your ass out. You took 9 inches like a pro and even came from it. And she was absolutly right. I begged her for more. I wanted more of her big white cock.
    She told me to get on all fours and arch my back. I didnt realize it was gonna go that much deeper but i took it all as hard as she wanted to give it to me. She made me cum one more time so i asked her if i could swallow her load. I wanted to do anything to make her happy. She said i could when she was done with my tight little ass. After another 10 minutes she pulled out of me and took her condom off. I had my lips around her cock as quick as i could. I sucked and stroked for 2 minutes and she started to groan. She grabbed the back of my head and shoved as muched as she could into my throat and then i felt a massive stream hit the back of it. It kept coming until it was running out my mouth. I kept my lips locked around until she finished. She pulled it out and i couldnt believe it was still hard. She made me clean all the cum off of her cick and my face. At that point my time was up but i asked her if i could please suck her one more time since she was still hard. She was right, she turned me out for her at least. I ended up staying another 2 hours learning how much i really loved to submit to a dominate TS. She was gentle but firm all at the same time. She let me realize what i liked and took that to a higher level. She was by far my best experience to this day. If we werent 2 hours away i would be on my knees worshipping her cock every day

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    Default Re: First experience with a top

    You just lived my dream

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    Default Re: First experience with a top

    I had a similar experience and like you was a little afraid but after it was done wow. I loved it. She used me for 2 hours and was 9 inches. I want to marry a top TS girl now. This is why TS woman are so much better the birth women. Then know how to turn a man on and turn him out. TS women are so much stronger the a man. Think about it they decided to be a woman. Think how hard that decision must be.

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    Default Re: First experience with a top, such a great story

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    Default Re: First experience with a top

    Brilliant story! I love to get topped, in about 80% of my experiences I have been topped. To the point I feel a bit disappointment when a trans girl can't top me.

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    Default Re: First experience with a top

    Incredible story. Loved it. Thank you.

    Cock Worshipper

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