I am very fortunate that I live where ladyboys are a frequent sight. But this ladyboy was my favourite. I call her mistress and she is from Indonesia but she now lives in USA unfortunately. I have seen here about 4 or 5 times and she is always the dominant top and cums on my face, which is what I prefer.

This time was the second in one day that I had seen her. The first time was just to give her a blowjob, but this time she would fuck me. And I did not know at the time but it would also be my first time to experience water sports.

We had both been to an event where there were a lot of other LBs so I was definitely very horny and I got the impression that she was too.

She pulled me into the room and was wearing thigh high pvc or latex boots, a sexy mini pvc skirt and a pvc top. She certainly looked the part.

As she pushed me to my knees she pulled her silky black panties to one side and released her 7" cock for me to suck, pushing my head as she entered my mouth deeper and deeper.

I continued to suck her before she told me to get up and bend over. I was on the corner of the bed and I did as instructed. She then entered me from behind, pushing her hard cock inside me. Her hand slapped my ass as she fucked me but before long she pulled out and told me to go to the bathroom.

Unsure of what was to come she told me to kneel in the shower cubicle and stood before me in her amazing dominatrix outfit. Are you ready, she said, holding her not semi-flacid cock towards me. Yes, I replied.

She started squirting piss at me, not a full stream, just squirts. This was my first time to experience water sports and to be honest I like it, which is strange as if you had asked me before I would have said no way.

She continued to squirt before eventually coming to a stop, instructing me to shower and go to the bedroom. Once clean and dry I lied on the bed while she fucked me, looking in my eyes and allowing me to feel her pvc clad bottom and top.

She pulled out and came on my face and rubbed it in as if it were a moisturiser.

I have not seen her since as she moved to the US, but she was definitely one of the best.