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    Default Jumped by a bunch of ladyboys on the famous 6/1

    The story section is really quite so I thought that I would write about one of my amazing encounters when I was in Pattaya. True story as always but this one didn't lead to a sexual encounter which was unusual. You will have to read on to find out why..

    Ahhh a beautiful day in Pattaya, the sun is as bright as could be, the air is humid and warm as I roll out of bed wondering what to do. I'm pretty certain that this encounter took place at the latter stages of my two week trip as I would have been in bed with a ladyboy for sure. It was the late morning, I ate, washed and sunbathed and decided that I needed to take a break from all the sex I was having. I mean, you have to pace yourself in a position like this. Once you get back to the western world, it won't be three different partners in one day. So I decided that today I would not have any sex and instead enjoy the sites, take in Thailand and look at what makes this place just so beautiful.

    The afternoon arrives and I was ready to walk around like a true tourist. Just in case I got horny and would try to get naughty with a someone, I made sure I didn't take an ounce of money with me (what a big mistake). I put on my shades, some sun-cream and took my phone to take pictures.

    Ahhh this place is beautiful, it really is as I took pictures of the sea hitting the sand on the beach. The sound of the water can be heard going back and forth, smashing into to the sand. The beach was never busy, it was too hot for some at this time of the day, it really was cooking heat. As I continued to take pictures of exotic food, people and sights like a true tourist. So lost in the sounds of birds and cars passing on the street, I didn't even realise that I was next to the hustle and bustle of the famous Soi 6.

    It was about 1pm in the afternoon, surely the hottest part of the day. I glanced across the street as cars and taxi vans breeze by, their exhaust blowing thick black emissions of carbon monoxide, making it hard to breathe. I could see from a distance that there were a group of ladyboys on the 6/1, talking and having a good laugh amongst each other. They looked bored, clearly no action.

    I decided to go up the street, I have no money I thought, they won't bother me, I'm alone they won't pay me any attention I thought, how wrong was I. So I enter the street, my palms are a little moist as I cling onto my mobile phone. I walk up with confidence, head up high and take a deep breath. I try to not look directly at them but they are giggling at something that makes me stare. They are all wearing sexy small revealing outfits, tits are on display, freshly shaved legs are shining in the sun. They were five deep strong, 5ft 8, cute faced, their long sexy black hair is everywhere and aged from 21-30. I would give them grades averaging of 7/10 because they all looked stunning but could have been better. I mean, I would have had a go at any of them if I had the chance.

    Then, just like that in the blink of an eye, I was grabbed by three of them, I kept telling them "no, not today" laughing as I said that didn't help. I tried to pull away, nobody coming to my aid as I look for passers by. Then the rest joined in and boy were they strong. I didn't have any choice but to just go with it. I really didn't have much time to think as it happened so quickly and before I knew it, I was being stuffed into the back entrance of one of the Soi 6 bars.

    Once I was in the walkway of the exit, four of the ladyboys disappeared, it was just me and one ladyboy. I gave a quick scan of my surroundings, it was dimly lit, very day, I could see the bar at the front was empty, I could also make out the other bars on the other side of the street. There was a bar worker who didn't seem bothered that I was there, just carried on sweeping the floor. I also acknowledged the staircase which I'm sure led to a bed that was prepared for a long session of action.

    I just about got some analysis of my location in before my mouth was pulled towards this ladyboys mouth . She held me so tightly in such an embrace, I wasn't going anywhere. I told her again "I have no money", as she manhandled my package. She feels it on the outside of my shorts, as I expand in her hands. She grips it and squeezes as I gain length in her grasp. She took it to the next level and all of a sudden, 8 inches of hard cock was out in the open and in her hand. We both breathe heavily, she is so hot, brown skinned, has sexy sweet lips and is so horny and wild. She is wearing a tiny black outfit, revealing nice hand sized boobs that I begin to feel. I thought well, if shes rummaging away, so would I. So I feel around her groin area and can feel the impression of a 7 inch cock, 7 inches of hard cock in a pair of naughty black panties beyond her hot shorts. I don't want this to end I thought to myself, wow, just wow!

    I don't think words can describe how wild and spontaneous this was. This is the stuff dreams are made of, stuff you read about, the reason why I was in Thailand, and look it's happening, it's happening to me.

    We don't say a word for 5 minutes, we just kiss each other and feel each others body. Our tongues collide in this moment of heat and passion. Her body is so firm and fit but her touch is delicate. We're both itching to get to a bedroom and make the deal complete, finish this off how it should be but.. I have no money. Sweat forms on my forehead, I want this to happen so badly. We're alone, horny and want each other so much.

    She keeps pleading with me "400 baht, 400 baht", which most of you know is just the rate of a room. I took that as a compliment, she didn't want any profit, just wanted to have some good sex!!! I repeat again and again "I have no money, nothing". We stand there, holding each other, then we realise that there is nothing that we can do. Nothing to see here, I don't even have money for a room. I give her a kiss on the cheek and make my way towards the exit. As I leave, all the other ladyboys look at me surprised. Surprised that I am leaving so soon and nothing happened.

    I felt absolutely gutted at that missed encounter at the time, I even felt like running back to my hotel to get some money. As I continued, I felt better about not having sex with her because I believed that I really needed to pace myself. I mean, it's just so easy to sleep with a trans over there in Thailand. Now I'm sitting on my bed typing this of course I regret not carrying money lmao but I know that I will be back over in Thailand very soon.. maybe even this year!

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    Default Re: Jumped by a bunch of ladyboys on the famous 6/1

    I feel sad that you did not have money with you as you probably would have had a very hot time.

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    Default Re: Jumped by a bunch of ladyboys on the famous 6/1

    Quote Originally Posted by tovosan View Post
    I feel sad that you did not have money with you as you probably would have had a very hot time.
    Trust me, I think about that experience all of the time. Thailand has got to be the best location for trans/ladyboys. I can't wait to get back there in the near future!

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