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    Default The Importance of Anticipation (true story)

    So this story starts a few years back. I was a 23 year old, good looking fit guy. Somehow I became interested in tranny's and so I made an account on a site and started messaging away... I met a girl online who was smoking hot: dark hair, very lean/toned, a few well placed tattoos, petite- she was about 5'2 and had the total hipster look. The most accurate comparison I can think of is the very early days of Domino Presley, before the boob job, when she was really thin and had a nice toned body. So we started messaging, and eventually texting and skyping. Sometimes I'd get home from the bar on the weekend and we'd stay up for like 8 hours just jacking off together, talking dirty, etc. We'd sporadically text eachother dirty thoughts, dick pics, or videos throughout the week. She was really freaky and quite the dirty mind; she loved when I would send her videos of me pissing. I remeber one time I sent her a quick video of me pissing into a urinal and she responded with, "OMG i love you! I'm watching it on repeat." So the attraction was definitely mutual and she was definitely the kind of girl I knew I'd have a crazy time with. The only problem is she lived about 2 states away so everything we did was online for about 3 years- always casual, never anything serious. But one night we were skyping, both incredibly horny as usual, and we both decided this had gone on too long, she was down to fly to me.

    So we began making plans. First, we knew we had to make this worth her flight. So we weren't just gonna fuck within 10 minutes of seeing each other, we had to build up the anticipation. So we laid some ground rules: we both agreed not to masterbate for 14 full days before she came (it was not easy). That way we'd both be dying for it. She was going to quit taking hormones immediately, that way her cock would be rock hard and she'd have as much cum as me stored up. (Plus she was naturally petite and feminine and could easily get away without hormones and I like a little androgyny anyway.) Next came specific details. I told her one of my favorite fetishes is seeing tranny's with bulges in their pants, especially in public. There's just something exhibitionist about it that's so hot. Not only are you not ashamed of being trans, you're so comfortable with it, you aren't even trying to hide your bulge. It's like a girl showing off her tits or ass, I wish more tranny's would do it instead of tucking. Anyway, the amazing thing about her is she truly doesn't give a fuck that people knows she's trans. Not in an obnoxious way, but just totally comfortable with herself. So I told her I wanted her to wear tight, white yoga pants that just make her bulge entirely obvious with a crop top that shows off her midriff. She loved it, she said that not only did she have the yoga pants, but that she had the perfect tiny little thong that bunched up her balls right under her penis so they form the perfect bulge. Then we talked about what our plan for the day we met in person was, but I'll get to that next.

    Fast forward about a month and the day is finally here. I waited for her at the airport, just fantasizing the whole time. And when I finally laid eyes on her walking towards me it was perfection. Just the most confident strut of a beautiful little woman and there that bulge was, visible from like 50 feet away... we hugged and kissed, it took everything I had not to reach down and get a handful of her balls. We went straight to some hip bar to get a couple cocktails and so I could show her off some more. Maybe it was just in my head but it felt like everyone was staring at her, which I loved. We had some drinks and talked about how crazy it was we were finally meeting in person, we talked very dirty for a bit, played some footsie under the table.. and then finally drove to my place. While I was driving I slowly worked my hand up her leg to her crotch and finally felt it. I could her feel her getting hard just from having my hand resting on her dick.

    We got to my place and decided we'd shower together first. So we both stripped naked and I finally got to see her beautiful body in person. She was completely shaven and smooth all over. We showered and took turns soaping each other, both rock hard, making out nonstop. Then we got out, dried off and went to the bed. So far we were following our plan perfectly.

    I told her to lay down in the bed and spread her legs. I started by sucking on her toes- she has very feminine little feet and had cute green nail polish on. As I licked in between all her toes she was slowly jacking off her cock and moaning while biting on her lip. Then I kissed up her legs until I got to her balls. I gently sucked on her testicals for a full 5 minutes straight while she continued to slowly stroke her cock. I grabbed her wrist and moved her hand to her side and then licked from the bottom of her balls all the way up to the tip of her cock. As soon I got to the tip she let out a moan, twitched her whole body slightly and a big drop of clear precum immideitaly came out. I knew if I even touched my mouth to her dick she'd bust a nut, so I backed away and moved my tongue up her body to her nipples and then her neck and then to her ears and finally to her lips. Keep in mind we had this all planned out as far as a month ago so we were truly living out a fantasy. Next, we reversed roles; I laid on my back and she worked her way up my body. The only difference is she ate my ass out for what felt like 10 minute of bliss. (She said she loves rimming).

    Now we we were finally ready to cum together. We knew I'd be fucking her all weekend so we wanted to do something a little more special for our first time. Basically I sat in bed with my back against the wall and then she sat in my lap facing me with her legs spread open. Our balls were pressed up against each and our dicks were right next to each other. We planned to jack off together and cum at the same time while making eye contact. She gave me a little suck on my neck and told me she was so fucking ready to cum with me. We both started jacking off, staring into each other eyes, only breaking eye contact to look down at each other stroking our cocks. I told her, "I'm about to cum" and she said "please baby cum for me" and then it happened. All the waiting, anticipating, foreplay.. I came and then a second later she came. I've never seen so much cum before in my life. Neither of us had gone that long without cumming. I remember it vividly, her dick erupted like a volcano of white goo. First cum shot out of her like two feet straight up and then came the gushing, I didn't know it was possible for someone that small to cum that much. Our cocks, hands, and laps were covered in so much warm, white creamy cum. I took a finger and started mixing it together and one glob at a time feeding it to her. Each time she sucked my finger and took another glob she moaned like it was the most delicious thing she'd ever tasted. I fed her every last bit until it was all gone and then we sat there with her arms wrapped around my shoulders and my hands around her ass. We kissed, layer together for a few hours and then we were both ready to start fucking...

    It was an amazing weekend and we did a lot more but that was one of the greatest sexual moments of my life. My advice to anyone reading is find someone you can build up anticipation with, you don't always have to get straight to fucking.

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    Default Re: The Importance of Anticipation (true story)

    damn........damn... damnit MAN!!! ....

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    Default Re: The Importance of Anticipation (true story)

    thats a hot story

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