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    Default Re: If people like this I will continue

    The last 2 stories definitely had me hard as rock. Love how sexy she is as a top.

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    Default Re: If people like this I will continue

    Chapter 4 – Self abuse

    Closing my door behind me I tore off my old, ill fitting male clothes and stood there naked revelling in sexuality of my new body, I’d left the fox tail plug in as it felt wonderful to have that huge plug in my ass clenching my sphincter over the stalk to keep it in place, plus the fur pleasingly tickled my ass cheeks and back of my legs.

    First things first, I needed to try on my new clothes so I unpacked my shopping onto my bed spreading out all my new outfits and toys. My cock got hard just looking at my gorgeous new things, which of course wasn’t going to make it easy to get dressed. I began stroking my cock, maybe if I shot load I could get dressed a bit easier. I popped out the fox tail, gently pulling it out to maximise the pleasure of my ass hole being stretched over the huge plug. I grabbed the anal beads and ripped open the packaging. In they went, 5 snooker ball sized beads, I could feel them rolling around inside my anal cavity. Wanking hard with one hand I pulled the chain of the beads slowly, each one gently emerging from inside me only to pop out once my sphincter crowned the curve of the bead. By the fifth time I had blown my load all over my bedroom floor, 3 maybe 4 times as much cum as I had ever shot in my more manly days.

    A quick shower and domestic clean up later I was ready to prepare. I quickly reapplied my makeup and painted my finger and toe nails blood red. I was accomplished at this without ever having been taught, yet another of her gifts. I put on a black basque tied at the back with red ribbons, my breast lifted high by the tight-fitting garment. To the red ribbon stocking ties I attached lace topped back stockings with small red bows running up the back seams. Red strappy 3inch heels, a black lace choker and fingerless black lace gloves finished the outfit.

    Black and red complimenting my nail polish and makeup, all that remained was to slip into a tiny black thong with a cut away crotch that my cock barley fit through. I had the idea to make a show of this new look so logged onto a webcam porn site I had often used, of course I had to create a new account and add a few face, cock and ass pics for the profile but that didn’t take long. I set a picture of me deep throating my 18inch dildo as my avatar, my red lips stretched around the bendy blue plastic looked amazing. I was soon broadcasting in the trans section, the webcam showing me sitting at my desk full face and absently playing with my 7inch flaccid cock.

    It took around 5 minutes of general chat before I had over 150 viewers all frantically asking me to open their cam, tips started coming in so I open a few profiles to see a range of men, some fit young lads with impressive cocks, some older men, some men in knickers, all sorts really but each and every one wanking their cocks hard at the sight of me.

    To start the show I began by removing my crotchless thong allowing me easier access to my tight anus and freeing my cock and balls. I grabbed some lube from the table, not that I needed lube but the act of applying would be a turn on for the viewers, I positioned the cam so my ass hold could be seen and began working lube into it using my fingers, one, two, three in the end I was sliding my whole fist in and out of my ass all the way to the wrist, several of the guys on cam came just after a minute or two of me starting fisting.

    Next I grabbed the anal beads again only this time I was more aggressive with them pushing them deep inside using my whole fist to get them right in, and pulling them rapidly from my ass. Many times I did this, I must have had around £300 in tips by now, I was so aroused watching all the guys wanking and typing silly things like “I love you” and “marry me”.

    I finished with the beads and grabbed the 18inch blue bendy monster, I repositioned the cam so the guys could see my toned flat stomach and erect cock, and as I slid the whole dildo into my ass they could see the bulge in stomach rise and fall as the dildo pushed against my insides. Pre-cum was dripping from the end of my cock as I worked that huge dildo in and out of my ass, to finish I pushed it all in, bent over and let it gently slide out of my anus all on its own; for several second it just kept coming out like a blue python sliding out of its hole.

    I was hard, throbbing and ready to cum now, so I turned around and sat down. I leant forward and took the top of my cock into my mouth tasting my own pre-cum. I could get down far enough onto my cock to be able to give myself a half decent blow job, so I worked away eager for when I would explode.

    I could feel the urge rising, all the voyeurs were working their own cocks to a frenzy. “If you want me to cum in my mouth bitches, you’ll have to tip” I said out loud, ding, ding, ding, hundreds of pounds worth of tips flew into my account. How could I let my adoring public down, I took my glans into my mouth dove deep and allowed my cum to explode into my mouth dribbling it down my cock as I continued to move up and down on the shaft.

    I didn’t swallow, I moved close to the camera and let the viewers see me gargle my cum and purposely dribble it down onto my breasts and over my erect nipples that a teased with the tips of my nails, lifting thin stringy strands to bridge my nipple and finger tips.

    Done I signed out to a barrage of proposals, pleas, offers of money if I just stayed but that was enough self-pleasure for now. I was hankering for the real thing now and the thrill of all those people watching on the net gave me an idea, I was looking to get fucked in public. How hot would that be with real people watching, maybe even spraying their cum over me while I was fucking. I was hard already.

    Chapter 5 – Public, pubic, orgasmic

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    Default Re: If people like this I will continue

    Chapter 5 – Public, pubic, orgasmic

    It was later evening around 7ish, I’d scrubbed clean and had several warm water enemas to make sure I had a tasty fresh anal cavity. I was still buzzing from the excitement I got from all those hundreds of guys watching me on the net. I had to build on that feeling so I started trawling the chat rooms and Grindr.

    I cast out for meet where somebody would drive me to a dogging site, me dressed in my fuckable fox gear, take me out for a walk on my leash and let the fun happen. I made it very clear that almost nothing was off the table, multiples, double/trip anal, bareback, bukkake, anal train, water sports.

    When the guys saw my pictures they were falling over themselves to take me. I chose a middle-aged man with grey hair, very sexy and very toned. He had a nice cock too, 6inch erect member with a rather large end. I gave him my address and he promised to be there in 20 minutes. I got ready for the fun, reapplying my makeup I slipped on my full body fishnet crotchless stocking, my furry fingerless gloves, ears and fox tail plug. Buckling the collar of my leash around my neck felt amazing, he rang the bell just as I was done.

    On opening the door he was as his pictures portrayed, “Hi Kitty” he said in a rich deep voice, “meow” I replied and dropped to all fours. He stepped inside and smoothed my head, “do you want a drink before we go out to play?” he asked, he lifted my leash and led me to the kitchen. Taking a bowl from the cupboard he placed it on the floor and slid his cock from out of his jeans and then pissed into the bowl. I purred and rubbed my ass against his legs as he did this, and then when he stopped I crawled to the bowl and began to lap up his water. His cock burst into life, rock hard as he watched me lapping at his piss.

    I knew I needed to work him before we went out so I turned on all fours and rose onto my knees and took his cock into my mouth. No aggression this time, maybe it was my submissive roleplay? so this guy got the standard cock suck experience, well I say standard but that involved me deep throating him, gallons of sloppy spit and his cock deep down in my throat as he convulsed his cum into me. “Good kitty, he praised” and I licked every part of his cock and balls clean, sucking every last drop of cum from his large head.

    He buttoned up as he said “Right, time to go out to play”, he headed for the door leading me along on all fours by my leash. “I am parked just outside Kitty” he reached for a coat for me and I pulled away, I wasn’t going to walk to the car he was taking me for a walk, besides it was only down a path on a quite street. “OK” he said with a huge smile, “you really are a naughty little Kitty”.
    We left the house and he lead me down the path, I slinked as cat like as possible down to the gate. As he opened the old iron frame an elderly couple passed, they stared wide-eyed at us and he called out “it’s ok I’m just getting my pussy some fresh air, would you like to stroke my pussy”, they rushed off muttering and I was giggling like a school girl as he laughed loudly.

    He opened the rear door of his car and I climbed in, when he took his seat we pulled off smoothly. We had a brief conversation during the journey. I told him I liked being called Kitty and he asked to be called Sir, we settled on a safe word of “whiskers” but I assured him I wouldn’t need it, but he might. His eyes widen at that, “is that a warning?” he asked, “no, it’s a promise” I said and he smiled.
    When we got to the remote industrial car park it was around 10ish and pitch black but for the car headlights all pointing in a circle, there were several couples fucking in their cars with many men walking around with their dicks in their hands wanking and watching. Some guys were getting sucked off through car doors by women and men. It was a very busy spot.

    Sir opened the door for me and let me climb out he took my leash and began walking me around, the attention was electric. Everyone was cooing and stroking me, I gave a quick lick and suck to every dick that came close, and when we’d gathered around 20 people around us Sir stopped me in full view of the headlights. He removed his erect throbbing member from his jeans and I began to suck on it, he leant forward and pulled my fox plug free. Loudly he said “Please fuck my naughty Kitty as she pays for her bad behaviour earlier today”. The jostle was loud, I couldn’t see but within seconds a cock was deep in my ass, it wasn’t big but these guys weren’t going to be gentle.

    Cock after cock after cock, each one leaving a steaming load of cum in my ass following short but brutal fuck, they didn’t seem to mind using several other guy’s cum as lube. All the while I was sucking hard on Sir’s tool, sometimes I bit hard on his cock when the thrusting member in my ass made be twitch but he loved it. After 20 or so, I’d lost count really, guys had finished in me you’d think I’d have been destroyed but remember my form was a gift from a goddess I was literally made for this. Sir was getting ready to cum so I pulled away from his cock and began stroking it with my gloved hands. I made him shoot his cum into my face, loads of his semen covered me and I smiled.

    Some random guy pulled his woman over to us and told her to clean Sir’s pussy, so she began licking his cum off my face.
    She was a fine looking middle-aged woman with long, dark hair and blue eyes. Her body was firm but pale with piercings in every conceivable place. After she had licked all the cum from my eyes she moved to my ass to begin cleaning the buckets of cum from my anal cavity. I stopped her and reached for my fox plug inserting it to help keep that milk cocktail safe for later, I could honestly feel it sloshing around as I moved.

    I stood and my enormous cock was fully erect, Sir and the guy were frozen, “on your knees” I said to them both, compliance was the only option. Taking the woman by the hand I pushed her cunt into Sir’s face and got her man to start sucking me off.
    He was gaging as I pushed my cock all the way down his throat, his woman was just as excited about that as she was over being licked out by Sir. “does anyone have a strap-on?“ I asked the crowd of wanking men, a tool as big and thick as my own cock appeared and I placed it on the woman.

    We swapped partners, and I began to fuck Sir and she hammered her own man so hard he screamed There was a lot of violence in those thrusts, I wondered what she had been repressing but at least he’d be a different kind of man after all this. I pushed deeper into Sir, he was no stranger to a cock in his ass and he moaned “Good Kitty, fuck that asspussy hard”, I obliged driving my full 10inches into him. As I drove in and out I took his balls in my hands and tugged them down hard or squeezing hard, he yelped but didn’t pull away. I was ready to shoot and emptied my load hard deep inside him, thrust after thrust when I was done the woman pulled her man round to Sir’s ass and told him to “clean Sir’s pussy”, he dove in deep, felching all my cum from Sir and gurgling it in his mouth.
    I gave him a deep open-mouthed snog and took some of Sir’s cum to the woman who gratefully received a long kiss from me.

    There was one last thing to do before leaving and it involved a promise I had made, I got Sir to lie down on the floor and i squat over his face and made him open wide, I was about to pull the plug from my ass when he cried “whiskers”, “are you sure Sir” I asked, he looked eager but worried, he knew what I planned. I guess he thought it was ok for me to have 20 plus different loads of semen in my ass brimming with god know what STDs but the thought of it in his mouth was too much. How could he know nothing like that could happen to me or my lovers, so I squat lower and whispered in his ear it was safe. Quite what difference that should make is nonsense, but it did the trick and as I pulled the fox plug from my ass buckets of cum flowed into his mouth, over his face, everywhere. I sat then and felt his tongue running around my open hole, I let him continue for a few second and stood before he suffocated.

    I got Sir on his feet and we walked to the car, as I passed the woman from earlier her man was still getting pounded by her in the strap-on, I smiled at her, that man’s ass was going to be destroyed but who was I to intercede. Sir drove me home in quite, we both were reflecting on the pleasures of the night but I insisted he lead me back to my door on my leash.

    We didn’t kiss or say goodbye we just parted, I went into my house not even cleaning up or removing the fox plug I curled up on my bed and drifted off to sleep wondering what I could get up to tomorrow.

    Chapter 6 – Morning Glory-hole

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