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    Default Fearsome Foursome

    I had seen Toni and Lyssa dancing at a club in L.A. on Friday night, and when I got home, I was stroking off to some backpage ads, before running across Toni's. There was no way it was a different woman, they were both black, six foot four in bare feet, and with forty-four triple-E tits. It was 4 a.m. at that point, so I finished myself off, cleaned up, and went to sleep.

    When I woke up it was 11 a.m. and I called Toni immediately. She answered in a husky voice I hadn't heard during her Diva show, but was immediately entranced with. She told me she was just waking up, but I could come over in 45 minutes, and she texted me her Hollywood address and added that I should bring donuts. I showered, jumped in my car, and headed out the door still wet. I had enough cash on me to cover her gift, grabbed donuts at Trejos, and was there by 10 minutes before noon.

    When I knocked, she opened the door and was wearing a silk robe with, as far as I could tell, nothing under it. She offered me her cheek and I moved my lips to her ear, and told her how happy I was to see her. She ran one hand over my crotch, and told me she could tell. As she led me to the Kitchen, I saw not one but three statuesque black goddesses sitting around a small round table in their respective bathrobes, all having coffee. I put the box of donuts on the table and felt Toni's hand on my shoulder push me down.

    I slowly sunk to the floor, and Toni whispered in my ear "Now that you've brought us a gift, you can wish us all good morning with that cute little mouth of yours." I crawled under the table and moved Lyssa's robe out of the way, revealing her massive, uncut cock. I pulled the cover back and slipped my lips far enough down to hold it out of the way while my tongue started sweeping around the head. With my hands now free, I reached out, and started stroking the members of the women on my left and right.

    "That's Tasha in your right hand, she's in town for a porn shoot." I gave her a little squeeze in acknowledgement.

    "That's Talia in your left hand, she and Tasha will be fucking a whole bunch of tight white asses later today." I reached down and squeezed Talia's sac, and she responded with a quick, firm squeezing of her legs together to hold my hand in place for a moment.

    "I saw you watching me at the club last night, you couldn't keep your eyes off me, or your hand off your crotch. If it wouldn't have gotten us both arrested I would have fucked you right there on stage." Toni stopped talking for a moment, and I could hear her taking a donut out of the box, chewing for a moment, and washing it back with some coffee. After a minute or two, I started moving my head from crotch to crotch, licking their thighs, sucking their cocks, massaging their sacs in my mouth. They would thrust, and grab, and make little moaning sounds, but I couldn't really tell who was doing what.

    "Pants off cocksucker, I'm done with my donut." Toni has a commanding presence and voice, and I responded to her instructions as quickly as I could while still trying to serve the three goddesses seated around me.

    "Come out of there, It's your turn now." I climbed out from under the table, and saw Toni had massaged herself to a terrifying eleven inch erection, which was covered in a condom, and glistening with lube. She had taken her robe off, and was naked and shining in the light coming in from the Kitchen window.

    "Now climb on my lap and start sucking." I did as I was told and put one basketball sized tit in my mouth and started licking and suckling at her nipple.

    "Suck harder, bitch." I did, and I felt her maneuvering her cock towards my hole.

    "Harder, milk me you little cocksucking slut."

    I worked my teeth gently on the nipple, and tasted the first drops of milk coming from her. As I sucked harder and harder, leaning into her, I suddenly felt her enter me in a single stroke. I bit down on her tit unintentionally, and she slid in even farther, grunting with the effort of penetrating me.

    "Oh yes. That is tight. And so warm. You're going to get some good dicking now. Don't ignore the other titty, these won't suck themselves."

    I switched to the other tit and aggressively sucked and nibbled on her nipples until more milk came into my mouth. My cock was rock hard and squeezed between us, and she grabbed the back of my neck to hold me clamped onto her tits and she started thrusting and stroking deep inside me. I opened my eyes to look up at her and saw her head tilted back, and her
    tongue running over her lips, glistening with saliva. When I saw that, I tightened my cheeks, and started doing Kegels while she fucked my brains out. I reached down with my left hand, found her starfish, and slid my middle finger in.

    Within a few seconds she started bucking and making wild noises. I kept sucking and squeezing and probing until I felt her relax and start to draw herself out of me. As she popped out of me, she bit my earlobe and then whispered to me "That was fucking great baby, now finish my friends off, and we can go to bed."

    As I climbed off her lap, I saw her empty the cum from her rubber into her coffee cup, add some cream and sugar, and start stirring it. Talia came up behind me, bent me over the table, dragged me to the side, and grabbed me by the hair, pulling my head back. Tasha stuck her now rigid cock in my mouth as I felt Talia spreading my cheeks.

    "He's still gaping, I hope Toni didn't break him." I felt her slide into me, and caught a glimpse of her reflection in the kitchen window. Lyssa grabbed the cup filled with spunk, sugar, creme, and the dregs of Toni's coffee and moved under the table. I felt her take my cock in one hand and she started milking me like a cow in a barn. Toni came up beside the
    table, and leaned down to my face.

    "Tasha can come five, six times a day so you need to take her morning nut, so she doesn't come too fast at her shoot. Lyssa loves to suck cock, but you can have her morning load."

    That drove me wild, and I started sucking and stroking Tasha harder and faster. Within seconds she started filling the rubber she had on, let go of my hair, and gave me a little slap to get her cock out of my mouth. She dropped the full rubber on the table, folding it over itself so it wouldn't drain. As soon as she saw that, Talia started to pick up speed and talk to me.

    "Oh, you tight-assed white faggot. Uh, you don't deserve this good dick. Uhnn, you little motherfucker, I'm gonna, Uhn, So fucking close, back that ass up..." I did. I put both hands flat on the table, arched my back, and drove myself backwards again and again and again. I could feel the rim of the cup on my cock as I bucked backwards, Lyssa never letting go, and then I started screaming and grunting and cumming, and then Lyssa started screaming and cumming, pulling my hair harder and driving herself into me.

    As I collapsed onto the table, I heard the condom pop off Lyssa's cock and saw Toni take it, empty into the cup Lyssa handed her, and then do it again with Tashas rubber.

    Lyssa took a spoon, added some more cream, and mixed it while smiling and looking into my eyes. She took the first spoonful, and offered it to me. I took it like a man who hadn't
    had anything to drink for a week. She spoon-fed me the rest of it, and finally wiped the spoon on her lips and leaned forward to kiss me. I licked all of it off her lips before she opened her mouth to let me taste the tip of her tongue.

    -- Part II coming Soon! --

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    Default Re: Fearsome Foursome

    wow this would be a dream come true nice story

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    Default Re: Fearsome Foursome

    Good stuff; the more the merrier.

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    Default Re: Fearsome Foursome

    This is an awesome story. Very unique concept and well-written. I love how tall they are. Can't wait to see what else they do to him.

    Have you written any other stories?

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    Default Re: Fearsome Foursome

    great story can't wait for part 2

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