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    Default This one's actually true...

    I'm 52 years old, and in the process of a divorce. I'm a slightly overweight guy with no interests outside the home. I have some redeeming qualities: I'm steadily employed and I don't cheat.

    I've been married to a genetic woman for 19 years and we only had sex once since we got married. I'll skip the long story but this year I came to realize that my attraction to non-op M to F transgender women isn't just some fetish or kink, it's how I love--and that's why I haven't been sexually interested in my wife all these years.

    I had tried the dating scene before I got married but I couldn't seem to find a transgender woman or transvestite who was interested in me. I think the reason I married a genetic female is because I was afraid of being alone for life.

    After the divorce is completed, I will start a fiancee visa process to bring my transgender girlfriend here to the USA to marry her. (Yes, I plan on visiting her first.)

    Here's how it happened. Still thinking I could never find a trans woman who would find me attractive, I decided to browse trans dating sites and look at the profiles, just to fantasize about them. Well, the one I started looking at (my transsexual date) required you to create a profile in order to see other profiles, so I just made a very basic profile with no photo and started browsing and fantasizing. One of the things I liked is that the girls could put their sexual preference (top, bottom or versatile) because I want to be topped most of the time.

    Well wouldn't you know it, I actually got some answers on my profile. So I posted a few photos and a more detailed profile, and started getting more responses. Then I noticed all the girls writing to me were from the Philippines. I had a good friend from there a long time ago, and I remembered asking her why so many young Filipina women were marrying middle-aged American men. I figured it was for the money, but she set me straight. Yes, it is nice to marry someone who's wealthy compared to you, but in the Philippines, age isn't seen as such a problem as it is here, and chubby people are considered attractive as well. It's cultural. And they absolutely adore Americans. I'm sure you'll understand why if you paid attention in History class. Yes, wealth is a part of the attraction, but the love is real--marriages between Filipina girls and (usually much older) American men have an astonishingly low divorce rate. The money isn't what these ladies are primarily interested in; they're interested in a man who won't cheat on them and who will treat them with decency and respect. In return they surrender their whole heart to their man and take care of him as long as they both live. (Well of course there are exceptions but not as many as I would have thought.)

    So I started chatting with these girls...then video calling...pretty soon several of them were declaring their love for me.

    My plan WAS to meet 3 or 4 of them when I went there and choose someone then, but I could see that wasn't going to work. I as falling in love with them as well (I am polyamorous and can love more than one person romantically, but I will only be in a relationship with one person at a time because the logistics of polyamory in a mostly-monogamous world give me a headache.) It wasn't fair to these ladies to treat them as a buffet and select my favorite dish, nor was it fair to me to fall deeper into love with several when I would have to pick one and break up with the rest.

    So I made my choice. And I think I chose very well. I'm going to be spending ten days with her starting at the end of March. We chat every day and video call most days. She's almost as horny as I am, tends slightly toward dom, and wants to one day be a lawyer who fights for human rights. She's turning 29 this month. I was looking for someone closer to me in age, but my lady is perfect for me regardless. I look forward to the day when we will be together for the rest of our lives.

    My entire reason for writing this is in hopes there are guys out there like me who aren't aware of it. Mostly average, a little boring, slightly chubby guys--who would love to fall in love with and marry the ladyboy of their dreams but think they'd never find anyone who would want them. There are other international transgender dating sites, but my transsexual date worked really well for me. It's not a free site, but it was well worth the money for me.

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    You'd be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap!

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    Default Re: This one's actually true...

    Well l wish you all the best. Are you going over there for the 10 days? The only thing l would say is are you sure you donít want a single man holiday and have as much sex as you can before you settle down! You seem to be putting all your eggs in one basket as they say.

    My dream was made true 5 years ago by going to thailand and some amazing times with stunning ladyboys, like a kid in a sweet shop l was!

    I have now met one that stays with me while Iím over there, and even travelled to the far north east to meet her family and see how the live. Sheís lovely and l really hope we can have a future if l get to live there in a few years..

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