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    Default Going to bmy first Adult Theater

    I date older men and there usually married but there wives lead there own social lives. So the man I see us a congressman in Austin TX. He has his driver pick me up and take me to a pub and I go in sit at the bar cand order a drink. He comes over and acts as if he's picking me up and after a few drinks we leave together.
    He has all my favorite PARTY supplies ready and we usually go to a Hi rise hotel where there are lots of Windows and people to watch us get naked.
    But this time he took me to an adult Theater.
    We went in and he selected a outfit for me to wear and instructed me to go change and meet him in the Theater when I was ready.
    So much went and changed into a tiny mini skirt with see thru halter top thigh hi-s and my slutty heels
    Well I did a huge hit of hard and some popper's and let's just say I was buzzed.....
    I walked in the theater and my clothes began to melt off my body. By the time I sat down all I was Wearing
    Was heels thigh-hi's a micro thong and this tiny halter with my tits hanging out the bottom of it and my puffy nipples totally erect. Pointing up to the heaven's .
    As I sat down there were 5 men that came over and began J/0 has I sucked the 2 in front I felt a thick cock slide in me and 2 more jacking off on my now fully exposed
    Tits.As they began to cum I saw my date watching me get gangbanged and a huge smile on his face as he turned me over and pounded my cum filled ass till he was ready to explode as he moaned I felt him pull out and I oped my mouth just in Time to feel him cum so hard it hit my tonsils. As we left I had cum dripping down my chin on my tits and flowing from my honey hole....that was one of the hottest nite I have ever experienced....

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    Default Re: Going to bmy first Adult Theater

    sounds very hot..

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    Default Re: Going to bmy first Adult Theater

    Thanks I just came reading this lol I need to get to TX lol

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    Default Re: Going to bmy first Adult Theater

    How do I find a hot shemales for some good sex

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    Default Re: Going to bmy first Adult Theater

    Wow! This story was so hot. Thank you.

    Cock Worshipper

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