i dont like long stories, so i will be brief...there are 8-10 years ago i found myself attracted by tgirls,,,so, i searched in internet and found one..her pic was hot...brunette with beautiful eyes...iso i visited her..it was late afternoon, dark outside..she was in a small but sexy appartment, with the lights very low, a sexy atmosphere...she was in white lingerie with a transparent thong and a big bulge was visible ...she smiled at me and came closer..my heart was beating so fast but i was so horny with the whole situation...she kissed me and i grabbed her down there..well she was enormous, i instantly felt like cumming but controled myself...i started to blow her fast and it was amazing... i couldnt get enough ....then she asked me to allow her to get me from behind..i was afraid then and refused ... instead i got inside her and cum a lot...i ll never forget my first time