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    Default The journey to escorting

    Good girls like bad boys, but once the good girl gone bad the guy's gone forever.

    Her kindness is being mistreated, her sweetness abused, her facetiousness is seen as stupidity, intelligence taken as cunning and manipulative. Her love her care is being ignored,underappreciated and undervalued.

    Who knew that Her very source of joy and happiness one day turned out to be her very own Pandora box.
    Who was to be blamed, for she was young and naive, a lil illogical and heady.
    Small town girl comes to learn of the big bad city life.

    She's at her wits end and it makes her vulnerable and susceptible to every danger unbeknownst to her. The bridges to her dreams and her roots for happiness has been truncated. Simple joys in life is hard to come by, suddenly she's riddled with fear and hopelessness .a home is no longer where the heart is.

    Perplexed and confused more than ever compounded by the harsh nature made her crumbled and fall. She fell so deep there was no point of return.the courage to fight had become just an ember of hope the spirit lost and destroyed.

    When a good girl gone bad she's gone forever and out on the fast lane there's no room for patience and all of life's triviality. You only give what you get and nothing else matter but instant gratification. The world certainly appears as cold,merciless, primitive,ruthless, a mad rush that leads to nowhere.

    When the soul feels like it is being tormented by a force that can't be resisted, it changes the person beyond their recognition. The alteration is irrevocable.
    When the innocence is gone the game just got interesting. Finally all childish frailties gave way to maturity, afterall it only takes a heartbreak, what do you got to lose but your sanity.
    The choice is either to curse them or fuck them back.

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