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    Default Something New from the Shadows

    Hope you're doing well, I don't post very much, but I am a fan of erotic fiction especially when it is ahem a certain subject matter (corny joke done). This is COMPLETELY FICTION, all characters are of legal age and older.

    I am not the best, and it is my first story. It is a multi-part story, and it is the first part (currently working on Part 2).

    I hope that anybody who reads enjoys it. If it sucks let me know; if it needs work; etc, etc. Criticism is understandable and ever present. Also, if you have any suggestions let me know because the saying goes 'different strokes' - yeah alright here we go:

    Have you ever watched a film where an actress or actor looks directly into the screen, like they're talking directly to you, and says, 'what happened is so strange that you wouldn't believe me if I told you.' Well, this is one of those times you wouldn't believe me if I even tried.

    A little background on me, my name is Dale Smith. I am from a part of America where high speed internet is not normal, everybody knows everybody, and the strangest thing that happens is there is day in the summer when it is not hot enough to cook on the asphault.

    Never had much of a love life, a few girlfriends - nothing ever seemed worth the time and effort. I am a bigger guy, a little on the heavier side, more muscle than heavy - normal, bold enough to say average; downstairs, I never had complaints but not big enough to shock anyone.

    It was the first summer after I graduated high school, and, unlike, most of the class I worked: no trips, no partying, and no fun. It is not that I am boring, but you need enough money to keep the lights on and food in your belly.

    Ever since I can remember, I stayed with a man and woman who were not my parents - they helped me with school and when finished they told me good luck and kicked me out. I wasn't mad or upset - I understood that times are tough in the big cities and tougher in small cities - then there's my town. We didn't have a pot to piss in, but I had my job. I worked on cars: rebuilding engines, general maintenance, and brakes - nothing special - but I have to eat.

    Yes, I am droning on avid reader, this is where the oddest day of my life happened. I am at work; it's a short staffed shit show. A Rolls Royce pulls into the parking lot, and three women exited the vehicle. The saying around here is "stuck out like a sore thumb." These women were probably on the way to some big city and got lost here in sunny ol' bumfuck nowhere. The tallest walked through the door followed by the other two - they are stunning. Girls, here, don't get the right nutrition to look this beautiful, trust me. They were tall and gorgeous, and their outfits were something I had never even seen/thought of in my fantasies.

    "Is Dale in?" the woman in the middle of the group asked directly. Normally, conversations start with 'Hey! How's it going? or Good Afternoon, etc. She must have been in charge because the others were staring right through me. Oh, she had a British accent which makes me weak on the account of every James Bond film I have watched and yanked it to as the Bond girls don't need an explanation - so yeah, I am nervous.

    "Yes ma'am, I'm Dale. How can I help you? Hope y'all are having good one." I sayed trying not let my eyes drop out of my head.

    "He's polite," she says quickly, looking at the other two, and yes, if you're wondering I'm as red as a tomato. "Dale, my name is Dana, this is Sarah and Margaret." Those cold stares turned into smiles that made me melt. "I need to speak with you now, take you to your home, and get you on the next plain to the UK."

    Puzzled I paused, "ma'am, you got to have the wrong Dale. I never been to the UK, always wanted to go visit, and I don't want to waste your time. I am sorry for troubling you, and I have customers waiting. I don't wanna sound rude, but you got the wrong person. Sorry."

    "She said he was from a place that there is nothing and works on autos. Is this you're picture?" Dana pulled out her phone, and there's my picture - it's me holding a fish, easy on the bumpkin jokes. "We are in a hurry, so tell these people to get stuffed and grab your stuff."

    "He's sweet, I hope he isn't doing this because he is at work?" Margaret said to Sarah. "This is going to be interesting." What did she mean by that and why where all three grinning ear to ear.

    "I wish I could help, but I have to get back to work. Sorry to trouble you."

    "We will wait; you're going with us," Sarah said as the three women sat down and made themselves comfortable.

    Not being a fast talker, I nodded and said O.K. They would eventually leave and probably never come back. Dana fired up a long skinny cigarette, and being a no smoking zone, none of us would say otherwise. Would you really scold one of the three most people to ever visit this shit hole. It was kind of hot the way Dana looked sitting in that old chair.

    Time passed, the day was done - it was time to go home eat and pass the fuck out. I was tired, and it was a scorcher today. I walked back into the front office. Bam! Dana, Sarah, and Margaret are sitting there like they hadn't moved.

    "Ready to go?" Dana asked enthusiastically.

    "Look ma'am, I feel bad that y'all-"

    "I love his accent," Margaret interjected abruptly.

    "Even dirty, he is still handsome," Sarah said while Margaret licked her lips. O.K. now I am red as lobster.


    Dana smiled, "we payed the remaining months on your lease, cancelled your credit card, and had your bags packed."

    I looked like I just shit myself, "What the fuck? How did -"

    "Sweetheart - your Facebook says you want to leave. It says you have nothing, no future, and uh, 'no pot to piss in." My heart sank - I am the deer people drive into when it is dark. "My employer has sent us to this shit hole to find you Dale Smith." The sterness is really coming out, "Get your stuff and we will see you in the car, now."

    She had me figured out like a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. How did they know I wanted to leave? How could they already have my stuff packed? Why is it happening to me the guy with nothing going on and nothing to look forward to. I figured an hourly job was the only thing getting me up in the morning, so what the hell, I had a couple hundred in the wallet and needed a vacation.

    Did I mention they came in a Rolls Royce? My greasy was going to ruin a leather seat that costs more than my rental house - they layed out plastic, so I would not ruin them. This was something, I am in a Rolls Royce going on vacation son - life cannot be the turd it's been so far.

    "We have a long drive, and he needs a shower," Sarah said while the others looked at each other and nodded. Yes, working in the heat causes profound body odor despite what the dude on T.V. says.

    "Can I bathe him, I don't think he's properly showered in his entire life?" Margaret grinning and looking at me. Yeah, I felt real proud smelling like a can of sardines left in the sun.

    "Easy girls, don't belittle him. We need to get him up to speed," Dana said very seriously.

    Feeling like a worthless pile of crap I squeaked, " Miss Dana, I do know how to bathe."

    "Don't worry about them, they are very uh tired from the trip and long day of traveling," Sarah and Margaret were fidgeting - they were not tired - they are from another country, I don't know. "Dale, do you know what a transsexual is?"

    "A what?" I asked surprisingly. All three leaned in as if to study me.

    "A Transsexual, a person, that was a male and become female or vice versa, have you heard of this? I know you are from a small town where there are more churches than grocers. Have you heard the term?" Dana asked looking right in my eyes.

    "No ma'am, I knew a kid growing up who wore his sister's underwear, but the school found out and he didn't come anymore."

    Sarah looked at me like I had killed her dog and asked almost confrontationally - Margaret's brows raised intensely, "did you make fun of this person? Did you think it was funny that this person was laughed at for being a 'sissy?'" Almost yelling, "do you think it was weird, huh!?"

    I have never been confrontational and if other people are happy I am too. I looked at the three of them, "Miss Sarah, I did not laugh at Andy, that's his name. Andy wore his sister's panties and got off on it. There ain't nothing wrong with that, this world is a pile of shit. The little things that make it more bearable cannot be judged by someone like me. Andy played guitar well enough to get him a record deal out in California, and I was lucky to know him. He is doing well." I pulled out my phone and pulled up his picture, and there was no trace of Andy. I mean his name was there, but the picture was of a woman. "I guess he is a transsexual look for yourself."

    All three grabbed my phone, and Sarah smiled and said, "she is beautiful and plays the guitar. This doesn't not make you think, what kind of person would fuck a guy wearing women's clothes?" Sterness coming back across her face, I smiled.

    "Ma'am, people like all kinds of things. If Andy finds someone that likes him uh her, sorry, more power to them. I like to wear rubber gloves. Yeah, some people think it's weird some do not. Who am I too judge? If they are happy, more power to them."

    Margaret looked inquisitively, "you like rubber gloves, like a glove fetish?"

    Blushing I looked down and said, "yes ma'am, every girl I dated thought I was weird. Never could explain, I always thought there is someone out there who has to be into it the way I am."

    Dana jumped in, "what if they were transsexual?"

    "Like, they look like a girl, but they have a penis? I don't care, honestly, because if they are happy being around me. I won't complain - to be honest it has to be hard to go through something like that. In my opinion, they are brave to go out into a world as shitty ours and be themselves. More power to them."

    All three had completely changed they're expressions, and were smiling. It got a little uncomfortable because I went pretty deep.

    Margaret scooted over next to me and out of nowhere, "would you be comfortable around a transsexual? What if they like gloves? Gloves like these?" She pulls out a pair of white rubber medical gloves and starts rubbing them on her exposed thigh.

    Nervously I stammered, "uh uh yes ma'am." Margaret opened her legs as I heard. Snap! Snap!

    "Well Dale, I am a trans woman, transsexual is outdated. I love gloves and I don't care if it's weird." Margaret pulls her underwear over and out pops the biggest dick I have ever seen. My little pinky would get eaten by this monster. It was hard a block of wood, and she gripped it and wiggled it towards me.

    "Whoa, that is crazy!" my jaw in my lap.

    Dana chimed in, "does it bother you?" I had been staring at Margaret in awe and happened to look over at Dana. This woman pulled out her cock out. "I have been sitting all day and needed some air," she said grinning at me.

    "She hasn't stopped bitching about it. All day, its hot," Sarah winked and as I looked over she was adjusting her shaft and getting comfortable. "Are you scared?" she smiled wickedly and winked at me all the while running her hand up and down her shaft.

    "Uh uh uh no ma'am, it is a lot to take in," air escaping my mouth. After saying that they all giggled, it did not bother me. It was different, but I was hard as a rock. Margaret reached out to touch the tent I had pitched and Dana slapped her hand.

    "We cannot - orders strictly from Madame Jade," Dana snapped. "We cannot wash him, but she said that we can enjoy his company. Why don't you join us?"

    "Uh ma'am - I uh don't think it's a good idea," I stuttered. Who was Madame Jade? Why were they not allowed to touch me? Three gorgeous women who I am hard as rock for are pleasuring themselves. "Ma'am it's not that I don't want to it is just uh hard to explain."

    Margaret pulled out three condoms, "Don't want to get stuck with the bill for cleaning this car. No messes, we are neat freaks, obviously." She passed one to Dana and one to Sarah. They rolled it on and kept pumping and pumping. Dana finished first with a sigh and lit another cigarette. Sarah next with a loud moan looking right at me. Margaret was the last, and she sayed, "when we get back you might get play with gloves while I play with you sweetie."

    "Uh uh - I hope you don't mind if I sleep because it has been a long day and my head is spinning."

    "It is fine we have a long trip honey," Dana said patting my shoulder.

    I passed out.

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    Default Re: Something New from the Shadows

    Here is Part 2. Hope the first was not too long winded, but a little background makes a difference imo. It is my first story, and any suggestions would be great. Enjoy Part 2: Discerning the Shadows.

    Our hero and the three endowed women have left Dale's home and are making there way....

    "Hey wake up. Wake up - we've arrived."

    Stirring in my seat, I had that feeling like something was different. Still in my oil stained t-shirt, work pants, and boots, I needed a shower, but, oh well, I smelled terrible and not one word was said about it - hooray. I was still in a vehicle that costs more than my entire apartment building, and I was with three out of this world women. By the way, all three of these 'women' had the biggest cocks I had ever seen, and it was not bothering me - I was on vacation. I couldn't find my phone which, like most, was my life line.

    Checked the floor, nope, my pockets, nope, and it was not between the sheets.

    "Where's my phone? I need it because people are going to ask where I am?" I was panicking. Sarah looked up quickly because, in her hands, there was my phone safe and sound. She smiled and wickedly replied, "Oh don't worry, that's been sorted. Being the technology director, getting into phones is quite easy. I deleted your contacts, social profiles, and told that nice girl, with the huge ass, it was not working out," she winked at me.

    "Wait, you did wha-," I exclaimed.

    Dana cut me off before it escalated, "Sarah did you a favor. You hated your life and to get out - you have to get out. The less people who know the better." What did she mean by 'knowing' and Sarah, right off the start seemed sharp witted and intelligent, was the director of technology? What or who, rather, do these women work for and why do they seem so intent on getting me out of my home and into the U.K.

    "Don't worry hun, Sarah did not send any of those ahem pictures." There were some embarassing photos of questionable subject on there, sure, but everybody has it - if not, quit lying. "You're phone and all computer technological blah blah will be monitored by her to keep you safe." Safe? What? I had been in some situations where it was not safe this did not feel like it. "Come on, you can shower on the plane! Then we can play with some of my rubber gloves," Margaret smiled nudging me towards the plane Dana and Sarah grinned.

    "O.K., um, I am, whatever," I walked towards this massive plane. Having never flown on a plane, suspiscion is an understatement - I don't like heights, and my legs belong on the ground. "Wait, there is a shower, on the plane?"

    Margaret looked at me then the other two and smiled, "You bet stinky. Now get in there, you smell terrible." Sarah entered first then Dana motioned me inside. I got the shock of my life. This was the size of one the sardine cans that is on the news for breaking, throwing people out, but it was not even close to what television taught me was 'flying.' Leather couches and chairs, a full size bathroom with shower, and a bar. There was a door further back closed, but it looked expensive. This was not going to suck, I was excited.

    "Welcome to The Lightning Rod, Dale! My name is Eve! I am you're travel liason. Assisting me in the comfort of the group, Tonia, the director of Travel Entertainment; as well as, Diane, head of Travel Security."

    The other two women smiled, nodded, and, in unison,"welcome Dale."

    "Ladies, how are we today, are we ready to go home," Eve said. "It is so hot, and the length of time, since you left, felt like an eternity."

    "The plane is secure. All of your bags have been loaded. Dale, we did not know if your clothes had fleas or bugs. Simply put, they were gross, so we have temporary replacements till you get to a real city," Diane condescendingly staring at me. "We leave in 5." All my clothes are gone, great. These women think I can't wash myself or take care of my personal belongings - confidence is through the roof. I tried to sit down, but Diane grabbed me hard and lead me to the bathroom. "Black leather might not show dirt, but I will not let this plane stink." Like I said, self esteem is sky high.

    "Welcome Dale, pleasure," Tonia said holding her nose and smiling all the while pitying me.

    Oh, I was not kidding when I said this was not the typical plane Mr. and Mrs. whoever take to go to some beach. The 'liason' looked like an Asian 1950's pin-up model wearing a diner uniform, the security person looked like an assasin with her tight skinned, I guess, leather jumpsuit and combat boots which complimented her dark skin, and the travel 'entertainer' - she looked like she was dressed for a ball like on a romance movie with long silk gloves and all. Going into the bathroom, I heard Diane tell the ladies to take their seats; Tonia said when we are in the air the fun can begin; and Eve said that all of their travel needs are stored in their proper place. Then it got quiet, Tonia got real excited, "Ladies we have a wild one. Diane had to get it handled, but, that ladies, is why she is here. I hope you are excited." Dana, Margaret, and Sarah started cheering and yelling. What was going on here?

    One of lifes true pleasures is a good shower, and I felt completely rejuvinated. Grabbing the towel outside, I froze. I was not alone.

    "Don't be scared Dale. I am here to keep you safe."

    Diane was in the bathroom. I got my head out from behind the curtain, and Diane is smiling, looking right at me. Cock in hand, she was pissing like a racehorse from what looked like a king sized candy bar.

    "What do you think Dale, I think she likes her new friend. Look she is growing she is so excited," Diane giggled, shaking it dry. "Madame Jade won't let me touch you, but you can touch me. Come here sugar and give it a squeeze," pulling her shaft back and forth.

    "Um, um, at the moment, ma'am. Um, I am O.K. Haha, I need to uh get my clothes on," laughing nervously, Diane smiled.

    "Don't worry, I won't hurt you. Well, this uni won't let her fit comfortably. She is going stay out; it doesn't bother you, right?" Diane becoming quite serious.

    "No ma'am, I - these are my clothes? I can't afford clothes like these."

    "Thank Eve, she was sent your measurements and did her best."

    "Oh, O.K. well they are just fine," best clothes are a clean t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Eve even got my shoe size right because there, in front of me, a new pair of sneakers. Diane walked out of the bathroom leaving me to get myself dressed. Turning off the light, I came out of the bathroom. Strange things were happening, odd noises, and Tonia came up and tapped me on the back. I about jumped out of my new clothes.

    "Dale, feeling better? Great! So you have a couple choices you can go to the suite and sleep? Or you can go into the main cabin? Do not feel pressured to join the -" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! GLICK GLUCK GLUCK! SMACK! SMACK!

    'Look at his eyes, ahahah, watch this - GLUCK - he's crying. I thought he was tougher. Keep spanking him Marg- GLUCK GLUCK GLUCK. I am loving the feeling of his throat when you smack his ass.' That was Dana's familiar voice, what the hell was happening in there?

    "Dale. Dale, hello?" Tonia snapped her fingers. "Dale, what do you want to do?" All the while the noises coming from the other side, Tonia had pitched a little tent. "You are welcome to join me. I am grabbing a few things." Tonia opened one of the compartments and pulled out a box of condoms, and what looked like a plug, and, I guess, those expensive paper clips with the clamp things. "You are in for a treat the ladies are letting off a lot of steam. Tonia was not even close to what they were doing.

    "Dale!" the cabin erupted as I entered. Never in my life, there was a poor bastard spread across Margaret's lap, Sarah standing opposite her, Dana on what looked like a small stool right where his head was. Eve was naked and pooring drinks - her tiny cock bouncing to and fro. Diane was rubbing her familiar candy bar puffing on an enormous cigar. Tonia disrobed and adjusted her pantyhose, so her cock was not chafing in the material. As I got closer to this, you know, 'undertaking,' it became very clear what they were doing.

    "Margaret, they would not let us bring your vaporizer on the plane because of the batteries that powers it. I am so sorry," Eve concerningly. "Dale, if you would come sit up here. Would you like a beer?" It was spooky; she was as calm as cucumber if anything - cheerful.

    Margaret looked up at and over at Dana," Dana, give me one of your ciggys please." Almost childishly, she started giggling and went back it to it. She slid one of her long gloved fingers right up this poor bastards ass and he howled in pain which oddly caused her to shiver with joy. Her left land came down like a thunder clap on his right ass cheek. "Dale, I am having so much fun. One of the advantages of wearing rubber gloves is all the fun in the world can be had and no messy fingers. We are having fun aren't we," each word smack after smack; the guys ass was cherry red. Eve lit her cigarette and smacked again.

    "I'll say," Sarah interjected. She had kneeled and was pinching his balls and shaft. "I'm with Margaret - her gloves keep his sick fluids off my hands, so I can make him regret the fact that he was born with male genitalia. You sick fucker!" She slapped his ball bag so hard I felt it out of sympathy. She was playing with her smooth balls as he suffered.

    "Will you two shut up! Ugggh ugh keep it - keep it in your mouth bitch!" Dana was balls to chin in his mouth all the way down - tears flowing from his eyes. He had that thing the dentist uses to rip your mouth open to handle a cavity. PLOP agh agh agh - the man, struggling for breath. made eye contact like I needed to do something - what the hell do I do! "Margaret punish him for not accomodating me. Damn you worthless scum! Hold still!" Dana went all the in fast, and the man gurgled and drooled all over the carpet. "There we go. Now we got it, let's try again." Dana did the same motion this time plugging his nostrils and moaned. "Ugggggh yes. Yes. Hold it, good."

    The man started shaking and writhing on Margaret's lap while Sarah was laughing hysterically. The shaking persisted for a little while longer then out of nowhere. Eve jumped up.

    "There we go. Uggggh ugh ugh swallow - wait you have no choice," Dana pulling her softening cock out of his mouth. "I needed that. Thank you Eve," Dana said wiping off who knows what off her cock. Dana's cream flowed from the strected mouth.

    Tonia, who had been pleasuring herself watching the exhibition, came up to the man and shot a jet of her fluid all over his face. With a smile, she smacked him on the back, "I get him when you all have finished." She took one of the towels from Eve.

    "I want to fuck him. Fuck him right now," Sarah emphatically to Margaret. "Don't make him pass out again Margaret. Don't hold back but don't go to far. Right."

    "Right," Margaret got up and like, I said, was the most endowed of all the women, took Dana's place on the stool. The man started whimpering - he was in for it. "Eve, hold him. We don't want him to wiggle away."

    "I want to do it," Tonia piped up.

    "Now, I hope you understand you are being punished for what you have done SLAP SLAP," Margaret, gripping the base of her shaft, spoke to the man. "Together now Sarah, Eve are you ready."


    Sarah looked around the cabin and smiled, "Three. Two. One." What happened next was so unnatural is oddly erotic. From the front, Margaret shoved all ten inches of meaty cock into his mouth causing his cheeks to bulge, so far, I thought they would pop. At the exact same time, Sarah, without hesistation, drove every bit of her shaft right into the man's poor ass. It was timed perfectly; the unknown man was almost lifted off Tonia's lap.

    "Oh, this could not ugh ugh be ugh better. I thought your finger would ugh loosen oh his ugh tight hole ugh up," Sarah exclaimed. This was not for his pleasure, she looked like a piston furiously pumping in and out in and out pace quicking each pump, her gloved hands gripping his reddened cheeks.

    "Sarah, I am going to see if he can go farther than the last one - SMACK. Listen here, this will make it get tight so park it," Margaret concentrated. She put a finger in his mouth and pulled the left cheek as far as it would stretch and did the same with the other hand in the right cheek. The man started shaking as inch by inch Margaret's fat cock went deeper and deeper. The man was shaking furiously," oh his throat has to be tighter than his asshole. Fuck! Fuck! Hold it, here we go. Open wide ugggh." Fluid flew out of the man's mouth all over Margaret's legs. Margaret relaxed and started slapping his cheeks again.

    "Finished a little quicker but, hey, it was snug and we like snug."

    "Hang almost there. Gag him again, so it will take me over the edge. Do it!"

    Margaret took her right hand and shoved a gloved finger down the man's throat with the left pinching his nose. Eve helped her out by grabbing his hair. Gluck agh gluck gluck.

    "Oh! That's ugh it!" Sarah collapsed on top of the man, buried inside. "We need to do this more often Margaret. Eve and Tonia were great too." Eve smiled at Sarah.

    "Well, Dale, how was the entertainment," Tonia asked inquisitively. "Is this better than a movie?"

    "I'll say."

    Tonia looked at Diane,"we know dear. Dale?"

    "Uh, well. I have no idea what the hell just happened." I looked down my cock was standing full mast at attention. "She said that he had done something? What could he have done to deserve, well, whatever this was? Punishment?" The man fell off Eve's lap and was lying in all that fluid.

    Dana turned towards me," Dale, we find villains in the shadows and make them pay for their transgressions. Madame Jade, the ladies, myself, and many others are fighting a losing battle in this cruel world. We fight the shadow and punish without." The plane became very silent.

    What the fuck was Dana talking about?

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    Default Re: Something New from the Shadows

    Hope, everybody is enjoying reading as much as I enjoy writing it. FYI, I am writing this as fantasy. THIS IS NOT REAL (at least to my knowledge), it has elements not found in a lot of similar subject matter in the niche of trans erotica. I have a glove fetish - not hardly done; enjoy spanking - rare in the sense of it being a key element; and, finally, domination in the traditional BDSM - getting more and more. I hope you enjoy this next part and again - if you have any suggestions, thoughts, or pointers. Let it rip.

    Part Three: The Home of the Shadow Madame

    Finally, the plane landed, and the memory of the uh 'plane entertainment' was still replaying over and over. The ladies and the no named man, I could not believe that was even, well, I did not even no what to call it. Remember, where I am from, the craziest thing that happened was an ex did not wear underwear on our date - like I said, mind blowing. What Dana, Margaret, and Sarah did was mesmerizing, but it was something where I fantasized about being the no named (no this not that kind of story). I liked how the ladies looked when they were in control. Plus, Margaret and Sarah looked so hot wearing their rubber gloves.

    Again, the only type of 'kink fetish,' I personally had, was rubber gloves - the dishwashing and medical gloves. I had seen videos of spanking, deep throat, and BDSM, on occassion. Remember, I was around girls who would run at even the suggestion, let alone at the thought sucking my cock - you already know gloves of any kind, not just rubber, where out of the question. I got to see all of those things all at once! Like I said, convincing one of my past partners to do something freaky was not common, and they did not ask, obviously, but they were working? They said that 'he' was being punished for what? Who was he.

    Taking in the change in environment, I was actually happy for the time in a while. Back home, it was hot, not it's kinda warm, I am talking about sticky what the fuck hot. It was chilly, and it had been raining - everything looked nicer. I walked out of the plane, following the ladies, "Hope y'all have a nice day," I blurted out of habit to Eve, Diane, and Eve.

    "What?" Tonia blurted out in surprise and smiled as I walked past.

    "Nice to meet you Mr. Smith, I hope you had a great flight!" Eve, cheery as ever, gave me kiss on the cheek and motioned me toward the door. She was really nice despite helping Sarah and Margaret destroy that man.

    "Mr. Smith, I hope, we can meet again. My chocolate bar wants to play with you. Don't worry, I will be gentle, but she has a mind of her own," Diane smiled grabbing her huge cock. Diane pulled me close and whispered, "I think, no, I know you would love it." I felt her hand grab my ass then SMACK! "Stay safe, Dale." Diane blew me a kiss, all the while, squeezing her huge cock.

    "Come on Dale! Move your ass," I heard Sarah's demanding voice. Remembering that tone, I did not want her to be upset. I put a little pep in my step. I walked down the stairs and saw this, it looked like a R.V., but it was a lot more fancy in a European kind of way because it looked like a van. "We got to get moving; we have a long drive; and, if you thought we were 'pushy.' Madame will skin us all if we don't make it by 7." Sarah, Dana, and Margaret were scared of Madame Jade. Them? Scared? Who the hell was Madame Jade.

    Not used to traveling in this way and being, all of sudden, jet lagged, I laughed shaking my head. "This is unbelievable, it is so fancy. The Rolls, the damn plane, and, of course, this haha. Un-fucking- believable." I sat down on the sofa. "The van has a damn sofa. It has got to be a trick, and I am in deep shit when they finally realize I am nobody special haha." When I am tired, there is no filter. The ladies all blew loads in front of me, and it was well past the point of formal whilst conversing.

    "He is tired," Dana said smiling at me. "Dale, we are the best at what we do and use the best. Traveling is a pain, and if you are comfortable it makes it bearable. You have time to sleep we have a long drive. Dale, over here, people are going to love your manners and how polite you are."

    "Driver, let's go! We are not going to be late," Sarah blurted out loudly causing me to jump. "If we are late, I am going to make it the last time you drive."

    "We are fine. I texted the good Madame and informed her Dale is loly gagging about how sophisticated we are in the civilized world," the ladies started laughing. Sarah looked relieved.

    "I hate being late. I hate making her wait. I hate it," Sarah emphatically stated.

    "We know," Dana and Margaret looked at each other trying not to giggle. "See, we're off," Dana said. "I am going to get some sleep. Now will everybody be quiet."

    "Who is Madame Jade," I asked. "What does she want with me? I don't know anyone on this island, and she is flying me out for what? She is going to be pissed when she finds out I am a redneck from the states." I wanted answers.

    "Dale, sleep. We have a big night ahead of us, Sarah said getting comfortable on a reclining chair at the back of the van.

    "Dale?" Margaret got up from her seat and joined me on the couch. I was feigning fast and needed sleep. Margaret pulled me up and let herself sit down on the reclining part of the sofa I was on. She put my head on her lap, and her smooth fingers rested on my head.

    "I can move ma'am," I tried to get up. Margaret put her hand on my shoulder stopping me.

    "Dale, this is fine. Get comfortable and sleep. I don't mind you being here with me. I like to sit in this particular spot," Margaret whispered and giggled. "You are so sweet and kind," she said looking down at me. "Most people, here, don't act like you. It so flattering how you treat me and the girls like proper, poncy ladies," she started stroking my hair - it felt nice. This Margaret was different than the Margaret I saw on the plane.

    "Who is Madame Jade, Margaret?"

    "In due time, sweet boy. You are the right person. She will love you, but not as much as I do," she said to me now. "I hope she lets me stay close to you. We can have a lot fun." I could feel something growing stiff and I adjusted my head. Giggling, "sorry, haha, I like the way you look so innocent on my lap." I closed my eyes to her stroking my hair.

    I slept well. I needed it. I did not want to wake up. Fate would not let me enjoy myself, and I was being shaken awake. I felt that stiffness this time it was against me cheek.

    "Dale, Dale," Margaret was shaking me awake with a warm smile rubbing my face. My eyes opened, Maragaret's massive rod was right between nose and mouth with my cheeks resting on her large ball bag. "Oh, sorry about, uh, my equipment, you move around a lot when you sleep," Margaret paused and took a long drag from her cigarette with a smile. "Hope you don't mind. I, uh, got a little more comfortable, haha. Your warm breath was teasing, so I got a first chance of having a sexy man blowing on my girl without actually blowing, weird right? The drool helped hide my precum, so I am interested in experimenting and seeing if there is something more when we get back."

    Her giant cock was wrapped in tan pantyhose, and it was soaked - like spilled a drink soaked. Wait, that was precum! How much load does Margaret normally blow. Realizing that fact, I sat up quickly. "I am sorry ma'am. I didn't mean to make mess. I try not too, but it never, well, you can see." Margaret was putting the foot rest back into the sofa.

    Margaret rubbed my cheek, "sweetie, don't apologize. I loved it, uh, can't you see." She pointed down to her swollen shaft and with another puff, "don't worry about it love, look out the window, Dale. Isn't it great! Dale, " I watched Margaret concerningly lean forward. I loved this beautiful woman, scanning her feet to forehead. She was amazing, sweet, and so sexy.

    "Sorry, I uh, uh, I-"

    Margaret looked inquisitively at me and then realized she was making me nervous, blushed and blurted loudly," ladies, we made it! We made it." She was shaking excited. Her cock was straining in her pantyhose and large breast were swinging side to side in her top. I could not stop staring at Margaret - she was beautiful, and I wanted her just her. I smiled at her putting out her cigarette, and she winked at me then pointed out the window.

    I got the next shock, and I knew it was going to be nice like the plane and R.V. - not even close. We were in the middle of nowhere: pine trees, hills, and green - green everywhere and all around. I loved it, and there were perks to living whwer I did, but this was fairytale beautiful. The trees thinned out, and a large object appeared in the distance. It was a castle, and a big damn castle at that. All those fantasy movies had shown me what castles could look like, but this was over the top.

    "Beautiful, isn't it," Dana startled me. "Sarah did a number, and she does not disappoint."

    "Wait, this was made to look like this. It is amazing!" I turned to Sarah. "Sarah, that is amazing."

    Sarah smiled, "I am good at my job. I am the best, and Madame Jade knows what is best. It looks traditional on the outside, but there is nothing traditional. Central heating, state of the art security, WIFI, need I say more. Madame Jade has great tastes, and I can provide. Wait till you see the inside." She said putting her hand on my back. "The gate was put in so that we know who is getting in and who shouldn't. The security system keeps us safe, and I am honored everyday I see this place."

    "So, I get to stay here?"

    "Yes Dale, we will get you sorted out. Hope you are excited. Madame Jade has not stopped asking about you. She cannot wait to see you," Dana said looking at her phone.

    Doubt took over, "what will happen when I am not the one she is looking for? Why does she want me? I don't want to end up like the dude on the plane."

    Dana started, but Sarah jumped in, "Dale, if you weren't we wouldn't have wasted all that fucking time getting you." Sarah playfully shoved me.

    Dana piped up, "what Sarah means, we know she is looking for you. Don't worry sweet boy. She will be beyond impressed with you. Ah, we are here."

    The van door opens and naked men are standing outside of the van to greet us? They were wearing no clothes, shaking in the cold, but they had what looked like dog collars on people put to keep their dogs from running off. Behind the naked men, four tall muscular women wearing tight black jumpsuits, holding whips, were smiling. Crack! The naked men rushed toward the R.V. and grabbed all the bags in compartments and, like flash, dashed off to the house. Three of the women walked behind them cracking their whips as they made there way into the house.

    "What? Why are-?"

    "Welcome to Shadow House. I am Svetlana - Svet is fine," the tall woman looked at me as if inspecting me head to feet. "I am head of security. Any problems, issues, or reports come to me. Mr. Smith, you are expected. Welcome back ladies. I trust you will freshen up before reconvening with the good Madame," she had a thick Russian accent and muscles to go with it and ice white hair. She looked like a fearsome Bond villain that doesn't mess around. "Mr. Smith, would you please. Good to see you ladies."

    "Bye Dale," Margaret said while Sarah and Dana waved.

    "See ya later Svet," Dana said walking with Margaret and Sarah back towards the R.V.

    Svetlana stopped me before opening the giant front door, "Mr. Smith, English is my second language. I make up for problem with service to Shadow House. I am pleased to meet you," she held out her large hand.

    I shaking her hand laughed, "Dale, Mr. Smith is a guy who I never met or heard from. Svet - Svetlana, is it?"

    "Svet is what everyone calls me, yes."

    "Svet, it is very nice to meet you ma'am. Don't apologize, I can barley speak English. I got to say, for being a second language, you got it," I piped, trying to get her to be more relaxed.

    The tension was thick then she smiled, "Madame said you were different, but she did not say you were respectful. We will get to know each other Mr. - Dale - we will get to know each other well, Dale. Come." She motioned me towards the door. "Oh and don't engage with servants. They are scum and punished by a lifetime of servitude at Shadow House." She pushed one of the naked, collared men out of our path, "get out of my way!" The man gasped and ran away, "they know that I am not to be tested, ha." I was a little nervous.

    By now, you can imagine the inside of the castle. It was immaculately clean, and there were beautiful women everywhere laughing, talking amongst each other, and yelling at the men. One of the women had a man over her knee and was beating his ass like a drum, 'this will be the last time my drink is spilled you worthless bastard!' "Svet, why is she spanking him?"

    Svetlana started laughing, "the slave should not spill drink. We punish useless slaves because we have too. Slaves serve. If mistake is made, it is our duty to correct. He got off easy. You will see." What did she mean? "Madame is waiting."

    "O.K.," my nerves were on the rise and kept going each step we climbed. "Is this all hers? It is amazing, and I cannot believe how clean it is."

    "Yes Dale, she is the Madame of Shadow House, our employer, and a dear friend." That's good, she is a great friend to Svetlana. Svetlana would kick my ass in two seconds, so I should be happy. I was still nervous. "Don't be nervous. She has been waiting a long time for this moment." We came to a wooden door, and Svetlana went up to the door and knocked, "Madame, Svetlana escorting Mr. Dale Smith."

    "Come in Svet - oh wait just a minute," came from behind the door. I heard some shuffling, groaning noises, and then it all went quiet. "Coming! Get up and stand in the corner. Now, fine take your time - you will regret that. Coming coming!"

    The door opens and, oddly, a gloved hand motions both of us in. I entered into a time warp: bookcases lining the wall, a huge desk (which was sitting kind of higher than most), and Madame Jade. Finally, I see Madame Jade.

    "Oh Dale, I cannot believe you made it," Madame Jade yelled running at me and giving me a big hug. "All these years, it has finally happened. Oh Dale! Svetlana, please," she looked at Svetlana still holding me close.

    "Goodbye, Madame." Svetlana kissed her hand and walked out closing the door.

    "Good to meet you ma'am. I -"

    "I love the Americans in the southern part. Always with the ma'am and sirs, manners is important. I wish these useless twats here would learn," Madame Jade was still holding me. "Oh sorry, hehe, I did not expect you so soon - it has been a whirlwind day," she looked down and my shorts were wet.

    I should explain that the good Madame was not dressed like everyone I have met associated with her. She was wearing a bright pink silk bath robe that was open and slippers. She had on rubber gloves, too! Two people, not including myself, into rubber gloves, was a shock. I looked down, and, like the women she had sent to find me and associated with, there was a bulbous head attached to a glistening shaft and it was pressed against my, now, ruined shorts. She was older, mid forties, almost like a milf or cougar. She was very pretty even compared to all the beautiful women around this castle.

    "It's fine ma'am. I can clean them," I said not flinching that her cock was now twitching against mine.

    "I take it the sight of a beautiful woman with a real big cock does not bother you? Good! Now I want you to go freshen up. We will speak again at dinner. I just got a new DVD, and this idiot slave of mine is new. He should have finished, but we will fix that," Madame Jade said grabbing her slave by the ear taking him back to her desk. It was odd because the man got, kind of, in the desk. "Dale, see yourself out. I need to finish up. We will talk later. Great to see Annie's little boy, I am so happy." She smiled snapped her glove on her right hand and hit a button on the mouse. I jumped when I heard the groaning. With the noises going, I made my way and heard Madame Jade yell at the slave, 'I am going to fuck your mouth until my cock falls off! Now, I am late to meet my best friend's only son - you are worth- open your fucking mouth.'

    Closing the door behind me, Svet was standing there waiting for me, "Dale, I will show you to your room."

    "Sounds good Svet. Svet, does Madame Jade know slavery is, at least, where I am from, illegal, and how do I put it, kind of fucked up?"

    She then said something that through me, "technically, they are not slaves. They are our captives, and we put them to use. We tried disposing of them, but, then, we figured it was more productive to put them to good use. Madame Jade is an honorable woman, and she knows what is best for those who deserve it, good or bad."

    "How many are here?"

    Reaching another old door, Svetlana opened it and escorted me in, "not enough. This is where I leave you, goodbye Dale." Svetlana pecked me cheek and smiled closing the door.

    Holy shit, my room was out of control crazy. I stood there dumbfounded with jaw dropping to the floor. The plane, R.V., and, now, this fucking room - this did not suck.

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    Default Re: Something New from the Shadows

    Still working on the fourth part. Thanks for the patience. Again, any tips, suggestions, or critiquing please feel free, this is my first story.

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    Default Re: Something New from the Shadows

    Here is Part 4: Dale is not Alone in the Darkness.

    Hope you are all well, this has not been easy. This next part is more filler, I am going for background in this part. Currently, I am working on the fifth part - it will take longer, but it will be worth the wait. Our hero is at the castle, and he is not adjusting well. Again, if you have suggestions, opinions, or critiques let me know. This is fiction, it is as fun as it is challenging.

    Here it is Part 4: Figures in the Shadows

    The apartment, I had back home, was by no means huge, but my room at this giant castle was like one of those penthouse suite things I had seen on T.V., ding dang dong here's a huge room. There was an enormous bed; a sitting area with leather couches & two huge recliners; the biggest flat screen complete with a home theater; a bathroom the size of my apartment; and a nine piece double bass drum kit with cymbals and all facing the window overlooking the grounds.

    Walking into the bathroom, there was a gigantic shower with the faucets built into the wall, and there was another door. Opening the door, I had reached the closet. 3 sided, the first had expensive suits and ties; the biggest section, in the middle, had casual clothes (my "look") consisting of jeans and t-shirts; and the other section was coveralls like I had worn at work. The floor had shoes, boots, and sneakers for any occasion. I turned off the light and walked back into the my new room. Closing the bathroom door, I looked and around chuckling, "of course, they put in a fucking drumset, haha, why not?"

    "I hope this is sufficient," a voice came from behind me. I froze; I am glad I didn't touch that fancy food on the plane because the stain on the front of my shorts would have an adjoining one in the back. Turning back quickly, I got the shock of my life. "I wanted this place to feel like home. Well, with less dirt - anyway, Dale everything hear is for you. If you need anything, just ask, ok dear." Madame Jade, Dana, and Svetlana stood there smiling.

    "Uh, yes ma'am. Thank you mma'am," I said staring at three women. Svetlana had on a fancy red dress. Dana was wearing a very business like getup. Madame Jade had lost the bath robe. She looked amazing in a long dress, which if you have been paying attention, probably have guessed the color. "It's incredible, thank you so much. Will people mind if I play the drums ma'am?"

    All three women smiled, Svetlana looking around the room, "We have sound proofed the room. Does he say ma'am all the time?"

    Dana chuckled, "It's all he says. I think he's very considerate. Sarah designed this room, and, if I know her, you won't be able to hear anything: screaming, spanking, fucking, and, oh yeah, drums. Yeah, alright Dale, it's fine."

    "O.K. - um can I play now?"

    Madame Jade walked up arms open and whispered pulling me in close, "You can do anything you want in here." What did that mean? "Dale, we don't have um regular cable, that's what it is called back home?" Madame walked over to the table and picked up the remote. Pressing the remote, I jumped back. There was a woman and a man on the screen. The woman, on the T.V., was driving her cock into the guy without mercy. She was moaning in pleasure while the man below was writhing like a fish out of water. "Dale, oh Dale -"

    I was blushing. This glamorous, mature woman, along with the other women, started laughing hysterically. I was glued to the screen; Madame Jade had just turned on a high definition pounding and was acting like it was a advertisement for life insurance. All I managed to squeak out, "Yes ma'am uh-"

    Madame Jade cut me off, "Dale, we have four channels. They are, how can I put this, made for a targeted audience. The first (she turned down the volume), a straight forward hardcore - it features our associates doing what they do best, haha." Her, apparently, associate was fucking that guy so hard she had to hold him up. Madame Jade clicked the next channel, "Our second, group interaction - we believe in sharing, and the proof is in the pudding. A favorite during get togethers and 'girls night in.'" There were probably fifteen ladies and a few scrawny guys. Some of the guys were licking and sucking; the others were getting rammed by the ladies' hard cocks. "The third, my personal favorite, (clicking the remote) the Fetish and BDSM - you might see me in a few of the productions," she said blowing me a kiss. A woman, like the others, was dressed head to toe, in latex, was getting her cock sucked by a handcuffed man on his knees. The woman swung her riding crop hard and yelled at a man that was tied to a table. "Finally, the fourth, the newest addition, our instructional channel. It is content submitted by girls that do not do a lot of camera work. This channel is growing in popularity, you might see some familiar faces (clicking the remote)." Margaret appeared on the screen holding a sex toy, a pair of medical latex gloves, and was pointing at a bottle of lotion. There was a caption on the bottom of the screen, 'Why Masturbation is Necessary and Proper Technique. She pulled on her gloves, grabbed the sex toy, and put some lube on the opening of the toy. "See, nice and simple. Sarah outdid herself. I cannot wait for next month. Dale, we are getting another channel: Oral! It's nothing but sucking, face fucking, and deep throat. Dale?"

    "Ma'am, is there only these channels."

    "Why? We polled all the girls, and it was unanimous - no commercials all action," she paused looking deep into my face, a slight scowl showing. "It doesn't bother you does it?"

    "No ma'am, not at all, I just remember - well my mom came in, and I was caught with my pants -"

    "Deena, right?"

    "Yes ma'am my mom, uh Deena, she walked in and -"

    "Sweet boy, there is so much you have to learn," Madame Jade walked back over to me and started rubbing my cheek and, suddenly, she grabbed my cheeks with one hand - she was stronger than she looked, "Don't offend your mother, Deena is far from a mother. Don't disrespect your mother." This was different, Madame Jade was not as friendly now.

    "I'm sorry. I didn't-," she quickly released her grip and pulled me close. I am doomed, and this lady was going to take me out. What had I said?

    "I'm sorry sweet boy. I would never hurt Mary's son," she was rubbing my shoulders. I saw her eyes welling up, "I will tell you about your mother at dinner." Her sad tone was suddenly perky and cheerful as ever, "We have dinner in an hour, and I need you out of these rags and into a fabulous suit. Svet will fetch you for the meal. Great to see you, I have to dash. Tata sweet boy, so glad you are here." Pulling me close, she held me tight kissing my forehead.

    "Yes ma'am, O.K."

    Dana and Svetlana nodded and followed Madame Jade out of my room, closing the door behind them. I took a deep breath thinking, 'what the hell just happened; they only have porn on T.V.; and my mom, who I had known to be the woman who gave birth to me, wasn't my mom. Why was Madame Jade so upset with what I said? This was puzzling me, I did not want to upset anybody here. My short term memory kicked on, and I ran over to the drum set - yeah, I loved playing drums, fuck it - emotions can wait.

    Time flew bye, and there was a knock at the door - I had pushed a little longer than expected and was running behind. Svetlana opened the door - she looked beautifully striking. Her muscles were not intimidating in her dress like they had been in her tight suit thing. "Dale, we need to go. It's your first day here. The good Madame does not like tardiness, and punctuality is very important. Wow, you, uh. clean up well."

    "Thanks, I don't really wear suits, never had enough money for one, I hope it's O.K.?" I asked wondering, and Svetlana started blushing. Her dress started rising, and she saw me looking. Was she into me? I playfully struck a pose and said, "Hey sweetie, I'm Dale." I was just messing around. She was now beat red and turned away from me.

    "Dale, be serious. You look ho - I mean, we need to go. No time for your jokes," she said almost yelling.

    I walked up behind her and put my hand on her exposed shoulder. She flinched and had my arm twisted like a pretzel, "uh Svet, uh, I was just joking. I am sorry ow. I didn't mean anything ow."

    "Oh my, Dale, please forgive me. I did not hurt you?" She was looking down at the ground. Her tent was stretching the fabric; her dress was stretched thin, and it was not hidden anymore. "I am sorry Dale. I, uh, startle easy."

    Adjusting myself, I opened the door for her, "Svet, I did not mean to scare you. I was just being playful, maybe went a little far."

    She exited with me following her. "Dale, it is not that. I do not want to mix business with pleasure." No shit. "I am to keep you safe, and my English is not good I -."

    I put my hand on her shoulder again, whoops, "Svet, you are very professional. I am not some wimp. Come on, I'm hungry - let's eat." I held my arm and, blushing, she locked her arm in mine and escorted me down the stairs.

    We walked around the castle. I did not get to look at much because Svetlana was practically dragging me, but no one was in the halls. We made our way to the back and went through the threshold into a normal sized room with a large table. It was almost as large as the room. Fancy plates, too much silverware, and white table cloth - where I'm from people like me are turned away by this. I was nervous this was fancy - I don't do fancy.

    Madame Jade saw us coming, "Ah Dale, wow you look so handsome. Mary would be so proud." The room got quiet. I was the only man in that room, and some of the ladies seated at the table were giving me menacing looks. This was uncomfortable, I hope it wasn't because of the suit. I felt small.

    "Ladies, this is Dale, he is Mary's son. I told each of you about him." I felt the change in the atmosphere like a hurricane. It went from daggers to daisies - all of them were smiling and saying hello, glad you made it safely, etc. Confused, hell yea, I felt like the only comfort was an easily hot tempered Madame and a female body builder whose cock could rip through a dress. I sat down next to Madame Jade, and the woman, sitting to my right, scooted her chair towards me and was patting me on the back. It was overwhelming.

    Madame Jade stood and silence, "Ladies, Dale is staying with us. He has joined our cause, and we need him. Yes, he is different, and, yes, I want the effort made to be helpful and kind to him. He is very important to me." The sudden pause was very odd I felt very proud like a movie hero that is going to save the world or something cheesy.

    Wait, I joined 'the cause;' they 'need me.' "Dale, stand. Tell these pretty ladies a little about yourself. Dale? Dale likes to play the drums, haha. Dale!" I jumped out of my chair; it definitely was warm standing up to say who knows what.

    "Um, uh, th-thank you mma'am," the women started giggling. "Uh, well, my name is Dale. Nice to meet y'all," again Southern charm makes people from everywhere feel all fuzzy. "Uh, thank you for having me. I don't normally wear a suit, and it is overwhelming how nice everyone is." The crowd awed and ooed patronizingly.

    A woman sitting across from me spoke up in a Latin accent, "what was your job? I love the term ma'am - it's very sweet." The crowd laughed nodding while grinning ear to ear at the scared bumpkin out of his element.

    "Oh, right, yeah I was or still am a mechanic," realizing I was in a place where no one does something petty like work on cars. "I fix, build, and work on cars, vans, and trucks. I have been doing it for five years, and I want to say that I think I am good at it. It's about the only thing I can do. College did not fit with me and working made the most sense. I don't have money, and I never have. Like I said, this place and everybody in it are so nice, and I apologize if I seem like a bum -." I heard aweing and a couple of 'I love him;' 'he's so sweet;' and, oddly flirtatiously, 'can he fix my car.' The crowd was getting restless and wanted to talk to the country bumpkin, and Madame Jade stood up.

    "Thank you Dale. Girls, Dale is our guest, and our new mechanic. He will be in charge of road travel and the vehicles in use. We will get him integrated, and, though he won't say it, it is very overwhelming to him. He is far from home, and it is the first time he's ever left home. Make him feel welcome, he is a sweet boy and means well. Dale, welcome to Shadow House." The ladies, in unison, repeated 'Shadow House.'

    "Now, before we start, do any of you have questions. All will be answered in time, but we are having a roast and don't want it to get cold. Yes, Amy?" Madame Jade pointed to the back. I looked back, and a smaller thin woman raised her hand all the while smiling at me.

    "Welcome Dale, I am Amy. I am in charge of Communications with our stations throughout the world. Madame, does he know?" What did she mean? "Does he know about the arrangements with the uh, haha, 'hired help?'" All the women started cackling about the question. All the naked dudes in speedo shorts and chains - check. Women who have cocks that make my own equipment look like an earth worm next to anaconda - check.

    "Dale, has, well - he is aware that all of us are trans. Dale, any of the women, in the house or you meet, are trans. We have opted to not have surgery because we all love pleasure and use it everyday. Right girls?" The crowd cheered really loud, "We have male genetalia, and we are proud of it. As far as the 'hired help,' I will speak with him to clear up that. Dale, for times sake, you are the only male not in servitude here. The residents and our associates know that fact, so, now that we have sorted that, let's eat." Everyone started cheering, I was staring at the table.

    All the food was served by the servants, the ladies were eating, drinking, and conversing amongst themselves. Madame Jade patted my shoulder, "sweetheart, what is the matter? Is it the food? Tell me what's wrong."

    "It's overwhelming ma'am. I don't feel like I should be here. I-"


    "Madame Jade, I don't know anybody here. I don't know-"

    "Dale, calm down."

    "Ma'am, I have to excuse myself," I stood up from the table and exited. I made sure to thank everyone and all, but I wigged out. What the hell was I doing here? Why did they want me? I was confused and jet lag was not helping. I made my way out and tried to figure out the way to my room. Like I said, big castle big chance of getting lost. I was sitting on a sofa when I heard a voice.

    "Dale, I am sorry. I thought this would have gone better," Madame Jade came and sat next to me. She put her arm around me and pulled me close. It reminded me of my mom, apparently not my mom, would hold me when I was sad. I broke and started crying. "Dale, sh sh, come here dear. It's alright."

    I sat up, "ma'am, I am sorry. I need sleep, and I feel terrible because I am nobody. Apparently, that lady who raised me was not my mom; I am joining a cause I know nothing about; and I am not at home. I live in a town that could fit in my bedroom, and I have been told that I am nothing my entire life. What am I going to do? I am not who you want, and I want to go home."

    "Dale, it is O.K. You are special, and I know I have the right person. Mary, your mother, was my best friend. I made a promise that I would look after you. I have spent ten years searching and searching. Now I have the chance to show you what you were meant to have."

    "Who is my mom? Why have I never met her? I knew that I was adopted, but I always thought that my real mom did not want me."

    "Dale, your mother died giving birth to you."


    "Dale, I know you are tired. You need to get some sleep, and tomorrow, I will answer all your questions. Trust me sweetheart," she patted my head. I was staring off into space and wasn't aware that the dinner party had spilled out into the hallway where I was - well this embarrassing.

    I bolted up right, "I am so sorry I ruined everyone's dinner. I uh-"

    One of the women came and bent down in front of me, "Dale, we know you are; fret not, we understand."

    "Dale, we will see you tomorrow. Get some sleep, I will check on you later," Madame Jade stood up and put her arms around my head, hugging me. "Big day tomorrow, lad. Sleep well dear." I got up, and Svetlana lead me back to my room.

    "Goodnight, Dale," Svetlana kissed my forehead. "Better day tomorrow, yes?" I nodded and she said goodnight. I crashed on the bed and fell right to sleep. What a day.

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    Default Re: Something New from the Shadows

    Part 5 is near completion. Thank you for the patience, the last part was kind of long winded. Hope you enjoy, and if you have any suggestions, comments, or concerns - let me know.

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    Default Re: Something New from the Shadows

    Sorry for the lengthy wait, thank you for the patience. Been busy, but part 5 is finished! This is a longer part, I feel bad for making people wait so enjoy. It has good and bad, and, like any story, ups and downs. If you have any suggestions, comments, or criticisms feel free to let me know. Enjoy Part 5 (extended) - this features BDSM and fetish parts - you have been warned haha. Part 6 is being worked on, and I appreciate your patience.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

    I wish I could have said that my sleep was restful, but understand this story isn't all sunshine and daisies. Did I mention that, for the first time in my life, I had jetlag. Waking up, sleep did help, but it was still dark. Not wanting to leave my room, I thought about playing drums, like I said middle of the night session never was a good idea (sound proofing - right). I went over to the couch and grabbed the remote. T.V. would help me sleep because that's what I normally would do back home.

    Thinking about a sports channel, the screen came on. Did it ever, the screen had a woman's leather clad boot with a large heel being licked by one of the men that are everywhere in the castle. 'Assume the position,' what sounded like a whip cracked. The man jumped up, and bent over the table. The camera went to a close up on the woman's face; it was Madame Jade.

    'I know that I am going to enjoy this, but I am not sure you're going too haha,' she yelled with a sinister passion. She reached back and swung hard - WHACK - again, WHACK. Madame Jade had on thigh high leather boots over a tight skin latex catsuit. In her left hand, she had a long black riding crop, and, in the left, a long stick that held a cigarette. The man was shaking (I got spanked when I was little - well not like this), and the camera moved down to her swollen cock. She put the cigarette holder in her mouth and started rubbing her cock. 'I love when there is a breakout. WHACK! I love when someone feels like they can escape! WHACK! I don't know if I will be sure, but you probably won't be able to run away again. WHACK! Well, sit down at least ah haha, worthless vermin - Svet, my girl needs attention will you continue?'

    'Shall I use the crop, Madame?' Svetlana came into the camera. She had no clothes or shoes, and her big rod was dripping onto the floor.

    'No dear, this is not for fun, haha oh no, this rubbish scum must understand the consequences. Get the cane. He is fine, a few lines, consider it a warm up for you. You can fuck him, if you make to the end. I will tell you when to stop. Fetch me assistance for my excitement!,' Madame Jade exclaimed, and Svet was gone. Madame Jade sat back down on her chair.

    Svetlana walked back into the picture with another naked man. She led him to Madame Jade, and she smiled with a nod. The man got on his knees and opened his mouth. 'Svet, begin.' The man moved towards her swollen member, and his face was struck, 'No you worthless idiot, we will not be needing any of that, not now at least haha. I want you to watch and see what happens when you do not behave. Svet here will emphasize what I tell each one of you before the uh initiation process - you will never leave this place. Svet, get on with it.'

    'With pleasure gracious Madame,' Svetlana walked up behind the man and grabbed some rope. She was moving quickly and, like a flash, she was done fastening him to the table. 'Let us begin. Break out of this little bitch, I want to see you escape,' Svetlana's accent was very strong and, like always, intimidating. 'Let me start with an inspection, I love inspecting to protect this castle,' she said walking behind the trembling man. 'First, your anus. Hmm nice and tight - very suspicious. I think we will need to begin the punishment first.' CRACK CRACK CRACK - she stopped and pinched his bottom,'This is a good start.'

    'Yes, very thorough, excellent Svet. I trust your intuition. Look at that, see, I want you to escape,' Madame Jade was back in the camera and addressing her uh pet (we'll go with that). She was holding his face between her legs, and her fingers forced the man's eyes wide open. 'Better pay attention, Svet's stamina is far more than mine ever could be. We are going to be here a while.' The camera moved to the man tied to the table - he had angry looking marks, and Svet was rubbing something on him from the front. The man was screaming from the liquid, and Svet was holding back from laughing. 'Will you act like this when you are up there? Hmm?' Madame Jade asked the man now crying between her legs.

    This uh act continued for a while, I was sitting there with my jaw open. Imagine a horror movie, transsexual porno, and a sadistic villain torturing her captives. It was some scary shit. I did not want to be a part of. In my head, something was happening. I was curious. Madame Jade and Svetlana were beautiful women, depsite the sadism and massive cocks, but the way they were controlling and dominating made me conflicted. My boxers were tented, and I felt bad. I never did, hell, never seen anything like it. I did not want to be the one getting an ass whipping, but it was a show. I started rubbing and stopped quickly. Turning the T.V. on mute, I went to the bathroom and laid back down to try to go to sleep. It took a while to fall asleep, if you're wondering.

    I slept well, and I opened my eyes. I was not alone. Not wanting to inform my uninvited guest, I opened my eyes and saw a pair of smooth stockinged legs, shaking. I smelt cigarette smoke, and then I heard that all familiar noise - my guest was masturbating like crazy not but a few inches away from me. Stay calm, don't freak out - it is a nightmare and will be over when I wake up. I moved a little bit. Shit!

    "Good morning sweet boy! I see you slept." I was busted. I lifted my head off the pillow, and, on the other side of the bed, Madame Jade was lounging on the headboard. She leaned down and kissed my forehead. She reached out her hand, but, pulling it back quickly, she realized that there was an oily rubber glove. "Oh, ha, sorry, I was, well, I am almost done. You can go back to sleep or watch, hehe - won't be long dear," Madame Jade put her hand back on her thick oiled shaft and took a long drag on her cigarette. "Margaret is so sexy; I love watching her fuck," she said as the shaking sped up. "Did you like the movie?"


    "The - oh wait - here it comes. Right this mmmm ah much better," I looked over and saw the cum that had soaked my sheets. "Don't worry, we have great laundry, so the movie, how was it?" Madame Jade looked very optimistically at me pulling the gloves off.

    "Well, I, uh, would say it was different," I saw her and Svetlana with the men, this might be a mistake.

    "Different huh? Like good different? Bad different details, dear, please," she really wanted me to answer.

    "Madame J-," she put her clean index finger over my lips.

    "Jade, dear. The girls call me Madame because I run the show. You are different - now tell me how was it?"

    "Uh um, it was entertaining for sure. It's just something I had never seen much of, and I don't want to offend - "

    "You would never offend me sweet boy," Madame Jade was stroking my cheek. "I'll take entertaining! I make porn, and people like it or don't - free country." That statement would need convincing, the two dudes in the movie did not look free.

    "If I may, if I didn't like it, I would have turned it off," I said. Madame Jade kissed my forehead.

    "You liked it?"

    "Well I -"

    "He liked it!" she screamed out. Svetlana, Dana, Sarah, and Margaret ran through the door and jumped on my bed giggling. This was a sturdy bed frame, I had 5 women in my bed with two pushing me into my bed.

    "I uh I thought it was good," I said struggling for air. The women were giddy with excitement. They let me up, and I got off the bed to stretch.

    Dana jumped up and said, "Good, now that you're awake, shower, and we can get your day started."

    "Yes ma'am," I said. The women giggled and climbed off the bed. Madame Jade walked into the bathroom. She used the toilet but did not come back.

    "Dale, come on you have a busy day," she said. I walked into the bathroom, and, WHAM, Madame Jade is butt naked getting into the shower.

    "Uh ma'am, I am sorry I will go when you get done."

    "Get in here big boy, I am going to make sure you're clean haha," Madame Jade's cock was now stirring. "Don't worry dear this is no big deal besides you can wash me." She was a sight - nice firm breasts with an ass to match, skin that wasn't leather tan but not pale, and there was her big cock under her closely cropped pubic hair. "What," she asked as I was staring, "Oh, I see somebody's nervous."

    Busted, yeah, I still get nervous around attractive women, and the fact that she had a cock twice as big as mine. "I, uh, ma'am, uh, don't want to impo-"

    "Get in here. Now," she commanded. I took off my clothes, and she was hard as a rock. "You are not small, well, smaller than me haha," she started laughing while I quickly covered, tried to cover, my growing erection. Stepping into the shower, I was nervous. I had always fantasized about being washed by another person, but they don't call it fantasy for nothing. Closing the door, Madame Jade firmly grabbed my cock and pulled me close, "This will be different than anything you have ever done, I hope you enjoy it. I am."

    "Uh, yes ma'am, I-," was all I could say. Her breasts pressed against me tightly with her rock hard cock on my stomach. She put her index finger on my lips.

    "Sweetie, I want you to relax. You are special, and I want you to enjoy yourself. The perks of your enjoyment is I get enjoyment from it as well. Now, come here," her hand went to the back of my head and pulled me to her bright red lips. We kissed for what felt like an eternity. Her hand found my rock hard shaft and started stroking me. I am not going to lie; it felt good. "Not so bad is it," she said pulling back as looked down. "I think you have a nice cock, and my girl likes it to. See, they are friends now," she started smacking her cock with mine.


    "Jade," she kissed me. "Remember, I am Jade to you and you alone. Everyone calls me Madame Jade because I am the Madame of Shadow House. To you, I am the one person who truly loves you," she said pulling me into another long wet kiss. She loved me. I loved that I was getting, uh, special treatment. I mean a beautiful, mature, and classy woman was kissing me because she wanted too. What did she mean that she loved me. I haven't gotten any answers, but, as typical guy who has ruined intimacy more times than I can count, I started getting into it.

    "Oh, yes, Dale, squeeze it. Yes, she loves you. Squeeze my balls oh," I had gotten a little initiative, and I was stroking her big girl. "Dale, I have waited so long for this, and I will not be able to enjoy this very long haha. Faster, faster!" I sped up, and she reciprocated pulling me in. I started kissing her beautiful neck. I was about to explode.

    "Jade, I am about-," I was breathing heavy.

    "Not yet, sweetie, I am almost there. Please, let's do it together, just a little more," she started nipping at my neck all the pumping faster - I was losing my grip on holding it. "Ok, Dale, here we go, let it out," she licking my ear. I swear; I felt like I had fired a cannon. She was moaning and started rubbing my fluid all over her midsection. Madame Jade shot her load all over my stomach, and she pulled me in,"That's why we are in the shower, dear, now let's wash we have a lot of things to take care of."

    Madame Jade washed me all over. My hair, my whole body, and she spent a lot of time around my ass. Like I said before, it was not an entrance but an exit. She let me wash her which was nice. Her breasts felt amazing, and her ass was even better. She could be one of the girls in a music video, and she made it point to put it right near my face even telling me I could kiss it. I did because I am pushover. It was the best shower I had ever had. Getting out of the shower, I looked at Madame Jade, "Jade, you are amazing. That was nice, I needed that I -"

    She pulled me into her again for a kiss, "Dale, I am so glad you are here. You don't have to say anything sweet boy." She pecked my cheek, "We will see each other soon, dear. Get dressed and have a good day, O.K.?"

    "Yes ma'am," I said as she blew me a kiss. Madame Jade took her towel with her and blew me a kiss. I did feel a lot better, and I might have been fearful for nothing. Madame Jade had given me the best handjob of my life, and it was the first time that someone else had touched me, long year - don't hate. I went into the closet, and I put on a blank t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. I turned off the lights and headed back into the room. The T.V. was on, and it was loud.

    "Did you have fun," Margaret turned to look me, and I looked down blushing - she cackled. She was on the couch, and she had a video on of a woman, trying on different gloves, getting sucked by a naked handcuffed man. "Oh, I am almost done sweetheart. Here sit down, these are for you," she held out a pair of white rubber gloves like the ones she had on. Margaret had one of those jackoff toys that looked like a flashlight. I had heard of the thing she was using to masturbate, but I never had the money to buy one. Margaret turned back toward the T.V., snapped her gloves, and started pushing the toy down to the base of her shaft.

    "What is that thing Margaret?"

    "It's a masturbator. Being in charge of Shadow House's Medical Department, I am trying to instill a sense of safe fun into a simple act: masturbation. We always rub one out, well, this has an added benefit. It can allow the user a sense of realism to increase stamina which proves useful when the real thing happens. God, I love this thing," she looked down and pulled her cock out of the little opening making a plop sound. "See, that sound does not happen enough when I am fucking."

    "Oh, I, uh, gotcha," I said confused.

    "Why don't you put those gloves on? I love wearing gloves. They make me feel so well you know haha. I always liked nurses, and now I get to be one, amazing right?"

    "Yes ma'am, I will wear them later," I said because I had to hide the wearing of latex gloves because the smell always weirded people out. Margaret knew something wasn't right.

    "Look Dale, no one gives a shit about wearing gloves here. I wear them all the time, and, to be honest, more of the women here have been, uh, converted, haha, to wearing them more often. Don't feel bad, you can do what you want here, and, after your shower, I doubt Madame Jade will care if you wear them. She wears them all the time, and I understand it will take some getting used to."

    "Uh, it's-."

    Margaret cut me off, "Dale, put them on."

    "Yes ma'am," I said pulling them on. It was nice being around someone who liked gloves the way I did. Margaret smiled at me, and I smiled blushing so bad.

    "See, how good does that feel. Now after that shower, you don't have that much left in the tank, but I know it feels good haha. Now, grab my cigarettes on the table," she said pointing with her hand. I got them for her and held them in front of her. "Dale, I need your help," she looked at me with a mischevous grin.

    Quickly realizing, "Oh, sorry ma'am right." I opened the box, and she puckered her thick lips out. Then, I took the lighter and lit the long cigarette. She took a long drag and let the cigarette dangle, "Dale, be a dear and grab the ashtray I am a little tied up haha." I grabbed the ashtray and sat down next to her. She then put her legs in my lap and looked at me, "Dale, pinch my nipples. I want to feel the gloves on my skin."

    "Uh, O.K.," I said putting the ashtray down on the coffee table. Her large breasts were heaving and, upon contact, she jolted. Margaret really liked gloves. This was amazing, I was playing in gloves which was the ultimate fantasy.

    "Somebody's enjoying this haha. Dale, take over dear I am going to need another cigarette. She is in good hands," she grabbed my hands putting my left on the toy and the other on her large ball bag. "Now don't forget, it's not about how fast you can go - pleasure the girl sweetie. Begin," she said chuckling. She put another cigarette in her mouth and lit it. I started squeezing her balls and moving the toy up and down slowly. "Oh, Dale, that's so nice. Don't stop lover, don't stop."

    I got a little surprise when she blew me a kiss. Feeling a little adventurous, I put my other hand around the base of her large shaft and, with the other I pulled toy completely off. Margaret groaned in disappointment, but I held her cock brought the toy down to cover the top most portion of her engorged shaft then pulled the toy off again quickly. I did this a few times, and Margaret loved it.

    "Dale, oh my goodness, Dale, wait wait," Margaret pushed my hands away. She sat up and stood up, her cock bobbing and swinging all over the place. She climbed on my lap and put her arm around me. "Hold it here. Like that yes, Dale, this is wonderful," she said kissing my forehead. She sat on my lap and said, "Dale, keep doing what you did earlier, this will be fun." I repeated the process by touch taking the cock out of the toy and putting it back in. Margaret pulled my head to hers, my face was next to hers. She nibbled on my ear, "Dale hold it still." Margaret started violently fucking the toy, and I thought it would fall out of my hand. "Oh, Dale, Dale!" The toy filled up, and her hands quickly pulled mine and the toy all the way down. "That was amazing, best personal time ever, thank you dear."

    "You're welcome ma'am," I said feeling like I had done something good.

    "Do you mind if you help me with my scientific, yeah, research into personal pleasure, please?"

    "Sure," I said.

    Margaret kissed me on the cheek, "Dale, you are the best. Help me clean up." I pulled the toy off and grabbed the towel. Her cock was huge even in my big hands. I held her shaft with one and rubbed the towel over the length. Margaret was rubbing my head, "Careful sweetie, I might have to get relief sooner than later, and we have to get stuff done." She giggled and kissed my forehead again.

    Margaret put out her cigarette, and she climbed off of me. Madame Jade had a great body, but Margaret's looked even better. She had a huge wide ass with curves that made me melt. Her breasts were heavy and, just one of them, was bigger than my head. She had a little bit of a stomach, but it wasn't too big. I like all shapes and sizes - big and small, appearance wasn't everything in my book, but I like what I like. Now, Margaret had the biggest cock I had ever seen, and Madame Jade wasn't that much smaller in the length - girth. It looked like a forearm with two golfballs hanging low.

    Taking her gloves off, Margaret looked at me, "Dale, today we are going to perform a medical evaluation. We need to get your records in our system to keep you healthy and all that. It won't take long, but we get to play with gloves some more, hehe. Once that is completed, we will give you a tour of the whole of Shadow House."

    "Sounds great ma'am," I said standing up. I took off my gloves. "Margaret, this was fun." Margaret put on a lab coat, and it made her beautiful curves accentuate. I threw my gloves into the garbage can and headed to the door and opened it for her.

    Margaret had stepped into a set of black heels and put her hair into a tight ponytail, "Dale, how do I look?"

    "Like the nurse guys, like me, jack off to before bedtime," I said. Nurses and doctors was a subject I frequented to for the wank bank, and Margaret looked hot.

    "Well Dale, I can tell you that we can definitely make that happen. Don't you worry, I will talk to Madame Jade about it, she might join us hehe," she said walking through the door. She grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me out of the room, "Come on sweetheart, work to do."

    We descended the stairs and walked throught the castle. All the women, some I recognized from the dinner and some I didn't know, were smiling and saying hello and welcome to Shadow House. It felt nice, and my fear was fading fast. We passed by a room where Svetlana was spanking a naked man and waved when we walked by. "Margaret, why are all the men naked and getting spanked or punished or hell whatever it is?"

    "Well, Madame Jade will get into that more when you two talk over lunch. Basically, the slaves, uh men, are not as well mannered as you, and we have women, like Svet, to keep them in line. Well, we keep them in line because they are here to serve us, and disobedience is not tolerated," she said. I did not understand, but it was one of those situations where I didn't want to dig a hole I could not get out of. We passed a sign that lead to an elevator for the research center. Stepping in, the elevator doors closed, and we ascended.

    It was a long elevator ride, and we reached the floor, I was shocked. Imagine one of those medical commercials, where there scientists doing there thing. "Dale, this is the research wing. I run this department, and you will love my staff, uh well, my team haha puns are fun. Through here we can start the testing," Margaret lead me into the typical exam room.

    She grabbed the clip board and studied it for a minute, "Dale, you need to get undressed, please."

    "Yes ma'am."

    She looked up from the clipboard and smiled, "I love when you say that, so sweet. So, this is just like a regular physical just with a twist at the end, hehe."

    "Yes ma'am."

    "Oh, Madame Jade, join us. I was telling this sweet boy about this routine physical, he'll like the end. I think at least," Margaret running over to greet her with a quick peck on the cheek. Madame Jade was wearing a navy business dress and white heels. She had a nice pearl necklace, and her regular bright red lipstick. Madame Jade looked nice.

    "Hello, my sweet boy," Madame Jade came over and hugged me giving me kiss on the forehead. "Dale, Margaret is the best person, and this will not take long," she said stepping over to the bench where she motioned me to sit next to her. I heard the snap of Margaret putting on her gloves, and Madame Jade started chuckling, "Margaret loves her gloves, and, from my understanding, you do as well Dale."

    "Uh," I was embarassed.

    Margaret jumped in with a big grin, "Dale is shy about it, but he was actually very helpful, suprisingly thorough, in my research." Margaret and Madame Jade busted out laughing. Margaret stood up, and her cock was sticking through her lab coat. Looking down she laughed, "It's alright, Dale will help me with it later, right."

    "Yep," I said with a smile. Madame Jade smiled and looked at the two of us.

    "I want to participate if that's alright," Madame Jade said with a smile.

    "See Dale, I told you she would do it," Margaret smiled checking my chest with the stethescope. She looked back down at the clip board and smiled, "Madame, you can assist in the examination, if you want."

    Madame Jade jumped up, "That would be great, of course, thanks for the gloves haha. Dale, please stand up."

    "Yes ma'am, what is the next part," I asked confused. Margaret wheeled her stool behind me and grabbed a tub of petroleum jelly.

    "Dale, this is going to feel a little weird, but you have liked everything so far so keep an open mind, O.K.? This part is a prostate massage, your regular exam was excellent this is the fun part. So, long medical jargon aside, this will make you ejaculate from stimulation through your anus oh, and it is important to check because colon cancer is a serious medical issue. Now, Madame Jade will assist in the penile stimulation - she will masturbate your penis while I stimulate your anus," Margaret said handing the jar of jelly to Madame Jade.

    I felt a cold wet filling around my ass, and I got to admit I wasn't stoked on this new development. Madame Jade could tell I was not excited about this, and she hugged me. "Sweetie, don't worry it is not bad. Margaret is a licensed doctor who knows how to properly do this in a dignifying way. Plus, I am here to comfort you mentally and physically. Now, enjoy or try to enjoy and relax, for me."

    Sighing, I had a hard time saying no so I took a deep breath, "O.K. I have never done this before now, and I am nervous - ah!" I felt the finger push in, and it was a weird feeling.

    Madame Jade held me close, "Dale, it's fine it's fine. Don't worry. Look at me, you can do this now try to relax." Madame Jade started nibbling my ear and stroking my shaft. "Dale, fuck my gloved hand. Feel the latex around your fat cock, and it will block out the finger poking your asshole." The pain in my ass started to not be so bad, and I was starting to get into it. "See sweetie it's not so bad, and I am going to have some fun too. See even Margaret is enjoying herself," Madame Jade said kissing my cheek, and I turned my head and saw Margaret stroking her big cock behind me.

    Madame Jade stepped back and turned around, "Dale, unzip me and help me get this thing off."

    "Yes ma'am," I said unzipping the long zipper and pulled her dress off. She had a pair of lace panties on, and she turned around - there was an open hole were her swollen cock poked out. She got more petroleum jelly and came back to me. She wrapped an arm around my back and gripped my cock, and she started rubbing her shaft.

    "Dale, your prostate is in good shape, and, once ejaculation is complete, we are done," Margaret said with a heavy breath.

    "See Dale, you oh are healthy. Open your mouth," Madame Jade said sticking her tongue out. She started tonguing my mouth! "Oh Dale, I see you're stamina has improved, and I might be done early oooh," Madame Jade furiously stroked and came on the floor. "Now, fuck my hand. How are doing Margaret," Madame Jade said looking back Margaret.

    Margaret was breathing rapidly, "I am oh almost oh done haha - I love my job." Margaret shot her fluid on the wall, "That was nice, Dale, are you almost ready?" I was close, so I nodded with an hmhm. "I am going to try something. Dale, keep going," she said pulling my ass cheeks apart. I balanced myself and felt something wet going up and down my hole.

    "Whoa, what, whoa," I can't believe Margaret was licking the place where you know blank comes out.

    Madame Jade spoke up, "Margaret knows what she is doing. She does it for me often." Margaret chuckled and kept licking. I was getting close this was not bad.

    "I am close, so uh close-," I said looking at Madame Jade, and she kissed me. I felt the burning again because Margaret's finger was back in. It sent me over the edge, and I came harder than I had ever before. I lost my balance and slipped.

    "Dale!" the women screamed.

    "I'm alright, just couldn't stand up straight haha. That was crazy, I have never done anything like that," I said and Madame Jade and Margaret started laughing. They helped me to my feet and cleaned me off. They took off their gloves.

    "Dale, we are done thank you for the cooperation. I hope it was as fun for you as it was for me," Margaret hugged me.

    "It was different not bad just different," I said causing Margaret to satisfyingly grin.

    "Dale is a brave man, and he is not afraid of trying things," Madame Jade said rubbing my shoulders. "Dale, let's eat I'm famished."

    We got our clothes back on, and we said goodbye to Margaret. Madame Jade took me back to the elevator, and we ascended again. The doors opened, and we were on the roof. There was a beautiful view on rolling hills and green as far as I could see. This was awesome, I felt happy for the first time in a long time. I pulled Madame Jade's chair out for her and she thanked me. We sat down and she looked at me, "Dale, before the others get here, I want to tell you about your mom." I was shocked, finally some answers.

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    Hi - loving it so far. It's like when you come home drunk late at night and there's a weird movie on and you can't quite make sense of it but you love it all the same. All those hot cocks in tight satin are really getting me hard. Roll on the next part!

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    Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you liked it. Working on the next part, it's a slow process, but I am trying to keep it different i.e. weird. The next part will be out soon, and I hope it is worth the wait.

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    Thanks again for your patience, I hope this part was worth the wait. It is difficult to write this, but I am still working on it. Any feedback, suggestions, or criticism feel free to let me know. Our hero gets some answers and more, but is it what he is expecting? Hope you have a nice day.
    The Continuing Saga Part 6:

    "He is very good with his hands," Margaret said, out of nowhere, hugging me as she joined us at the table. "Don't let me interrupt," she said pecking Madame Jade on the cheek. As happy as I was that I was near Margaret, I hope that Madame Jade was still going to tell me about my mother.

    For some reason, I had been raised by people who were not my parents. To some, it is not a big deal, but I never thought of my 'parents' being kind of distant had something behind it. My folks loved me, and they were good to me - never dealt with abuse or mistreatment. They weren't overly affectionate, but it was what it was. Madame Jade took her last bite, and, for the first time, I wasn't feeling stressed. I was anxious, but, according to this woman, I was not who I thought I was.

    "Dale, thank you for your patience, we can finally talk about your mum, Mary," Madame Jade smiled at me. "Margaret is with us because the three of us were friends before all of this, and we were inseparable," she said smiling.

    "So y'all grew up together," I leaned in curiously.

    Margaret jumped in, "Well, not exactly, I met Jade and Mary at a difficult time in my life, and -"

    "We are getting ahead of ourselves," Madame Jade interrupted. "Mary and I were childhood friends. She was there for me when I was in a confusing time in my life. Dale, most women do not have penises, and, at the time, people shunned me, except Mary. We were in a small circle, due to our family wealth, and what I was going through made me an outcast. Our families had arranged Mary to marry me," she said looking down. I was shocked.

    "What? Families don't do that anymore, do they," I asked. I read in history books that families had arranged marriages for different reasons, and, in some parts of the world, it still exists. Again, where I grew up, this never happened unless it was rich people putting their sons and daughters around each other that they became friends, couples, and, then, married couple. "Why did they want you two to marry?"

    Madame Jade took a deep breath, "I hated my family, their money, and their idea of what makes a quote on quote person happy. My parents and her parents were friends through business, and our arrangement was strictly financial. Keep in mind, we were best friends, and she knew that I was not, at that time so long ago, your typical teenage boy." Madame Jade lit a cigarette and sighed, "I wanted to be in love, and I wanted the same for Mary which made it hard. In my mind, I did not want to hurt her because she was my best friend, and I told her what I felt - let me tell you, the hardest thing I've ever had to do."

    Madame Jade took a long drag from her cigarette and started tearing up, "My father and mum were furious and sent me to a private college in the United States. Mary's father would not let her contact me, and I hated it. Two years go by, I am living full time as a woman and lonely. Outcast at home and freak around the campus. I get notified that my parents had been in an accident, and they left everything to me."

    "I'm sorry," I said instinctively.

    Madame Jade put out her cigarette, "It didn't bother me because I had not spoken to them other than the occasional phone call at Christmas. Thank you Dale, it doesn't bother me. I had more money than I knew what to do with, so I flew back home for the funeral. I was the only person there, and I felt a tap on my shoulder - there was Mary. She gave me the biggest hug, and she had been sent to a mental institution because she was not obeying her mum and father."

    "That is fucked up," was all I could say. Madame Jade was crying.

    "Mary, left everything so she could be around me," Madame Jade was sobbing now. "I am sorry," she said as Margaret was rubbing her shoulder. Taking a deep breath, Madame Jade smiled, "I had my best friend, and more money than I could spend in ten lifetimes. Life was good - I had paid for Mary to go to the university I was attending. I had really taken a liking to technology and computer programming. I invested in a lot of startups that became very successful. Through that time, I had met a lot of influential people over on this side of the world, and it was around the time of her last month of school," Madame Jade's tone went from sad to angry.

    I was sitting there with my mouth open. Madame Jade paid for my mom to go to college. The things I had seen here were conflicting because Madame Jade was a really nice person. "What happened, I thought everything was goo-"

    "Let me tell you something, for some reason, if you are a nice person - you get fucked over by people who aren't worth the ground under your shoes," Madame Jade got up and started pacing.

    "Jade, it's O.K. - we are making a difference," Margaret said getting out of her chair. "Dale, Jade and myself are the only people who have knowledge of this, so, dear, please keep this between us."

    Madame Jade came over and gave me a big hug taking a deep breath, "Dale, your mother was raped."

    I never liked the stories I hear on T.V. of sick fucks sexually assaulting innocent people, and, now, I am learning that some piece of shit did that to my mother. I hugged her back, "I am sorry-"

    "It's not your fault," Madame Jade said wiping her tears. "That tragedy led to you, she had you because she knew that you were innocent."

    Now I am crying, my mother was assaulted and still gave birth to me. I stood up and was now pacing, "Holy shit!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

    "We were going to raise you. I was there to support your mum, and we made a decision to tell her parents about you. Mary hopped on a plane and flew back to the U.K., and she told her mum and dad. They did not want to have anything to do with you or her. They had the audicity to say that she was the one responsible for this situation," Madame Jade slammed her hand down on the table, and the tension was thick in the air. "When she flew back to me and told me, I was furious. Over the next few weeks, my bubbly, energetic best friend was depressed and distant," she paused and started crying again. "Her parents rejecting her made her relive that horrible night to the point she, she-"

    "It's O.K. Jade, Jade!" Margaret comforted her friend. "That's when I met your mum, she and I became acquainted when she came back. I was in medical school, and I worked for her parents as a maid. I was concerned about her when she told her folks. Instinctively, I had to comfort her. It was wrong, and I knew she needed somebody. I quit school and offered to help her. I packed up what little I had and went to the States. I started cleaning and cooking for Jade and your mum. Jade was a woman like me, nd we bonded over our struggles. We tried to be there for your mum but-"

    "She fucking killed herself," Madame Jade dropped to her knees, sobbing uncontrollably. "A sweet, innocent, lovable woman killed herself. I told her parents, and they blamed me. They did not want you and did nothing to help their daughter. They did nothing!"

    "Jade, it's O.K. Look at me, Dale is here, safe, and he loves you," Margaret said helping Madame Jade up to her feet, wiping her tears hugging her. "We are here for you."

    "Dale, Margaret is one of a kind, and I love her for it," she said holding Margaret pecking her on the cheek. "Now, you know Dale."

    I was wiping the tears from my face, and I got up and gave her a big hug. "Jade, I am so sorry that you had to go through with that terrible - awful thing."

    She smiled, "Thank you sweet boy."

    "I feel terrible for asking, but how did you get to this place and what goes on... here-" I had been wanting to ask this since I got on the plane.

    "You don't like it here," Madame Jade asked as she sat back down at the table.

    "No, it's great - I don't know how to phrase it, but here goes. Jade, there are damn near naked men that are abused or, more specifically, sexually dominated by the women here. It's fucking crazy, it's like a BDSM video or something? It doesn't bother me because you are happy, but, as an outsider, I am confused," I said concerned. Madame Jade and Margaret looked at each other and smiled.

    Margaret looked at me, "Jade is my best friend and has been for a long while. This place was conceived and the uh methods that are in place." I did not know how this would help, but Madame Jade treated Margaret different than the other women at the house. "I was in a dark place when your mum and Jade helped brighten my dark world. I was having a hard time finding people to fuck and fuck me. I am what is called versatile - I like to give and receive. Jade is what is called a top - she wants to give not get."

    "I am confused," I did not know what the hell Margaret was talking about.

    "Dale, I do the fucking, and I like my partners to take my cock," Madame Jade smiled. She came around quickly, dang. "Margaret was fucking a guy, and the guy snapped and attacked her. She was in a newspaper article, and I was there when she was at hospital. We fooled around haha, but I would not let anyone hurt her," Madame Jade rubbed Margaret's arm.

    Margaret smiled at me,"The idea of Shadow House was formed when we were out at a club, and it got a little out of control. I was forced into a bathroom by some drunk asshole, and he said I wouldn't do anything because the police won't help a freak like me." She paused, "I am in serious situation, and Jade found me and hit the bastard with a bottle knocking him out. Well, we weren't going to have this drunk abuse us or anybody else. We took him to our flat and, well, with what you've seen he was sorry he messed with the wrong women," she started laughing.

    "I am sorry Margaret. Nobody deserves that. Y'all lived in London? Or other countries? I get that y'all wanted to make the drunk pay, but there are so many guys here. What did they do," I was still not getting the picture.

    Madame Jade leaned in and nodded to Margaret, "Dale, I have money. I have brains. I am horny. Those three things are not what get utilized in a sense of enterprise. It was great because I had a great friend who went through a lot of the hardships I experienced."

    "What does that even mean, ma'am?"

    "Haha, sweet boy, on the internet, people jack off to the idea of woman like Margaret and myself pleasuring ourselves or others. We approached motivated financially minded individuals who look the other way and do nothing to get in our way. Well, we found the right people, and I paid them more than they could possibly imagine and now are paid for the work we do with the, as you call it, men. Dale, these "men" are scum who think that they take sexually liberty on defenseless men, women, trans, and get away with it."

    "Wait, wait, wait. These men are all predators, all of them?"

    Madame Jade spoke up, "Yes Dale. They have all been involved in accosting or assaulting. The women here all have been in a situation like Margaret. I gave them a place of safety, and a way to take out their sexual energy. Dale, the scum vermin are bad men, and I took advantage."

    It all made sense, this was too much. So, these women fuck the shit out of scumbag rapists. I smiled, "That's crazy. That is fucking crazy, so the guy over there holding the tray was a -"

    Margaret piped up, "Peeping tom, he thought it would be fun to sneak into a women's lavatory to watch... sick fucker. We find them through the prison systems around the world, and the governments don't mind because they don't have to waste state money on them taking up cell space. Oh a bonus, predators don't fair well in prison. It's like that in the states right?"

    "Yeah, it's well - yeah they don't last long. This is a kind of crazy, y'all make videos, and people buy them? Is that what happens?"

    Margaret leaned in and put her hands on mine, "Sometimes, I would put it like this. A lot of people support what we do, and, in a lot of cases, we provide help even comfort to those whether they get off on our videos or need haven from a troubled situation. We are not monsters, and, because of Jade, we have place to be happy, fuck our brains out, and Jade wanted you to be with her. I, having met you, understand and am happy you are here. I hope you will stay."

    I smiled at the two of them, "I like it here, and I am not a sick deviant so I am in."

    They both jumped up, hugged me, and Madame Jade hugged me, "Great! You will be happy. We need a mechanic, but, being in this place, you will be in charge of our ground transportation, vehicle selection, and driving instruction. We know that you worked as a mechanic and raced. You have the knowledge and skills that we don't. I need my girls to be safe and efficient behind the wheel."

    This was a dream come true, I had my dream job, "I cannot wait to start. When do I start? Where will I work?"

    "In time dear, you are happy I am happy. Now, Margaret if you would," Madame Jade put her arm around me.

    "Dale, work will begin tomorrow. Now, you are not sexually aroused from fucking men. That is obvious," Margaret said in her direct tone. "That is O.K., we think you don't mind women with our uh characteristics. We have some women who like to bottom meaning they like getting not giving."

    "Uh O.K.," this was the oddest thing I had been presented with.

    "Then there are women like me who like to give and receive. Jade and I want you to fuck me," Margaret said. "Would be into the idea? We can play, and Jade will be with us."

    "Uh, yeah, ok-"

    "Great, go to your room and shower. We will send for you when it is time," Madame Jade said kissing my lips and hugging me. Margaret hugged me and kissed my forehead.

    I walked to the door going back into the castle, and Svetlana was waiting for me. "I hope your meal was satisfactory?"

    "Yes ma'am, yes ma'am," I said as we got on the elevator. There were a lot of thoughts in my head, and it was still sinking in, but things were good. I felt at peace with everything because Madame Jade and Margaret were really nice and seemed to care about me which was weird - I am a pushover so it was nice that there were people who liked me around. Oh, I get to have sex with Margaret. I went into my room, and there was a note on my bed: Cannot wait for tonight - M.

    I played my drums when I was anxious back home, and I was a nervous wreck. It had been a while since well you know. I went into the bathroom and rubbed one out, so that I wouldn't have uh performance anxiety. I showered and every second ticked by I was nervous. Now, Madame Jade was hot as hell and loved that she had given me special attention, but, Margaret, something about her made me weak. It didn't matter that she had a cock twice my size. She was beautiful and kind. Stepping out of my bathroom, I had surprise visitors: Sarah, Dana, and Svetlana. They were wearing matching pink bath robes.

    "Dale, you didn't think we wouldn't know. Margaret wouldn't stop talking about it," Sarah said bluntly then smiled and gave me a hug.

    Dana pecked my cheek, "This is going to be something, Svetlana even wanted to uh come, haha."

    "Wait, y'all are joining us?" I asked. Holy shit, these beautiful women were making this into an event.

    "Yes Dale, we have been invited to observe," Svetlana said as professionally as ever. Her erection was tenting her robe, and she quickly adjusted her big cock. "Sorry," Dana and Sarah started laughing.

    I hugged Svetlana, "Svet, it's fine, and I am glad to see y'all."

    "Ready," Sarah opened the door and off we went.

    As I climbed the stairs, my heart was beating out of my chest. I was nervous, and the women knew it and were teasing me. It was light hearted, but I was anxious because I really liked Margaret. We got to this door I hadn't seen before, and it had a big 'M' on the wall on this plaque thing. We stopped outside, and Svetlana put her hand on my chest, "Dale, wait until you are called in."

    "Uh, sure, I don't mind."

    "They want this to be special."

    "Right," I said as they went in and heard giggling and laughing. I knew this was going to happen, and they were good. I was panicking, I cannot do this, and I am not the right person - oh shit. Then the moment came a real loud, 'Dale.' I took it as the signal and opened the door. Oh wow, I did not see this coming, this was going to be something.

    "What do you think," Madame Jade said walking up to me.

    I was speechless, "I uh, uh, ma'am I-"

    "Girls, this is going to be fun. Dale why are your clothes on," Madame Jade asked as she was ripping my shirt off, and I followed the direction pulling my pants down quickly. My cock was as hard as a rock. Madame Jade was wearing a tight red latex catsuit with a hole that had her big cock swinging out from it.

    "You look amazing," was all I could I say she started nibbling my neck while she pulled on my raging hard on.

    "Thanks sweetie, but I am not the one you need to be pleasing tonight - that will be another more private setting," Madame Jade led me by my cock to the bed. Sarah, Dana, and Svetlana were sitting on three chairs facing the bed, and there was Margaret. She looked amazing sitting on the bed in a reclined position.

    "Hi Dale, do you like," Margaret looked amazing. She was wearing a white see through sexy pajama thing and matching white stockings. Her brown hair was in a loose ponytail, and her massive cock was shaking with a little bead of precum oozing from the big head. "I hope that you don't mind the company. I wanted to look nice for you in my sleep set, but my panties, well, they got stretched out I hope thats ok?"

    "Margaret, I am in heaven. This is too good to be true, I don't deserve this." She climbed off the bed, grabbed a long thin white cigarette, fired it up, and put her arms around me. "I, I, ma'am-," I couldn't speak.

    Margaret put her index finger on my lips and said, "Dale, I want this. I want you. I want you to make love to me. Fuck me, Dale."

    "Yes ma'am. I am honored," I said as I made her gasp because I picked her up. The women in the room gasped and awed. I heard Madame Jade say, 'this is going to be good,' and heard the women agree. I carried her to the bed and laid her down gently, "Margaret, you are so beautiful." I climbed on the bed and she stopped me from kissing her. All the surroundings were drowned out, and I was focused on Margaret.

    "Dale, we need one more thing," she said giggling. "Open the the top drawer on my end table, you don't have to, but I want to. This is for you, I just happened to enjoy it as well, so." I opened the drawer and smiled. She had a box of white rubber gloves, lube, and her masturbator. Taking the gloves out, I thought I should give her a show. I slowly snapped on the first one and then the second. I took out two more and smiled. "Don't tease my sweetheart," Margaret eagerly sat up to grab them.

    "You're gonna get it," I said coyly. "Sit back, you'll be happy for being patient Margaret," I took her right hand and kissed it. "The right," I said as put her first glove on.

    "Naughty boy," Margaret was grinning fiercely. "This will be fun."

    "Now, the left," I said kissing her left hand then slipped on the other glove. I made sure to snap it, and when she heard the sound her cock was twitching. I grabbed her wrists and put her hands on my face and mouth. Smelling the sweet latex smell, I started sucking her fingers then kissing her hands. "Oh Dale, please keep going. This is so hot, please oooh," Margaret cooed.

    I leaned in and lifted her head off the pillow - pulled her lips to mine and kissed her hard. I used my left hand to grip her huge shaft and slowly rubbed up and down. She pushes my head back, "Oh no, shit, no, I am-," she yelled. I knew she was coming, and I leaned in to kiss her cheek.

    "Let it out," I said kissing her ear smelling her sweet shampoo. She exploded on to my rib cage. I rubbed her sticky shaft and put my hand to my mouth and started licking her fluid. It tasted weird, but it was not bad - hard to describe but it didn't make me lose interest. Margaret sat up and put her hands in her face.

    "I can't believe I came already. This is embarassing, I'm sorry Dale - shit," Margaret was upset.

    "Hey, hey, I am not done yet, and we will get it back working," I whispered. "I am going to enjoy this, and you will too, O.K." I got between her legs, and she put her arms around my neck. I kissed her again and grabbed my hard cock and started tapping it against her slimey deflating erection. "We are going to be here a while. Look at me, you will be happy."

    Her eyes tearing up, she kissed me then said, "Dale, you are so sweet." I kissed her a little while longer then moved a little down to her large breasts. I kissed, licked, sucked, and nibbled at her engorged nipples sucking one then licking the other. Margaret was loving it - cooing and aweing. "Dale, don't stop. It feels so good." I pull back, and she sighs disappointed I stopped giving her nipples attention.

    "Open your legs," I said, and she spread them wide. I pulled her right leg up in the air and kissed her sole. Kissing my way down her right leg, I was close to her business zone. I pushed her other leg up, and her little hole soon became visible. I put my head real close, and I stuck out my tongue - contact. She jerked and started lapping her sweet hole. With my hands, I spread her legs wide to get better access. She is moaning really loud and shaking. I push my tongue past the muscles and swirl it.

    "OH MY GOODNESS, DALE! DALE! This is great!" Her hands grabbed my head and forced me into her deeper. I pull back, "Dale, why did you stop? Is something wrong?" I smile.

    "Turn over, I want to really get in there."

    "Oh, naughty boy - yay."

    Turning over, Margarets big ass looked even bigger than I remember. "Margaret, you have the best ass, fuck." I grabbed her thick cheeks hard, and she moaned as I stretched her massive gloves apart. "You taste so good." I put my whole mouth around her hole, and she pushed my head in.

    Out of nowhere, I hear Dana's voice, "Dale, go. Oh my god, this is fucking hot." Margaret is giggling and moans.

    I spread her cheeks with two fingers, kept lapping, and, with my free hand, I grabbed her thick flaccid rod and squeezed. Margaret was squirming and moaning loud, "Oh, Dale. Amazing. Oh. My. God." I moved further down and started kissing her large ball bag. She really liked it and moved further down her now growing shaft. "Dale, please, please, oh oh." Taking my finger, I start circling her puckered rose all the while kissing her shaft. I feel her tightness as the gloved finger makes it through the wall. I hear a loud groan, and I shifted so I was laying next to her. I started pushing, and my long finger was knuckle deep.

    "Margaret, this is great-" I was in a good place.

    "Kiss me big boy," Margaret climbed on top of me, and my finger flies out. She sits on my hard cock. Her ass rubbing on my rock hard on my erection. "Dale, you've teased long enough - fuck me!." She grabs my cock and slowly lowers herself on my engorged shaft. I had been with girls who were tight in the past, but this was a whole different level. I pulled her tightly her large breasts pressing into my chest kissing her neck, "Dale, you feel so good - oh fuck, fuck."


    "Fuck me Dale, squeeze my ass. Fuck my ass big boy!"

    I roughly grab her breasts pulling her left nipple to mouth and started sucking. Using my strength, I grab her ass and pull it as far as I could and hold her. I start pistoning her, and we are both moaning, "Marg, Margaret, you are a-mazing. I. Want. To. Be. In. You. Forever! Fuck! Shit!" I pick up the pace, and the slapping noises fill the room.

    Looking over, I see my audience stroking rapidly silent all the while staring. Madame Jade is sucking her finger, and she blows me a kiss. I am close to finishing. Oh man, I don't want this to end. Margaret was fully hard again, and I grab her thick shaft and start rubbing. She grabs my other hand and starts sucking my fingers hard, slamming her large ass. "Margaret, I'm close. I can't hold. I can't last."

    "Let it loose, I am too. We will do it together," she says shrugging my hand off as she grips and pulls fast. I really start fucking her sucking her nipples. "Dale, I'm coming. I'm coming. Go!" I let it all out as I pushed her large ass down to get as far into as I can reach. "Fuck, Dale," Margaret yells and blows her load again into my face. She drops to lick it off my face and kisses. "Dale, that was the best I have ever had."

    "Ah, ah," Madame Jade just came all over her latex suit. Sarah was squeezing her fluid out of her long cock, and Dana was licking her fingers. Svetlana was shaking as she pumped rapidly and blew it all over her chest. "Dale, that was outstanding. Girls, how did he do?"

    The women in the room were spent, and I was still inside of Margaret. I did not want to stop. I kissed her passionatley once more, "Margaret, I don't want this to end. Please."

    "Don't worry sweet boy, I am not going anywhere."

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