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    Default Topped by a Venezuelan beauty

    I've always been attracted to transsexual girls, the thought of a beautiful girl with a dick between her legs drives me crazy and by now I have been with a few of them.

    Living in Barcelona there is a good amount of escorts available here, of course I'd rather meet a nice girl in a social situation but you know how it is.

    The first few experiences with escorts were not great, I was nervous and not able to enjoy the moment fully.
    That all changed when I met Samanta, a beautiful, tall and sweet Venezuelan girl who sometimes works in one of the Transsexual escort places here in town.

    This particular place usually has around 10 or so girls working who'll introduce themselves one by one, all of them were pretty and friendly but Samanta immediately caught my eye.
    I love a girl who's taller than me but can still look elegant and feminine, this was definitely the case as she looked radiant and I would not never have known she was a trans if I were to see her in another situation.

    After indicating my interest to the host I was taken to a reasonably sized room with a nice large bed where I was offered a drink and told to wait for my lady.
    When she came in she noticed I was a bit uncomfortable and immediately calmed me down by sitting down next to me for some small talk while rubbing my leg and opening my beer for me.

    She had a great smile and was a genuinely sweet girl, she told me that she came from Venezuela and had been in Barcelona for a few years now, working as an escort from time to time to pay for her studies.
    She seemed sincere and I was comforted by the fact that she was very relaxed about her work and that seemed excited to get started.

    And thus after I took a quick shower while she prepared the bed, she asked me to lay down and to tell her what I would like.
    I proposed to start with a massage and she obliged, she took out a big bottle of massage oil and starting rubbing my back while sitting on top of me.
    It didn't take long before she started moving her hands from my back down to my butt, slowly circling around my asshole before gently putting her finger in there with a generous amount of oil.

    Things started moving faster as she spread my butt cheeks and I started feeling her warm, soft and moist tongue moving over my butt and finally inside my lubed up asshole.
    I had never been rimmed before and it felt amazing, she was so gentle squeezing my cheeks while softly sliding her tongue in and out of me.
    I was already rock hard and turned around to look at this amazing goddess who by now was wearing only a set of stockings and some sexy white panties still covering her bulge.

    She started teasing me and took off her stockings slowly, afterwards spreading her legs and finally removing her sexy panties and revealing her sweet cock.
    It was slightly smaller as mine and just the way I like it, completely without hair and silky smooth. She laid down on her back and she spread her legs as I put my lips around -by now- semi hard dick.
    Within moments she became completely hard and she clearly enjoyed me licking and stroking her, it tasted wonderful and was everything IŽd imagined it be.

    She stroked my hair and the and the back of my head, leaned forward to start kissing me passionately with her tongue.
    She took her hand and rubber our cocks together while we kissed which was an amazing turn-on, the sight of our two hard members rubbing together was something I wonŽt soon forget.
    I couldnŽt wait anymore, I told her what I came for was to feel her inside of me, I wanted her to take advantage of me and to let her do whatever she wanted.

    She took out a big bottle of lubricant and a purse full of condoms when she told me to lay down on my back. After putting a pillow under my bottom she proceeded to rub lubricant around and inside my asshole, I started to relax as she inched her fingers inside my asshole and started to roll the condom around her cock.
    She put my legs up and pushed herself against my asshole, after some wiggling she slid right in and started fucking me harder with every push.
    My legs rested on her shoulder while she increased the speed and I could feel her amazing cock rubbing the inside of my asshole getting harder and harder.
    It was an amazing feeling to have this sweet but dominant trans girl fuck my ass while I tried to stroke my cock and enjoy it to the fullest.

    After a furious session she pulled out and starting sucking my cock. While I obviously like this, I wanted more of her inside me. She told me to get on my hands and knees and slid her sweet cock back into my asshole, this time immediately going to full speed.
    I could feel I was close to cumming without even touching my dick when she reached around and started stroking me with her long arms.
    After only a few minutes I was in a moment of pure heaven, she jerked me off faster and faster until I released one of the biggest loads IŽve ever had all over myself and the bed, all while she was still ravaging my ass.

    A few seconds later she pulled out, ripped her condom of and squirted her load all over my ass and back while I was laying there completely exhausted from the session.

    She laid down next to me and gave me a kiss, we proceeded to take a shower and she cleaned us up. After which, I went home a very satisfied man.

    I will surely be going back to visit her when she is in town, looking forward to my next experience.

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    Default Re: Topped by a Venezuelan beauty

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    Default Re: Topped by a Venezuelan beauty

    Very hot!

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    Default Re: Topped by a Venezuelan beauty

    Superb story, delivered in a concise and passionate way

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