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    Default My sex club encounters(long story)

    This is a very long story.

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    Default Re: My sex club encounters(long story)

    go on...

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    Default Re: My sex club encounters(long story)

    Summer 2013, I turned 25 years old. I will not lie and say that I was thrilled or anything like that, to be honest with you, it was quite the opposite. I was not happy in the least bit to be just another year older, as I liked to say. Especially given the fact that at the midway point of my twenties, I still had been unable to find a woman that I could develop a meaningful relationship with.

    I'd never, ever, had any real luck with women since I had first started dating when I was thirteen years old... I had been in one relationship after another. Some of them just went sour, some of them had no real chemistry, and then there were the few in which I had been cheated on... like my most recent one with a girl named Alisha.

    Maybe, that was what had me so depressed in the first place... see, I had only found out about Alisha cheating on me just a few short days before my 25th birthday and we had been dating for a year. I liked to say that I had actually been in love with her, it was the first time in a long time that I had felt like I could trust a woman. Look where that got me.

    So needless to say, I wasn't quite looking forward to spending my birthday alone. My parents, seeing as I was older now, were obviously not going to throw a party for me. They invited me to dinner, gave me a card and bought me a cake and that was really about all there was to that. My depression had sort of brought me down to a level where I had very few friends anymore, so there was not anyone I could spend it with just hanging out.

    All I really had was work and then home to have dinner and maybe crack open a couple of beers. I guess a part of me was almost content with that.

    Then, I got a text message from someone I had not spoken with in a little over a year... his name was Rob. Rob and I had been friends since we were ten years old in elementary school. He was the oldest friendship I had in my life, and we had always been in and out of contact with each other over the years but we always remained friends regardless.

    Hearing from him after a year of not talking for no real reason, actually seemed to lighten my mood a bit. I smiled as I opened the message and it read, "Happy birthday dude! What are you up to tonight?"

    "Thanks man. Probably nothing, not feeling up to anything big this year," I messaged back.

    "Man, give me a call, let's talk." He must have been watching for messages as he returned mine almost immediately.

    Sighing, I went into the phone book and clicked his name, dialing the number. After a couple brief rings, Rob answered the other end.

    "Hey what's going on bro, it's been so long."

    "Yeah, I know dude. What're you up to?" I asked.

    "Not much man, listen, you staying in all night on your birthday?"

    I hesitated, taking a swig of the beer I had in my hand and leaning my head back against the cushioned recliner.

    "Yeah dude... I'm feeling pretty down."

    "What's wrong?" He quietly asked.

    "It's just... I don't know man. I'm sick of women, is all I suppose."

    "Alisha broke up with you didn't she?"

    He knew... he always seemed to know. After all, he had known me half of our lives, so I expected he would. Rob always had good luck with women, while I always had shit luck. He tried to help me out quite a few times. It was never his fault that it never worked, he tried, and it was all on me for some reason. I was the one who had apparently been cursed and that was not his fault.

    "Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with me man."

    "Nothing's wrong dude," he replied. "Listen... why don't we get together and have a few drinks tonight man? Beats staying home on-"

    "I don't know dude," I interrupted him, "I'm not feeling up to it really."

    "Oh c'mon Jay, don't beat yourself up like this. Tell you what... you really don't want to go anywhere? Let me come over there, I'll bring a couple six packs and we'll have a great time."

    I saw no problem with that, what was the harm really? At least this way, I would not have to deal with people or the general public and I would be able to hang out with an old friend and maybe it would cheer me up.

    "Yeah sure... come on over," I agreed.

    "Great, I'll be there in about half an hour."

    We hung up, and I pushed myself up out of the recliner and started tidying up the apartment a little while I waited for him to arrive. About an hour passed before I heard a loud knock at the apartment door, and I went to unlock and open the door. I pulled it open to see Rob standing there with two six packs as promised, and that same old lopsided grin he always had.

    We gave each other a handshake and brief hug, before I led him into the apartment and shut the door behind us, then we both took a seat at the kitchen table. We ordered a pizza and split it along with the two six packs he brought with him, and we started catching up on missed time.

    I told him about Alisha and how I caught her with her apparent ex-boyfriend. I told him how she had really felt no sort of remorse or anything like really fucked me up, but he could see that clearly without me having to tell him. As we started to feel the effects of the alcohol, we swayed from what I viewed as depressing talk. When I would drink, I was usually more cheerful and I started wanting to talk about happier things the more I felt it kicking in.

    I told him about the new job that I'd had for a few months now, and how it was really working out well. He asked about my family and how everyone was doing, and I went on to ask the same questions in return. Somewhere along the line though, I guess I started to feel down again, and naturally, he picked up on it right away.

    "Hey man, listen... don't sweat that Alisha bitch okay? Seriously, the time I met her she came off as a total bitch."

    "Hah, you only met her once Rob."

    "Sometimes it only takes one time to know a bitch," he slurred and we both laughed.

    "Well I appreciate it Rob, but to be've always been the lucky one when it comes to women, and I don't mean any offense, but I don't think you understand how it feels to be twenty five years old and have zero luck with women."

    "Ah, come on, don't be like that. I know what you are saying, I do, but let me tell you something not a lot of people know. The last three years... I wasn't doing so hot with dating."

    That was a shocker, I thought silently. Rob not doing well with women? That was something I never thought I would hear.

    "Well... why not?" I asked.

    "To be honest... I don't really know. I do know what you are feeling. I didn't say a word about this to anyone until now, but a few years back this one chick I was seeing hooked up with someone else behind my back. Really fucked me up in the long run too, but I don't know. After that I was just not the same, I started going out and hooking up randomly and drinking a bit more."

    I had never known any of this, it must have happened during one of those periods where he and I had not been in contact all that much. Rob had always been pretty good at keeping things from people when he wanted to, the complete opposite of me, who was the kind of person that you could read easily.

    "It's all good now though, you know why?"

    "Why's that," I asked curiously.

    "Because it made me realize something... women are evil. But you can't really live without them right?"

    "That's the old saying, yeah," I said laughing.

    "Yes, it is, but what if I told you I found a way around that? I found someone else man... I found someone I actually love, and hell, she's my best friend."

    Holy shit, I thought to myself. Rob just admitted he had fallen in love with someone? Now that was definitely something I did not see coming.

    "That's awesome dude! What's her name?"

    "Her name is Annie. She's fucking hot as hell too dude. But I'll let you in on another secret here," he said slurring his words.

    He was clearly a bit more drunk than I was, so I was not sure whether to take whatever he said next seriously or not, but I laughed and listened as he continued on.

    "What if I told you," he slurred. "That there is a whole different breed of women out there... that can rock your fucking world, like it has never been rocked before. Annie is one of them, and I can tell you, she is living fucking proof. Man, I can introduce you to some people who will make you forget all about Alisha and all those other bitches faster than you can blink."

    I was pretty sure it was the alcohol talking, I started laughing hysterically.

    "No, no, dude I'm serious," he said laughing with me.

    "Oh come on Rob, a girl is a girl right? You're not making much sense."

    "No, listen man... here, look," he pulled out his cell phone. A few seconds later, he was showing me a picture of a beautiful blonde wearing a sexy blue dress.

    He showed me another of the same girl, only in this one she had her arms around Rob from the back and her chin resting on his shoulder as he held up the phone to snap the photo.

    "This is Annie," he said laughing, "Ain't she fucking gold man?"

    "She's pretty cute," I replied honestly.

    "Right," he looked at me earnestly, "now what if I told you, I met her somewhere that doesn't cater to your average women."

    I was really having a hard time trying to figure out where he was going with all of this, but I laughed and listened on.

    "I met Annie at a Transsexual club man, she's a tranny."

    "No fucking way," I blurted out laughing at him.

    Now I really was pretty sure it was just the alcohol talking. There was no way Annie was a transsexual. She looked hot as hell, much like he had described her, and I could not see any reason to believe she was actually a man. He had to be fucking around with me or some shit.

    "I'm serious!"

    "No you're fucking not, quit joking."

    "No, really, here look," he handed me the phone again and my eyes went wide. The next photo he showed me was one of Annie lying sprawled out across his bed, completely naked, legs spread wide apart... and to my surprise, standing straight up from where there should have been a pussy, was a huge, throbbing cock.

    It had to be at least eight inches long and it was completely erect and holy shit I was in a state of shock. I had to take a very long swig of my beer before I could clear my head enough to say anything after that. Rob was waiting for me to speak, a huge lopsided grin on his face and he looked like he was ready to laugh at me and my reaction.

    "Dude... what the fuck,"

    That was the only thing I could bring myself to actually say at this point... what the fuck. Rob was definitely not gay, he had never once given me reason to believe while we were growing up that he was gay. And yet here he was telling me about this hot ass girl he was fucking and then showing me a picture of her and I find out she has a dick. What sense did any of this make? Zero in my opinion, but I believed him now

    "Holy shit... that's real? Like you didn't Photoshop it or anything?"

    "No, it's completely real, she's a real transsexual."

    "Wow... I mean... are you gay?"

    "Fuck no," he laughed. "Look at her dude, that's not a man right? She looks like a woman, acts like a woman, smells like a woman, she even sounds like a woman. She gives better head then a woman though, and that's because she use to be a man and she knows what men like more than a genetic girl would know. She's all women she just happens to have something extra."

    "That's... that's fucking crazy."

    "I know right? And the best part? Anal sex all the time, do you know how many genetic girls I dated that were willing to have anal sex with me, only one. With a girl like Annie, anal sex is a fucking given."

    He had me laughing again, and I finished off my last beer and stood, my legs shaking beneath me as the room spun just a little. I still had a lot of trouble taking all of this in though, and I had a LOT of questions to ask him.

    "So like... do you like... do you always GIVE anal sex to her... or so like, do you take it from her too?"

    "Hah, hah, nah man, that's not for me, some of the guys at the club like it but it's not my style.

    Annie would be willing to do it if I were interested, but we never bother. But listen man, you should come check this place out with me."

    "Nah, I'll pass," I replied staggering to the kitchen.

    "Oh, come on, it'll be fun! You'll love it, I swear. I'm telling you, there is no women like a women with a cock Jay, you will love it I promise."

    "I don't know... I mean... what if she wants to like... bend me over and stuff?"

    Rob started laughing, quite loudly I might add, and I started with him. He stood up from the table, almost knocking over the chair and stumbling out behind me giving me a hard pat on the back.

    "There's all sorts of them there... some like that stuff, some don't. But I mean even the ones who do like it, they aren't pushy about that. If you find a girl who wants it and you want it too, that's great, if you find a girl who wants it and you don't nine out of ten times they are pretty respectful. No one's going to make you do anything you don't want to do."

    Maybe it was the beer, but I was actually considering checking this place out. I wasn't quite sure why, but for some reason I was interested. Maybe it was the fact that he had stressed how much better these women were at making a man feel good then genetic women. But then if he had only been with one of them, how could he honestly say that it wasn't just him being lucky... like always.

    "How do you know their all so great, if you've only been with Annie?"

    "Only been with Annie? No, I never said that. I was with a couple different ones before Annie. Two or three actually, and they were all great, it's just Annie is my one and only, that's all."

    Okay... so maybe he had enough experience to say for sure. Now, I was really starting to consider this. "Alright, fine," I said finally,

    "I'll go."

    "Great, that's awesome, I promise you're going to love this place," he exclaimed excitedly.

    "Listen, me and Annie will be there this Friday night, come on down and I'll take care of you man, I'll find you a real sweet girl."

    We talked a little while longer and finally around 12:30 or so Rob left and I locked up the apartment before stripping down to my boxers and climbing into bed. I sighed, staring up at the ceiling, thinking about everything that Rob had told me tonight, and I hoped he was right. I hoped this turned out to be worth it, because I was really wondering right now why I had said yes.

    Friday came a lot faster then I was anticipating, and by that point, I had decided I was just going to check this place out just to satisfy my friend. There was no real doubt in my mind, I was not going to be attracted to anyone there enough to hook up and have sex with them but there was no reason not to go just to have fun. Plus if I did not at least show up I was pretty sure Rob would be a little irritated with me for it.

    So Friday after work, I came home and showered, before throwing on a casual t-shirt and a pair of denim jeans along with my converse sneakers. At about 7:00 I was out the door and in my car heading to the place he had given me directions to, it was called The Raven.

    When I got there, I parked my car right around the corner and walked up to find Rob waiting outside smoking a cigarette, and who else did I find with him? The lovely Annie, at his side, smiling and having a seemingly very happy conversation with a few friends. As I got closer, Rob noticed me instantly and waved me over.

    "Hey, what's up, I knew you'd be here!"

    "Yeah, I told you I would," I said and we shook hands. He looked over at Annie and her friends and smiled.

    "This is my buddy Jay. We've known each other since we were kids."

    "Nice to meet you Jay," his girlfriend said. "I'm Annie."

    "Nice to meet you too. Rob's told me a lot about you."

    "Oh he did, did he," she asked in a joking manner and shooting Rob a funny look.

    "So, I guess you know my little secret right?"

    "Uh... yeah... not quite so little though, is it?" I said trying to make a joke.

    It seemed to work as Annie, Rob and a few of the others standing around started laughing and so did I of course. They all seemed nice enough, I thought, and I felt myself relaxing a little bit. Finally, we all went inside and I was impressed at what I saw for the most part.

    It was a pretty big place, lots of room to move around. There were two large dance floors and two bars in between. There was also a balcony, with a third bar on it and an extra set of bathrooms... then there was the basement. Rob told me that this was not your ordinary club, it was, but there were many rules that were allowed to be broken that some places would not let be broken.

    In other words, this was your typical club, but a lot of people had a habit of hooking up and having sex HERE instead of leaving together and having sex back at one of their homes. Apparently, it was completely acceptable because according to Rob and Annie, the basement area was dedicated to anyone looking to have sex.

    There were private rooms in which a couple, or sometimes more than just a couple, could go to have fun. I wasn't that impressed by that.

    Surprised yes, but I did not actually come here to hook up with anyone, so that part did not really interest me.

    Looking around though, I noticed there were a lot of women here. But then I remembered what kind of a club this was, and I found myself wondering just how many of them were actually genetic women. I figured the amount was probably relatively low, considering this place catered mostly to transsexuals.

    "Hey, come on let's go get you something to drink," Rob said dragging me over to the bar.

    I sat down and he got me a beer, and we started talking normally as though we were just back at my place instead of in the middle of a transsexual club. After about half an hour, I noticed that despite what I had told myself prior to coming here, I could not seem to help but look around at my surroundings... and a part of me liked what I saw.

    A large amount of these women did not look like men at all. Mostly all of them were very convincing. There was a large variety of them too, white, black, Spanish, a few Asian here and there... it was a place that seemed very friendly to everyone.

    I took a swig of my beer as I noticed the familiar tightness in my pants, and I realized that I was having a harder time not being interested in this place then I had intended on having originally.

    "Hey, Jay check it out," Rob said breaking my train of thought. I turned around to face Rob only to find him standing next to me with an extremely attractive girl at his side.

    She was tall, maybe about an inch taller then I was. She had shoulder length red hair, piercing blue eyes and a gorgeous body. Her clothing left very little to the imagination, a short skirt and a top that showed off a beautiful amount of cleavage.

    Cleavage that almost made me forget once again, that this was not your typical club.

    "Jay, this is a friend of mine. Her name is Lisa. Lisa, this is my buddy Jay, we go way back to elementary school."

    I realized then she was actually one of the same people who had been out front earlier when I first arrived with Annie. That meant they were probably friends. She smiled, extending her hand to shake mine.

    "Nice to meet you," she said happily.

    "Likewise," I replied.

    "I'll uh... just leave you two alone for a bit," Rob said standing up and walking away. I sighed, smiling and shaking my head. I pulled out a seat next to me so she could sit down and she thanked me.

    "So Jay, tell me, have you ever been to a place like this before?" she asked.

    "No... no, uh... this is my first time actually."

    "Really, a newbie huh... Rob brought you here,

    didn't he?"

    We both started laughing, it was not necessary for me to give an actual answer, it seemed like she already knew the answer was a yes. We started talking and getting to know one another and I bought her a few drinks and we talked some more and before long I felt like I was really getting along with her. Then she said,

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    Default Re: My sex club encounters(long story)

    rate this story if you like

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    Default Re: My sex club encounters(long story)

    you missed the rest of the story, please post the rest

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    Default Re: My sex club encounters(long story)

    I second that! I read this last night and found myself thinking about what happened next today lol

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    Default Re: My sex club encounters(long story)

    "Why don't I show you around and introduce you to some other people, would you like that?"

    What the hell, I figured finishing off the last of my drink.

    "Sounds good to me," I said standing up. She took me by the hand and led me to the other side of the bar and started introducing me to people.

    The first person I met was a girl about the same height as Lisa, with blonde hair and hazel eyes and a body just as sexy as Lisa's was. Her name was apparently Jen.

    After I met Jen, Lisa introduced me to a warm welcoming smile named Leslie. She was a brunette with a firm handshake reminding me that she was not like other girl's and her voice was a little deeper than a girl too. Despite those few minor differences, Leslie was still pretty attractive herself.

    Then, there was Holly, a girl with hot pink hair and a beautiful smile. She had long smooth legs, green eyes, and a voice of an angel. Her breasts were not that big, she was relatively flat chest actually, but that did not bother me.

    "So are you having fun Jay," asked Holly.

    "So far, so good," I replied honestly. It was the truth. I really was enjoying myself. Between Holly and Lisa, I was having a very nice conversation when I decided I had to take a quick trip to the bathroom. Before I left, Lisa grabbed my arm and pulled me to her and whispered in my ear,

    "Hurry up, and I'll show you the basement when you get back."

    I knew what that meant, because I knew what the basement was mainly for since Rob had told me all about that part already. That meant I had a decision to make. I had come here intending to have just a good time hanging out and meeting new people. Rob of course intended for me to hook up with someone from the start, but I had been unsure of that.

    Now that I was here though, now that I had met all of these beautiful women... Lisa included... I was actually second guessing whether or not I wanted to spend my night just talking.

    I walked to the bathroom, thinking about all of this as I walked, trying to make up my mind before I got back to where Lisa was standing with Holly waiting for me. I emptied my bladder, splashed some cold water on my face and stared at my reflection in the mirror for a moment.

    "Now is the time Jay," I whispered to myself.

    "What are you going to do? Make up your mind."

    I pushed away from the sink and walked out of the bathroom, and as I did, a very tall and well-built looking deep dark-skinned woman came up from behind me and suddenly gave me a slap on the ass.

    I jumped, obviously taken by surprise, and whirled around to face her. She grinned at me and spoke in a deep yet strangely feminine voice, "Fresh meat?"


    "You new here white boy?"

    "Uh...y-yes," I replied nervously.

    "Mm, I can see that. You got a nice ass though.

    Anybody ever tell you that?" I gave no reply, and she giggled leaning in close to me. I could smell her perfume, and feel her hot breath on my neck as she pressed me up against the wall behind me.

    Lisa's P.O.V.

    I stayed with Holly and talked for a few minutes while Jay was in the bathroom. She seemed just as excited to have someone new here as I was, and we were having a good time talking about our new friend.

    "He's really cute," Holly said.

    "Oh god, I know, isn't he though? Such a cute butt too, Mm, I can't wait to get my hands on him."

    "I bet you can't," she laughed. "But don't forget me, I want seconds."

    "Hah, Hah, you'll get your turn don't worry, I think Jen wants in too."

    We were both laughing and I was fantasizing about what it was going to be like when I finally hooked up with Jay, I could not wait.

    "Do you think he'll be submissive?" Holly asked.

    "I don't think so," I answered truthfully. I knew, full well that Jay was not interested in being penetrated, that was okay, I was a respectful enough person not to force him into anything he did not want to do.

    But it was still nice to think about what it would be like, and damn did he have a fuck worthy ass.

    "Uh-oh," Holly said, interr

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    Default Re: My sex club encounters(long story)

    "Uh-oh," Holly said, interrupting my thoughts.

    "Looks like someone else has her eyes set on our new friend and his butt, and I doubt she's going to be as patient about it as you are Lisa."

    I looked up to see what she was talking about, and immediately I saw Kendra, pinning Jay against the wall next to the bathrooms. Obviously, he did not look very comfortable, and I knew just by her gestures what she was trying to convince him to do. Kendra was someone who came to this club for one thing and one thing only... white men and their assholes.

    "Shit, I guess I better go take care of this," I said anxiously.

    "Yeah, I think that would be a good idea," Holly chuckled.

    Jay's P.O.V.

    My heart was racing in my chest as she ran her hands down my back and started rubbing my ass, squeezing it and massaging it. I was completely frozen.

    "I really... really love virgin ass,"

    "To bad," Lisa interrupted, "Cause he's all mine. We already had plans,"

    The woman gave Lisa a dirty look and snickered, before backing away slowly and running her hands down my chest in the process.

    "Maybe later then," she said before walking away.

    I sighed, looked at Lisa and she started laughing at the look on my face.

    "That was Kendra," said Lisa,

    "She's one of the more strong willed divas in this place and she loves white boys more than anything. So watch out for her... unless your into that sort of thing."

    "No, not really," I laughed nervously. "You really saved my ass back there, quite literally I mean."

    We both laughed and she gave me a smack on the ass, making me jump.

    "Well, I meant what I said too, I already got dibs on your anal cherry."

    To that, I gave her a worrisome look and she looked back at me seriously for a few moments, before breaking into a fit of laughter once again.

    "Don't worry Jay, I'm kidding. If you do not want to do that, then it's fine with me, I don't mind. You'll meet and possibly hook up with a lot of girls here and you're going to find that mostly all of them are very accepting and respectful, I promise you that much, okay?"

    "Yeah... thanks,"

    "No problem... now... how about I show you the basement like I said?"

    "Sounds good to me."

    Lisa took me by the hand and led me down the long spiraling staircase to the basement area. I was surprised to see how big it was down there. There was a long, wide-open hallway with doors on either side of the hall, the floors were marble, the lighting was a dimmed and there was plenty of dance music blasting through the stereo system.

    We walked down the long hallway and as we did, I felt my heart beginning to speed up again, I wondered what was going to happen once we found a room.

    We stopped just outside the last door all the way at the end of the hallway and Lisa smiled at me before she took hold of the doorknob, opening the door. She motioned for me to step inside, and I obeyed.

    Once inside, I was met with a small comfortable looking room, the floors were still made of marble. The lighting was a little brighter, and there was a small love seat on one side of the room and a comfortable looking mattress for two with silk sheets on the opposite side.

    "Take a seat," she motioned towards the loveseat.

    I sat down slowly, sinking into the chair, it was extremely comfortable. But it did very little to calm my nerves I realized, as I began tapping my foot quite heavily and nervously. She smiled at me shutting and locking the door before moving closer.

    For the first time I really saw just how beautiful she actually was, her whole body was incredible. She leaned in close, placing her hands on my knees and smiling. I could smell her sweet scent and I had a perfect view of her cleavage.

    She had glitter sprinkled on her breasts and a little on her neck as well, and it made her look like she was sparkling in the light that shone upon us both.

    "You want to have some fun baby?"

    "I... I would love that,"

    "Good... so would I... I'm going to rock your world!" Lisa exclaimed.

    She strad

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    Default Re: My sex club encounters(long story)

    She straddled me, sitting on my lap facing me and started grinding against me with her arms wrapped around me. She was giving me a lap dance, and the feeling of her ass moving against my cock, even if it was through my pants, was a feeling I welcomed happily. I put aside all of my fears and went along with it excitedly.

    Eventually, she turned around, her back facing me and continued grinding up against me. She leaned forward some, giving me a perfect view of her beautiful ass, it did not look like a man's ass at all, and that was for sure. She even let me touch her, and her cheeks were just as smooth as a real woman would be.

    She went back to facing me, and then she closed the gap between us and I felt her soft, warm lips press against mine. Her tongue probed at my mouth, until I opened my lips granting her access. My tongue and hers were now locked in a wrestling match, our soft moans filled the room as we explored one another.

    We broke the kiss and she went right for my neck, licking, sucking and kissing, leaving a very, obvious hickey in the place of her lips.

    Eventually Lisa slid off of my lap nice and slow onto her knees between my legs. She started rubbing me through my jeans and I felt my cock stiffen even more than it already had. Slowly, she unzipped me and reaching inside, freed my throbbing erection from its restricting confines.

    She took me in her grip, a very firm and perfect grip, moving her hand up and down the length of my shaft to start. With her other hand, she started massaging my balls and I sighed, leaning my head back and giving in to the wonderful feeling.

    Up and down, she moved her hand, stroking me and playing with my balls, until finally I felt Lisa's warm wet tongue flicking the head of my shaft.

    I jumped at first, but then groaned as she flicked it once again. Almost as though she were getting a taste test, she licked the head like it was a lollipop, and I absolutely loved the feeling of her work.

    Finally, she took me in her mouth, and I was in heaven. Up and down her head bobbed, her warm wet lips gliding back and forth over my cock. She could deep throat like a true expert, gagging only a little. She took me all the way into her throat, and it felt as if she were trying to swallow, the muscles in her gullet massaged my cock and it was the best feeling in the world.

    This had to be probably the best blowjob I had ever received,

    She started working me a little faster now, and I could feel the old familiar feeling of pressure building up in my balls, she sensed it coming to. Just as I was about to unload, she stopped, and I looked down at her surprised and almost disappointed, and she simply smiled back up at me.

    "Why... why'd you stop?"

    "I wouldn't want you to cum to soon, now would I?"

    I sighed, as I felt the pressure decreasing, and when she realized I had recovered, she went right back to sucking my cock again. She started out the same as before, moving slowly, working me up to that agonizing feeling of pressure, and then once more as I was about to blow... she stopped.

    It was like torture, she had me right where she wanted me the whole time,

    Finally, the torture stopped though when she stood up and reached for her purse. Out of her purse, she pulled a Lifestyle Condom, along with a bottle of Astro-Glide. If this meant what I thought it meant, then I was very happy that she had not made me cum too soon, because I was certain it would be great. I had never actually fucked a girl in the ass before, though I had always wanted to try it at some point.

    None of the girls I had dated in the past were open to the mere suggestion, and so I had been forced to forget that desire...until now. Maybe Rob was right, maybe this was a very good thing indeed.

    She slowly pulled her skirt down, along with her silk white panties and for the first time I actually got to see another cock besides my own, she was not actually very big to be honest. Maybe around six inches, she wasn't one hundred percent hard yet, but it still was not such a bad sight.

    As she started to kiss me though, I felt her cock responding, growing harder against me and when we broke apart and I looked down I was surprised to see she was a little bigger then I originally thought. She must have actually been about seven inches, pretty impressive really... but I still was not looking to do anything sexual towards her when it came to her cock.

    "Don't worry about that," Lisa said motioning down to her member. "Like I said, nothing you don't want to do, you have my word."

    "I trust you on that,"

    "Good... I'm glad. Now, let's have some real fun."

    She handed me the condom and I tore open the package, unrolling the latex over my hard cock while she poured a glob of lube into the palm of her hand and reached behind her to smear it all over her asshole. She turned around to face me, giving me a good view of her ass.

    She bent over some, spreading her cheeks with one hand and let me watch as she smeared the lube all over her hole. She inserted a finger into her ass, and started fingering herself.

    After a minute, I watched as she carefully inserted a second, and a few minutes later, she had worked at third one into her hole. My cock was as hard as a rock at this point, watching her slide her fingers in and out of her wet asshole, glistening with lube.

    She pulled them out finally, and applied an extra amount before handing me the bottle.

    "Put some on just for good measure," she said motioning towards my cock. I got the hint, and poured some over my shaft, rubbing it in real good. The condom already had lube on it, but a little extra would not hurt I figured.

    When we were both ready, Lisa stepped forward and once again straddled me, sitting down towards me. I felt my cock probing at her asshole as she draped her arms over my shoulders and kissed me passionately.

    As we kissed, I felt her pushing down on to me, and then I felt myself glide right into her. God she was so fucking tight! I moaned into her kiss and she reacted with a similar sound to my own.

    My hands moved down from her breasts to her hips, taking hold of her love handles and holding on tightly as she started to ride me. She moved up and down on my hard cock, sliding in and out of her hole, leaning in closer to me. I took in the sweet scent of this beautiful girl, loving every second of what we were doing.

    I could feel her own throbbing erection mashed between our bodies against my stomach, it was an odd feeling, but I overlooked it.

    After a few minutes, she lifted herself off of me, turning around as she bent over, and I stood up behind her. I took hold of her hips again, pushing my cock right back into her gaping hole and continued to pound her with long hard strokes.

    Standing up now, she was moaning louder, her cock swinging back and forth between her legs with every thrust and her breasts jiggling each time I slammed into her. Something came over me, and I found myself reaching around and taking her erection in my hand. I gave it a firm squeeze and she practically cried out in pleasure.

    I pushed deep into her and squeezed her cock at the same time, and I loved the reaction I got. Lisa's body seemed to tremble beneath me, and her anal muscles clenched my dick tighter.

    "Oh, fuck Jay, fuck yeah... fuck me harder!"

    I was not going to say no to that, so I started ramming in and out of her, pumping her cock in rhythm with my thrusts. We were both panting, breathing heavy, sweating and moaning. The smell of sex filled the room. I could feel myself building up to what was sure to be a very intense orgasm. I could feel her dick starting to pulsate in my hand and I knew she was just as close as I was getting.

    I pulled out, threw her on to the mattress in the corner of the room and climbed onto the bed with her.

    I lifted her legs, wrapped them around me and pushed straight back into her. In missionary now, I pounded her ass as hard as I could with every bit of strength I had in me. The bed shook beneath us, and we both started getting louder as our impending orgasms finally overtook the both of us together. It hit her first, and I loved the sounds that she made as it washed over her.

    "Oh, oh fuck, oh god, yes, yes, oh yeah!"

    I felt something hot and sticky splash against my stomach, and as she writhed around underneath me moaning and squealing in pleasure, I knew she had cum. Now, it was my turn. A few more powerful thrusts and I buried myself balls deep inside of her ass and exploded.

    I gave a sort of animalistic growl as my whole body shuddered and my cock spewed cum into her rectum. The condom held it all back though, but it still felt just as good to her I could tell.

    When I was finished, I pulled out and collapsed at her side, both of us panting as she laid her head on my chest and we stayed there for a few moments. I started trying to register what I had just done.

    I had just had sex with a transsexual... a man? No a woman who just happened to have a cock, instead of a pussy... but that was okay with me. At this point, it had to be, hell I had just jerked her off while I was fucking her in the ass.

    "So, what did you think," Lisa asked finally.

    "That... that was fucking hot," I replied. She laughed and reached down, pulling the condom from my dick and tossing it in a trashcan next to the mattress.

    She climbed on top of me and rubbed her gaping asshole against my now flaccid dick again, until I felt myself starting to get hard again. Just when I thought we were going to have another round, she slid down my waist a little and started licking her cum up from my stomach. I only just then realized, she had cum all over me. Not that it bothered me, but it was funny to think.

    Once she had licked it all up though, she moved back up and kissed me on my lips, sliding her tongue into my mouth and letting me taste her semen. We parted our kiss and Lisa smiled seductively at me.

    "How's it taste? It's all because of you, so I figure you have a right to see what I taste like."

    "It's not bad," I chuckled. "There's not much taste really."

    "Well, how about next time... you can try sucking me off?"

    "Oh... uh... I don't know,"

    "Oh, come on," she begged. Lisa now sounded strangely like Rob, as I couldn't help but laugh at that, and so did she.

    "It's not like I'm asking you to bend over for me or anything, wouldn't you eat pussy?"

    "Yeah... and I have... plenty of times."

    "So your basically still orally pleasuring a girl, it's just a little different than it normally would be. Give it some thought, and we'll see what happens."

    "Yeah," I replied honestly. "I'll think about it."

    We got up and started to dress, and I took note of how patient Lisa really was being with me about everything. She had led me through a very sexual fun adventure, at a steady pace that was comfortable for me. And even though she was requesting a little more from me next time, she was making it clear to me that she would not be angry if I said I didn't want to do that.

    Truth be told, I did not know if I wanted to do that or not yet. However, I would definitely put some thought into it, as I had promised her I would.

    When I left the club that night with Rob, I told him that he was right. I had a lot of fun, and so far, I had no regrets. I told him about the incident with Kendra and he found it hysterical. That was typical Rob though.

    I couldn't wait to come back to The Raven next week.

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    Default Re: My sex club encounters(long story)

    Bravo! Hell of a story man. Way to make an entrance into this world!

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