Hi, I produce & edit videos for use on social media for small to large companies.

So I thought I'd on here to see if anyone was interested, as it is something I do for a living, for social media use & websites.

I'm not talking thousands of dollars/pounds/euros & 7 weeks on final cut, what I specialise in is high quality edits with intros & titles for use on social profiles & websites with low production costs & a quick turnaround on each video.

I've been doing this for a few years, and I'm really good at making videos look great, for a low cost.

If I'm being totally honest... most porn sites, with the exception of Brazzers, spend very little time editing their videos, or... what I see a lot of is most sites produce something that has either been done quickly, or should have been / could have been done 10 minutes.

Video production can be costly if you don't know what you're doing.

Your main costs will be producing a good intro for use on all your videos, which is usually a one off cost, but enhances the value of your videos, especially if you are selling your content, or using them to promote a service (costs can be cut by using templates we provide).

The quality of the end product will always reflect the quality of the original footage, camera type, camera work, and lighting, however, if you've done a good job on that end, the final edit + titles will look amazing.

Tip: If you decided to edit your videos yourself, remember this. Only morons will tell you that you have to use industry standard software to edit your videos. Start with something basic and simple to use like iMovie. That's how I started. Then move onto something like Premiere Pro, or Final Cut. But always, ALWAYS remember this...

The Godfather films were some of the greatest films of all time. One of the reasons for this, besides the amazing acting performances and directing, was to do with how well the films were edited. Get this right, and you'll be prodcing amazing content every day. You don't need to be struggling to use Final Cut pro, just because some moron at work told you that it's the only way to do it properly. When I teach people to produce videos for their business, I always tell them this... THE GODFATHER WAS EDITED USING SCISSORS AND TAPE

Editing is an art. You don't need amazing software to join two scenes together, just a feel for the rhythm of the story and a ruthless attitude to the length of each shot in terms of time.